Aug 232011

Us cats have our own talk…
our own words to describe certain things.
Our furiends at Zoolatry have challenged all us cats
to post our favorite cat talk.

Here’s a few of ours…

I am a MOL’ing mancat!!

I am chillaxin’!!

My tummy needs snorgling!!

 We are nomming our stinky goodness!
Nom nom nom!!

What’s your favorite cat talk??
Let us know in the comments!!

We need a cat dictionary…dontcha think?!?

And on a sad note…
We say goodbye to the Grand Dame of the Cat Blogosphere.

Miss Peach…a gentler ladycat there will never be.
You will be missed.

  35 Responses to “Cat Talk Time”

  1. Such good examples of Cat Talk. Farewell to Misses Peach.

  2. We love all your words! We kinda like ‘snoopervising’ because it’s what us cats do best! We also love tortitude, for obvious reasons!

  3. Those are great words! We aren’t sure we have any.

  4. We definitely need a cat dictionary. We love to mumming our tuna! 😉

  5. We like your cat talk…we think mancat is the best word ever!!! Poor Miss Peach, she will be missed.

  6. Great words, guys, and yeah, a cat dictionary would be well, pawsome. LOL.

    Our mom likes crabilated, because that suited Annie so well. 😛

  7. here’s what i hear a lot in my house: mrrow. hiss.

  8. WE totally need a dictionary!

    And we are so sad about Miss Peach :[

  9. We are very sad about Miss Peach as well…

    We love your words….nom nom nom

  10. What great words you chose for your blog today. We are so sad Misses Peach has gone to the Bridge.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. We do need a dictionary with all of us kitties demostrating the words like you have done today. I think it’s funny when my mom uses a “cat” word with a human who has no idea what she’s talking about.

  12. Fun cat words! Mom does not understand a lot of ours, so can not translate.

    Miss Peach will be missed

  13. Great words gang! Yep, very sad about sweet Miss Peach.

  14. What a purrfect idea to put a dictionary together with all pawsome catword 🙂
    My favorite word is Girmus = that is what I and many moore Swedish cat´s calls our Giraf Kickaroo , because we think it lokes half giraf and half mousie 🙂

  15. We love your dictionary.

    It’s a very sad day on the CB.

  16. I have always said that there should be a cat language dictionary. Now we can have one. It took our Mom forever to figure what all of the words meant. Like fevver. What the heck is a fevver?? I do know now but I have been asked about it many times.
    Mom did think that a have a heart trap would be good but talked about it with some other people and sometimes they don’t work and if the cat gets the idea that it is all too scary, we probably won’t catch her. She is very close to being caught right now. I am just chicken to close the door. She goes all the way in except for the tip of her tail, and I can get right behind the carrier. Next step is to move the door and see what she does. Thanks so much to your Mom Wally, Ernie and Zoey for the encouragement and support. That is really important right now. Think she made this long enough. Yikes

  17. A Catictionary is a great idea!

    Meowt – when Austin wants outside!

  18. A dictionary! What a fabulicious idea!
    Me thinks pawrents and purrfect are 2 to be there.
    Me is so sad about Miss Peach. She was such a wonderful lady.
    Nellie & Kozmo

  19. Great words…I’m quickly learning to speak Felinese but my favorite word is
    snoopervising but I also like it when Mom says blinky blinky to me and she likes it when I blink at her.
    Hugs madi

  20. Yes, we need a cat dictionary! And we are also sad about Miss Peach. 🙁

  21. your cat-ionary is excellent. purrs for miss peach and all the humans that love her and will miss her passing.

  22. Great job, guys! Awesome words!

    That earthquake was crazy!

  23. Yours are just great! And you all look so comfy during your demonstrations too.
    We are going to miss Misses Peach.

  24. Wally, we MOL’d at yours! We like to snoopervise our sisfurs or watch the Birdie Network. Of course one of us is Tortielicious!

  25. Great words and pictures!

  26. we love “snorgeling”, “stinky goodness”, “nomming” and MOL the best! We have to say we don’t get into the “baby” cat talk, we think cats are much more intelligent and advanced than that!

  27. Zoey the snorgling pose gets my Mom every time as she loves to go after tum tums sometimes I enjoy it and other times it becomes a tummy trap.
    Miss Peach would be greatly missed, I am purring for her family.

  28. What excellent demonstrations!

  29. You picked some great words! We’re sorry Miss Peach has gone to the Bridge. She was one of our first blogging friends.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Oh we love all your words!

  31. Now we understand MOL!!!

    Mom says I say “wha, wha” a lot… which she interpets as “what, what!!”

  32. Your cats are adorable and I love their words!! 🙂

  33. I was a bridesmaid at Miss Peach’s wedding to Mickey. I’m so sad for her but at least she is not sick any more.

  34. MOL is a favourite of ours as well 🙂 A-mici (an Italian cat word) has to take first place with us. Without the hyphen, it means “friends” in Italian, but with the hyphen, you can see that the word for friends contains the word “mici” which is Italian for, you guessed it, cats! Mew!

  35. Great words and photos folks! We are very sorry about Miss Peach, she was sure loved and will be so missed.

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