Sep 142011

Boy, am I hungry!
I know there’s foods in that big cold box
but how do I get it opened so I can get some?

Maybe if I show it my empty belly
it will take pity on me and open its door. 

Then again…maybe not.


  50 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Bonjour Wally dear friend,
    I think you deserve delicious treats, maybe some cookies or tune, you are such a handsome boy and your pose asking for some food is cute!

  2. It was a good plan Wally.

  3. Wally I feel you pain…I often sit in front of our cold box trying to think of a way to get inside. Once you figure it out please share!!
    Hugs Madi

  4. We have tried that but it never works for us. Maybe you will have better luck.

  5. We can’t open ours either. :sigh:

  6. you needs to camp out there and then jump in when the door opens

  7. We think you should ask Ernie to open it with his thumbs!

  8. Dang! Our cold box won’t open on “mew” either!

  9. Give the ooman your “best poor me look.” If that doesn’t work, it’s a hopeless case!

  10. Have you tried crying – if that doesn’t work try sucking in your cheeks so you look as though you haven’t eaten for a week and if that doesn’t work escape and find something dead and smelly to drag in to make everywhere stink!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. If you learn the secret, let us all know!

  12. Know what might work? Standing in front of it and wailing at the top of your lungs.

  13. Nope – ours doesn’t open on command either. But Tommy keeps trying to get shut in there with the leftovers….

  14. Right! Plus that cool air when the door opens for this drat hot summer weather! Wally’s smart! 🙂

  15. Darn, I was sure that YOU could get it to do that!!!

  16. They need to add a cat door to the big box!

  17. How on earth could your mom ignore that empty belly!! I’m sure after the flashy box thing went off, she got you something..

  18. Mmmy said she had to smile at Connie’s…just before my comment…comment. I bet that’s what happened.xxoo

  19. I tried that too, it never works!

  20. Try rubbing up on the fridge or meowing sadly! We do that.

  21. I feel your pain.

  22. You need to look more desperate Wally! You look like your playing…when you need to be gasping for air and rolling around as though you were in pain…

    the critters in The Cottage 🙂

  23. That box ruins everything – it’s impossible to break into.

  24. Don’t give up Wally!

  25. You have to learn to open the door by yourself, Wally! Two of the “cats that came before” did it. Shadow would lay on her back and use her paws to open the bottom seal on the door and Mia would climb up the shelves. Their vet said ours was the only ‘fridge with cat hair in it!!

  26. Audrey does what the Meezers suggest – Mom is always tossing her out of the fridge. Ours has the freezer on the bottom, and fridge on top.

  27. Oh, tough luck, Wally! That cold box is just…cold! And we can see you wasting away from hunger before our eyes! 😀 Hey, we’ll send Wriggley over to give you a paw- he knows how to open the cold box…but after that, you’re on your own- mom hasn’t taught him to take stuff out! 😉

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  28. Wally it looks like the old stand-by “open sesame” didn’t work either…*drats*


  29. That’s hard task Wally ! I do all the time, but human just don’t get it !
    I hope you find the way and then tell me the trick ; )

  30. Oh Wally I do hope somebody came along and opend the fridgedoor and gave you some food !
    I mean we all can see how thin you are 🙂

  31. Wally been given the cold shoulder again?

  32. You should try saying some kind of magic word that the humans tend to us, like “open sesame” or “hocus pocus”. Ya never know, it might work!

  33. That was a nice try Wally! Our mommy would give you anything you wanted if you showed your belly to her!

  34. Oh Wally, I hope the cold box opened its door for you! Show your gorgeous tummy to your mom and maybe it magically opens!

  35. Oh, how could she resist you?

  36. We think you and Ernie, with all his extra toesies, can figure out a way!

  37. Let us know if that works fur you! Happy Thursday kittehz. xoxo

  38. Poor Wally! An empty belly is a purry sad thing!

  39. Wally! I think you need a dark mat to lie on. I think the problem was that the refrigerator couldn’t see you and how flat and starving your belly was because you blended into the floor too much. So, yeah, your Humans should buy you a nice dark blue mat.

  40. Ha! Ha! Sandusky sometimes will stands in front of the big door and waits!!!!!!!!!

  41. I can’t believe that heartless fridge didn’t open it’s door for you!

  42. MOL, nice try Wally

  43. Hmmp! The People seem to take no notice when we are straving!!

  44. Wally we cannot believe that we are so late in getting here to help you get in that big box. We will be right over and maybe between all of us, we can get in there. You do look like you are wasting away.We will hurry. Take care.

  45. Try some magic words like, Mommy PLEASSSSSE=^Y^=

  46. Open sesame! Wally, we have something to make you feel better. You won the pirate photo edit contest at Cat Wisdom 101!

  47. There is no justice sometimes, Wally.

  48. I have been trying and trying to get that cold box open for years. There’s ham, cheese and milk in there, all my favourites.

    Pssssst, if you manage to figure out how to open it, please, please share!!!

  49. The big cold box is scoffing at you and your alleged empty belly.


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