Easy E Sunday

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Aug 282011

Ahhhh!  Another Sunday!!
Another day to take it easy…

I’m thinking of all our furiends on the East Coast
who don’t have it easy today
and are being affected by that mean ol’ Irene.
I’m purring that they all stay safe and sound.

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  1. That looks like some strong sun puddle!

  2. I’m with you on that Easy Sunday and praying for everyone on the East Coast. I’m very thankful Irene bypassed Charleston, SC because that’s where Truffle is still living.

    She is scheduled to come live with me next Sunday!!!

    Mom Paula

  3. We noticed how appropriate the word “lounge” is in the background of your picture, Ernie!

    Yes, get those boogie mats of yours ready in case we have to make a quick trip out East!

  4. We’re purring loud and hard for our pals in Irene’s path too. Enjoy your sun puddle!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. I hope all of our pals made it though evil Irene okay.

  6. Irene has been very mean to many many people and animals. We did OK, thank COD. Thanks for thinking of us. We are the fortunate ones. And Dad already has the bird feeders and hummer feeder back up in the light rain, and the birdies are emerging from where to hid out, preening their wet feathers.

  7. With us on the east coast and literally on the ocean we had to evacuate. The storms hitting right now (we evacuated to inland Maine), but so far we’re doing okay! Thanks for purring!

  8. WE are purraying for the same thing. That everyone stay safe from that darn Irene.
    Ernie, you sure look handsome in the picture. We really like that one. Hope all of you have a really easy day. Take care.

  9. Formerly feral? But looking real great now!

  10. We know Irene down grades, but it was still a big storm and caused a lot of worry and damage!

  11. Great pics! We are still purring fur those people and furbabies too! Haf a happy Sunday. xoxo

  12. Ah, you are the very epitome of Easy, Ernie. Yes, purrs for the folks in the path of the storm!

  13. Ernie we are joining you in wishing our friends to be safe. Its very worrying.. Love your sun puddle .. Hugs GJ xx

  14. So glad you are back. Am so worried bout our friends out East. Dang hurricanes. Why don’t they stay out fo sea where they belong.

  15. We are purring too!

  16. Thanks for your purrs! We made it through okay!

  17. Our East Coast friends definitely do not have it easy today! I am purring for them!

  18. We’re glad Irene is packing up and moving away!

  19. We’re thinking about them too. It’s shocking to see how many of us have actually been affected. Thankfully, it’s been downgraded to a tropical storm. Can’t really do much damage now!

  20. Irene is the meanie of the year!!! We purred too the whole time we were awake. We were furry worried.

  21. I’m pretty late here and Ernie !!!! , Like Daisy said ” Irene is packing up and moving away!!!! and All of our friends are safe !!!!

  22. Irene was not very nice and we are purring for all of those who were affected by that storm.

  23. We’re hoping efurryone is okay too once Irene gets out of Dodge! We hope you enjoyed the sunpuddle all day too!

  24. AWWW, thanks! We were fine here in Mass but a lot of our neighbors have had no power all day long!! Irene has left and now it’s time for the clean up!

  25. That sunshine looks really good Ernie!!
    It is windy and rainy here and a bit scary with Mom away,
    but things should be better by tomorrow 🙂
    Have a good time in the sun !!
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  26. I am purring hard for all those in the path of Irene.

    Enjoy your sun, I am too!

  27. A Sunny Day is needed after all the cloudiness. Ernie that is some sunbeams that you got to catch.

  28. Great story! I really thank you for making the effort to share this. Thanks!

  29. Great sunbeams, Ernie! At this point, Irene has headed inland and is steadily weakening. Yay!

  30. What a nice sunny Sunday, Ernie!

  31. We purred for them all, this weekend.

  32. We were purring for them too. You look gorgeous in that sun puddle!

  33. Ernie, you look so comfy in your sun puddle 🙂

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