Sep 112011

Today, we’re remembering the terrible things that happened on this day…9/11…ten years ago, when evil humans flew planes into the World Trade Center in New York City and into the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

I wasn’t around at that time, but my mom and dad-guy were and they say it was a very sad day.

We’re remembering and honoring all the innocent people that lost their lives that day because of these evil acts…the people in the Towers and Pentagon, the firefighters and policemen who tried to save them, and the brave people on Flight 93 that stopped that plane from flying into any other building.  We’re purring for their families because we know…even ten years later…they’re missing their loved ones a lot.

But most of all, we’re purring that we never see such evil things happen again.

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  1. We weren’t around either, but our Dad and Mom were and all of us will never forget.

  2. We will never forget that terrible day and we’re purring for those who lost loved ones.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. We (SS and I) were around at the time and were wishing that it was a sick practical joke, only that it wasn’t.

    Purrs and prayers for all those who have suffered from terrorsim around the world.

  4. I wasn´t born then either , but mom and dad will never forget that terrible day !!

  5. Ernie, you are so right, we must purr and pray that such a thing never ever ever happens again.

  6. Excellent tribute pal.

  7. We sure are purring all the same things, mainly that there might be peace some day. Well said Ernie. Take care.

  8. We are purring for those we lost that day and for the first responders and volunteers who are now battling health ailments.

  9. We’re purring for all those affected by those horrible acts that day. We’re also purraying that we never see evil like that ever again. We will never forget.

  10. Well said Ernie.

  11. A lot of us were here then and remember that day. We are purring for peace today.

  12. Ernie, I wasn’t born yet when that terrible day happened, but Madison was around and he said it was awful. Mom and woofie Colby watched it happen as mom was watching the morning news and she watched the 2nd plane hit live on TV. So horrifying and unreal.

    Purring for peace.


  13. Ernie, we remember too this sad, sad day. We will be praying today for those families that lost their loved ones. There were so many brave people that helped that day.

  14. Wally and Ernie and your mom and that dad-guy,

    What a beautiful remembrance of 9/11/2011.

    “The Boys” were “tiny tots” (well, okay 3) when all the devastation happened. We’re sending our purrs and prayers and thoughts as well.

  15. Beautiful blog and we are right there with you.

  16. Beautiful post. We will remember!

  17. We remember, and hope for a better future.

  18. Ernie thank you for posting such a meaningful tribute in honor of today.
    Hugs Madi

  19. We hope something that terrible never, ever happens again, too!

  20. We purr for peace and love to drive out the fear and hatred that showed up at our door that day-

  21. We will always remember and purray for a peaceful future.

    Mom Paula and Truffle

  22. We would also like to say that there were many dogs helping out with workers on that day, and many of them lost their lives. Keep them in mind too. Purrs

  23. Yes, we remember that day. And we won’t forget it or the people, or the Angels.

  24. Yes we shall remember them x

  25. We hope for the same thing, but we know humans are capable of repeating evil things.

  26. We remember. Purring fur peace. xoxo

  27. We remember them and will never forget that shocking day.

  28. All is so true, good tribute. All of our American friends are in our thoughts today.

  29. Wes remembers at our house too. Wes will never forget!

  30. Oh Ernie, we are purring & purraying for all the same things.

  31. Our Merlin had just moved from Canada to NY a few weeks before 9/11 and we will always purr for peace.

  32. I was very young when it happened. So was Monty and Spooky. We pray for peace too.

  33. I was just a year and half when the Twin Towers came down…but I remember Mummy holding me tight and crying as she stayed glued to the TV watching the awful scene unfold…she will never forget…

    Love, Whisky

  34. We too are praying that nothing of the sort ever happens again, in American, or in any country.

  35. We will never forget. Purrs.

  36. we all bow are heads and remember too. Are love and thoughts go out to everyone affected. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

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