Aug 222011

The nice people that make the Kong pet toys asked us to try out their new cat toys called “Kong Cozies” and let everybuddy know how we like them.  They sent us 3 different ones…the Cozie, the Kickeroo and the Roller.  Thanks, Kong people, for giving us this opportunity!

Hey, the Roller has feathers, Ernie!!  I like feathers!!

Those are natural feathers, Wally!!

Mmmmm!  And they smell nipilicious!!

That’s ‘cuz they’re stuffed with premium catnip, Wally!!

I like the Kickeroo!
It’s smaller than the regular Kong Kickeroo…

And I can really get my paws around it and my claws into it
to give it a good bunny kick!!

 We give the new Kong Cozies 2 big Ernie paws up!!
Look for them at your favorite pet store!!

Disclosure:  Once again, we did not receive any treats or other form of payment for this review, other than the Kong Cozies.  (We gotta turn this into a paying gig!)

  41 Responses to “Mancats – Get Your Kong On!”

  1. Cool! Kong toys are brilliant!

  2. I love Kong pet toys too !!!
    I got some at home, and never disappoint !!! when I get bored, I still can use as my pillow..heh..heh

  3. WOW Ernie those are some big peepers you have there in the last picture!!
    What great toys for you and Wally to SHARE!
    Hugs Madi

  4. Well, we are going to have a serious sit down talk with Mom to find out why we don’t have any of those very cool Kong toys!

  5. Those do look like some great toys Ernie and Wally. We will beg the assistant to get us some but we just got some new toys from those nice Island cats so guess we will have to wait. Hope all of you have a great week .

  6. Those look so cool! We also love your face with the kickeroo, Ernie!

  7. Lucy thinks that kickeroo is more her size – the one we have is one of the big ones and Hannah likes it but Lucy finds it harder to hold to and give it a good kicking!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Those do look like fun. Audrey is a bit rough on toys, especially where feathers are involved: do they hold up well?

  9. We just love the Kong toys. Looks like you gave them a good work out…got to bunnykick them into submission!

  10. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!

  11. Well those sure do look like lots of fun guys!!!

  12. Ernie, we just love your eyes in those last 3 pics. OMC, too funny! Yep, those toys must have primo nip for sure!

  13. The boys don’t have any kickeroos…. I’m gonna have to make a note for HH to try them out…. Great nip, you say? Yep… we’ll be getting them for sure.

    Thanks for the review.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Wow that’s quite a loot of toys! Have fun!

  15. THose look fun! Thanks for reviewing them so we can add them to our wish list!

  16. Kudos to the nice people that make the Kong toys. We loved the review!!!!!!!

    And we love all of you.

  17. Wow, that’s pawsome!

  18. Ernie, those look very fun! We have to pester Mom now to spend some money. She keeps hiding our toys and then pretending they are new. duh.

  19. Wow! That is si cool that they sent yous those toys! Me would love to have a toy that does not smell like puppy slobber! That Cinnamon has chewed on all of mine.

  20. I have to say you have a little psycho look in your eyes kickin that kangaroo…

  21. Ernie, if you give it two big paws’ve convinced me!

  22. It looks like you guys had a grand time!

  23. Dad’s supposed to get us more cat food. Maybe he’ll pick some of these up for us. Thanks for the review.

  24. Judging from Ernie’s wild eyes, I would say these toys are a success!

  25. We have a Kong Kickeroo too! Mummy is very sad coz we aren’t nip cats and all these interesting nip infused toys just don’t get our attention. Ernie sure looked like he had LOTS of fun with the Kong Cozies. 🙂

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  26. Wally and Ernie, If you guys like these, then they come well recommended in my book. I’m gonna have Mama look out for these.

  27. Great that Kong pet toy´s sent you 3 different types to try out !!!
    I have a Kong Kickeroo the Girmousie type 🙂

  28. You boys are so lucky to get free toys to play with! You sure do a thorough job of testing them, I must say!

    I thought the picture of Ernie looking his kickeroo in the eye was pretty funny!

  29. You did a brilliant review and they look good to me especialy the feather one.. Hugs GJ xx

  30. Thanks for the great review! You’re lucky to have such a fun job!
    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  31. We didn’t know they had Kong toys but they look pawesome! You boys did a great review! Hope Zoey got to play with them too!

  32. Great review! I nefur heard of Kong toys before, I will haf to get mama to get one for me!

  33. OMC! Ernie, you look all crazy-eyed for that Kickeroo! Those toys must be niptastic. Thanks for the review, we’ll have to check them out…er…make our mom buy them for us…(!)

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  34. you have the best jobs ever – toy testers, how’d you get that plum task?

    love the review btw, keep checking those toys for full fun and kitty safety.

  35. Boys this was a great review of Kong toys. Ernie with your paws you could give more than a thumbs up you can use these skills to do more of these toy tests.

  36. Hey – fanks for da howl in bringing me home after my little after dark adventure. And, don’t worry bout getting paid for da review of those really nice looking Kong toys. Someone has got to tell humans about them!

  37. Whoa–those look cattastic! I have to send my Human out Caturday to replenish my foodz. She had best not try to come back in the house without one a them toyz!

  38. Ernie, I don’t think anyone better get between you and your toy…. you look so serious about killing it!!

  39. Those look cool! Mama has to make a trip to Petsmart anyway!

  40. Oh, wow, you two are giving those toys a really good workout -nip and feathers, we’re impressed, also envious,ha.

  41. Hey, way to get your Kong On…you fabulous Mancats you!

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