Sep 162011

I’m waiting under here for Ernie to get out of the window so I can have my turn sitting in it.  Oh, I know…I could go sit in the window with him.  But I don’t like sharing my window time with anybuddy.

Besides…he’s sitting on my perch and there’s only room for one on there.

Jeez…it looks like Ernie’s not going anywhere and I might be waiting awhile.  Guess that’s the price I pay for not being a window-sharing kinda cat.  I don’t mind waiting…as long as he saves some window whiffies for me!!

  44 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Waiting My Turn”

  1. You are a patient girl, indeed, Zoey! And apparently patience has it’s own reward. There will always be enough window whiffies left for you, so don’t worry. Just close your eyes and have a nap, and before you know it, it will be your turn.

  2. Perhaps you could ask your mom to call Ernie and then you would be able to take his place and get all the window whiffies you want.
    Luv Hannah anf Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh Zoey, that Ernie needs to give you a turn at the window. We know how you feel about not sharing space. None of us like to share our space except for that silly Little Bit and Lucky. That sure is a pretty picture of you. We hope you get to look out the window. Wishing you a fabulous week end.

  4. Zoey…. hope you get your window whiffies soon. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Luckily I think there is an endless supply of window whiffies, Zoey.
    Always love your photo stories.

  6. glad you have such patience although another option would be to hop up and knock ernie off his perch.

  7. Oh Zoey there will be plenty of window whiffies left for you, pretty girl. xxxoxox

  8. Could you find another window??? But we bet Ernie would be ok to share with….

  9. Oh Zoey, you are way more patient than me! I say go for it…a paw whap and the window is yours !

  10. Hang in there, your whiff is coming pretty Zoey!

  11. Aww… it’s hard to take turns, we know. If Ernie takes too long, just give him a whap!

  12. Are you dozing off in that second picture, Zoey? Time might fly faster than you think if you have a little snooze!

  13. Zoey, you’re far too polite, but lovely with it ♥

  14. Maybe your person can get you your own window? I’m just saying…

  15. If you start sniffing the carpet LOUDLY, I think Ernie would jump right down to check it out and that’s when you get onto your perch! Hope you got your time on the perch.

  16. Enjoy yoor window!

    Does Wally know he has won a scurvy pirate makeover ~ it’s awesome? We won a makeover too … just in time for “Meow like a Pirate Day” on Monday. Check it owt here:

  17. I’m sure he will give you a turn soon!

  18. Well, Ernie can’t stay up there forever. I mean, he’s got to go to the litterbox, or eat, or something soon. We bet you’ll get your turn soon, Zoey. 🙂

  19. Zoey, I hope you got some fresh air and window watchin’ before the sun went down. Hang in there, pretty girl!

  20. Just give him a little helpful nudge Zoey. It doesn’t look like too high a fall…he’ll probably land on all four paws…and you shouldn’t be kept waiting…no lady should…Srsly.

    the critters in The Cottage 🙂

  21. Zoey, you are very patient waiting for Ernie to get out of the window. Around here we just push and shove to get to the whiffies but you are much more polite!

  22. MOL Zoey I hope you packed your lunch looks like you have a long wait ahead.
    Hugs Madi

  23. Zoey, you are being a good sister letting Ernie have the window. But you know what, maybe you could cause some kind of commotion, then when Ernie looks to see what’s going on, you could jump up beside him a scootch him off!

  24. Zoey, it seems that you wait patiently. At my house if someone sits where we want to sit we just whap them off.

  25. I hope it was worth the wait!! You know, that perch looks big enough for two, if only you could be a window sharing kitteh .. but if not, then I guess waiting is the only option.

  26. Around here, the window hog would get smacked off!

  27. Some times we share and sometimes we don’t. Kitties can change their minds! Maybe one day you’ll share too. Then there will be more window time for everyone!

  28. We hope you get your turn soon.

  29. Mieow Zoey,,,,,
    Don’t wurry now dat it’z coolin down da whiffiez will be filling da Whole room ^..^,,,,
    but it’z alwayz nice to have a view to go wif da whiffz ^..^
    Purrz ~

  30. Well Zoey, at least you are patient.
    We are sure there will be plenty of wiffies left for you 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  31. Zoey
    We hope you got some great whiffies!
    YOu have great patience.

  32. Sweet Zoey we hope that you eventually got to enjoy some of the whiffies. If you have to wait too long you may have to start sharing. Hugs and nose kisses

  33. Well you could creep up and whap him, but we think there will be plenty of whiffin; left for you.

  34. It is my belief that sharing is overrated. Pffft.

  35. Aww, Zoey! You’re just too nice 🙂 Just give Ernie a smack-paw across his bum and maybe he’ll get the message to move. Hee hee!

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, HOllie

  36. Be the diva you were meant to be Zoey!

  37. Zoey! You are super-patient. But maybe you could get your Mom to shake the treat bag or something to lure ernie away from the perch?

  38. Press the fire alarm – that always works in movies

  39. I’m sure there will be plenty of good smells left for you Zoey.

  40. Zoey, I get the part about not sharing..I guess I’m lucky, I don’t have to share the windows with anybody, but the rest of the place, forget it. I do have a spot upstairs that nobody knows about..

    Have a good weekend, sweet one!


  41. Ernie doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, almost like he has no clue you want a turn. Geez… can’t a cat take a hint?

  42. Zoey, you sweetheart! I hope you got your window whiffies.

  43. You need me to push him outa the way my dear?

  44. Window whiffies do not run out; you’ll have your share soon enough.

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