Nov 102008

Hey, Ernie…you know we’re not suppose to be up here on the stove…

Why not, Wally??  It’s so nice and warm here!

That’s why, Ernie…mom says the stove is a hot spot!
Remember when you burned your big feet
walking across the stove when it was hot??

Yeah, Wally…guess I do remember that…I hadda go to the v-e-t!
But if we’re not suppose to be up here, what are you doing here??

I like to see how long I can get away with it…

Hey, you two, get off the stove!!

See…I told you, Ernie!

Wow!  That didn’t take long at all!!

  25 Responses to “ManCats – Hot Spot”

  1. I never get on the stove but Grayson got a hurty on his paw once doing that. He checks to see if it’s hot now. -Gandalf

  2. haha Partners in crime!! Look at your little guilty faces.. you go guys! hehe
    I try to go near our stove too but it has wires all over it for when it is on and the fire comes out, so it is not smooth enough to sit on..
    I hope you left good paw prints on it before you had to get off 🙂


  3. Ooooh you danger lovin’ mancats. You are doing what Mum calls “pushing on the fence”. Be careful. Burned paws are not cool (well they wouldn’t be would they haha)

    Safety Wuudler

  4. I’m ALWAYS being told off for being on the stove! I just forget in the excitement of rushing here and there in the kitchen. Tee hee!

  5. Cats on a hot cooktop. Our mom freaks out when she uses the burners because she’s ascairt that’s when Minchie will decide to walk across it. You two do look so cute though on yours!

  6. Wow! y’all are brave! I never even get on the kitchen counter…but I do sneak up onto the table…hehe.. 🙂

  7. Yep we get in trouble when we try to pull that too!! At least you got away with it for a little while! Thanks for the purrs for Cal!

  8. We have learned by the beans being constant about the cooktop no noz! One of our past brothers, Zipper, licked a pan that Daddy left with some food scraps still in it and he forgot to turn off the burner!!!! Mommy was at the store so she didn’t see it happen but notice the funny way Zipper was eating or trying to eat. She took him to the Vets right away thinking something was in his throat. The Vet held Zippers mouth open for our beans to see his tongue was raw from a burn. Mommy held Zipper and cried….she didn’t talk to Daddy for awhile after that one!!! Of course he didn’t mean for that to happen but Mommy was upset ’cause of the dangers it could of caused like a fire or one of the little beans could have also been burned! That’s when the red post-it notes started going up all around the other house. There are so many beans in this house that we don’t even have a chance to mess up!!!!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  9. But it looks so comfy… sigh. Humans

  10. Yikes! That would hurt! My tail is all kinked up just thinking about it!!!!!!!!

  11. That looks comfy but we aren’t allowed on anything in the kitchen, not even the worktops where the sun comes in. Mean old mum.

  12. We get the squirtty bottle if we do dat. Yoo know we has to really check it out again tho!

  13. It is good to test the boundaries once in a while! Just to be sure.

  14. hehe, you look furry comfy up there! Momma doesn’t let us hang out onna stove either, but sometimes we try and sneek up there anyway!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  15. Cool. Why is it warm if no one is cooking on it?

    Luf, Us

  16. Stove? whassat? Is that one of the big things that Mama stands by over in the food room?


  17. Yeah!!! Why is something that is so warm and cozy so dangerous sometimes?!!!
    maybe that’s why Mom stays around after she is finished using it. She never let me up there,but she can’t keep Tillie off of it 😉 Silly girl.
    Purrs Mickey

  18. Ooooh, be careful boys, ovens can be very dangerous. Trust me on this, I know! I have an Evil Oven! It has knocked me over twice (seriously) and I broke my wrist (twice) in the falls!!! 🙂

  19. Very cute cats, they do like to get up where they are not allowed, cats are very nosy and do like to see how far they can go. I invite you to come by sometime.

  20. Oh, I’m running and hiding! I burned my paw on one of those a while back, it scares me just to look at that!

  21. Oops! You two better be careful! We don’t want toasted toesies!!!

  22. Thanks for visiting our blog!

    If it gets any colder here, we might have to try that. Maybe if the Mother keeps the burners on low…

  23. Very good you 2.
    And Michico is crazy laughing in front of the monitor.
    You guys are doing great job testing your mommy’s patient~!!!
    But next time please very careful, get there after it’s cooler, ok?

  24. I’m not allowed on the stove either. The funny thing is, that I only began jumping on it (with seven months now). Hihi, my mom felt safe the whole time, but that’s over and done with!
    Purrs, Siena

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