Aug 262011

Let’s flashback…

I thought it would be fun to re-run one of my posts from the past.
This one’s from August 2008.
I’d only been an Island Cat for a few months.
And y’know what??  This is still true today!!
Ah, the Good Life!  I’m living it now!!  No more feral life for me!!
Being an Island Cat, there are things that I get to do now
that I never could do when I lived outside.

Like climb on my cat tree.
Okay…so it’s not just my cat tree…
I have to share it with Wally and Ernie.
But it’s so much fun to climb!

 And I get to hang out and play with Ernie.
We’ve got lots of fun toys to play with!!

And I get to eat good food…all the time!!

And I can take a nap on a nice soft bed!!

 Yep, I’ve got the Good Life now!!!!

  38 Responses to “Formerly Feral Flashback”

  1. And don’t forget all of the scritches and tummy rubs that you can ask for!

  2. Oh Zoey, you are so lucky to have such a good home. We want to ask you a favor and that is if you can, send a little message to our new feral kitty whose name is Magnolia, Maggie for short, and tell her that everything is going to be all right. She is very very scared. We are so glad to see you so happy Zoey. Wishing all of you a very happy and fun day.

  3. We are delighted you decided to live with Ernie and Wally – even if they are a bit off putting at times!! You have a wonderful mom and dad who look after all of you so well. Have a snooze and dream of handsome mancats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Great post…. and I’ve got my eye on that quilt in that last picture. I do love quilts, you know.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. I would love to curl up next to you ’cause I know you’re still on a bed for naps. MOL.

  6. glad you found such a good home. three years sure fly by fast don’t they…

  7. Yep – it is good to be inside and safe and loved!!! You found a great home Zoey.

  8. WE are so glas you became an inside kitty and have a wonderful home and brothers!

  9. I’m so happy you are part of the family too and have all the nice things in life – food, water, shelter, and a family that loves you and provides all those neat things.

  10. Yous is the bestest!! Zoey, you deserve it!

  11. You’ve definitely got it made, Zoey! Indoors is much better than outdoor!

  12. You’ve got a great life!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  13. Zoey that is a most beautiful post…you and your peeps and sibilings are lucky to have found one another.
    hugs Madi

  14. I love watching cats enjoy the good life–you can never get too much of that!

  15. You’re living it up, Zoey! Thank goodness you found such a loving family 🙂

  16. You lucky girl, Zoey! What more could you ask for? Maybe for some extra scritches and treats?

  17. We’re so happy you have such a great life as an Island Cat Zoey! We know you are still enjoying curling up on the bed!

  18. It’s too bad all feral kitties can’t be Formerly!

  19. We are so glad too, Zoey. You are a happy story we can hear each day!
    (((hugs))) to all you guys, and have a great weeked!

  20. Lucky Zoey! It’s good to have the good life.For sure! Wowsers, we can’t believe you all have been blogging for three years! That’s great 🙂 We are very new to blogging but have been doing it for seven months and are having lots of fun meeting new friends! 🙂 🙂 Keep blogging!

    the critters in The Cottage

  21. Zoey, we are SO glad you are an indoor kitty now!!!!!!
    Life is good indoors 🙂
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  22. You won’t get any argument from me — I have often wanted to be an indoor kitty with a loving hoomin cuz’ it really is the life!

    P.S. Nice belly!

  23. Ah Zoey. It is a good life inside. We always have food and treats, and we get to be warm and dry when the weather is bad. There are so many good things inside. And you get to have a Mom that loves you!!

  24. Zoey, I lived a feral life too! I didn’t even know what a back scratch was when I came to live here. I am so glad you have adjusted so well! Its been a lot of work for me and my person. I’m sure you have worked hard too!

    Many purrs!
    Mica Minnie Moo
    Oui let me use her blog. I haven’t told my story yet, I was going to, but the person has been getting ready for visitors. Someone named Irene. I hope you will read my story. Maybe you can help me too!

  25. Oh, Zoey, I iz verreh happee for you. I sometimes get impatient with my Human, but secretly I am very happy to be living here with her. The noms are excellent, I have comfy beds, and I love my toyz! We wuz lucky!

  26. Zoey you established ownership early on by marking that cat tree that was a great start as an official Island Cat.

  27. Lookit dat purrty belly! Maw says, “Squeeshy squeeshy” on your belly!

    Luf, Us and Maw

  28. You’ve got a wonderful life, now!

  29. I am very jealous of that pawesome cat tree!!!

  30. Oh Zoey, I am so glad you are an inside cat now and haf such a great life!

  31. You definitely have it made, Zoey. We’re so glad you found such a great forever home.

  32. Yes indeed sweet one, the good life is so good!!!

  33. Oh Zoey, what a wonderful post!! So happy you found such a great home and lovely family! The photo of you hanging out with Ernie is so cute 🙂 And your tummy shot…oh you are adorable!! This is such a happy post and made me smile big 🙂

  34. After all this fun! Somebody need to eat and go sleep! hahaha

    have a nice weekend!


  35. Dat’s so great! An we loves dat kitty condo you haf. Forever homes are so wonnerful. We haf owrs too so we know how great yoo must feel.

  36. Zoey, you have the good life for sure. We’re jealous of the taaaallll cat tree.

    Laura and Taffy

  37. I think this is probably still true today Zoey!

  38. We totally agree! Forever Homes rock!!!

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