Easy E Sunday

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Nov 092008

On Sunday mornings (well, actually, every morning),
I like to burrow under the covers while mom’s still sleeping.
Sometimes I’ll stay under here even after she gets up…

Mmmmm!  It’s so nice and cozy in here!!

Hey, Ernie…any room in there for me??!?

Get outta here, Wally!!
I don’t wanna share with you!!

  22 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. Yup, no sharing, that’s my motto for the bed!

  2. Yeah Wally, go find your own cozy corner. This blankie be mine, all mine.

  3. Ernie you look like you mean it with that expression! I hope Wally gets some balnkie time too. Sleepy Sundays are essential.

  4. *blankie

    Tut @ my typist, one just can’t get the staff these days.

  5. i’m verree honored to be aksepted azza island cat club member.
    i will prowdlee blog abowt dis atta later time.
    thank u… an havva good day.

  6. A purrfect way to spend Sunday Morning!
    ~ The Bunch

  7. Hiya dere,

    Youse guysez came to da Dia de las Muertos partee, & I hazn’t hadz time fur a proper greeting. Glad to see dat you are enjoyin’ da Battle of da Bed. A furry good way to spend a Sunday.

    -Dr Tweety

  8. I like to sleep under the covers too. If mum can’t see me, she knows that’s where she’ll find me.

  9. oh, burrowing in the blankies is a private thing…no sharing.

  10. That does look mighty cozy in there! Can’t say we blame Wally for wanting to join you.

  11. Wally, you are so silly!

  12. We like snuggling under the covers too, except for the ‘under’ part!

  13. Ernie you sure got the prize spot for the day!!!

  14. Personally I prefer to burrow alone…

  15. I do that every day too, Ernie. It’s very good.

  16. When it gets cold here we all like to burrow under the covers with Mom.

    Thanks for stopping by to see our new blog design. Ana is wonderful to work with and you’ll be very pleased with her work!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. IT is very much our man catly duty to keep our Mommas warm on the inside and out and what better way to achieve both, than a snuggle.
    It is great that you do your mancatly duty so well Ernie, you should however sometimes take some pressure off of yourself and give some duties to Wally 🙂


  18. Awww, come on Ernie, isn’t there a little bit of room for Wallie? 😉

  19. Ernie,I like to snuggle with Mom too 🙂 All that body heat 😉
    I guess Wally will have to find his own spot,heehee
    I’m sure that bed is big enough !
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Ernie, I love burrowing under the covers too! I do it in the middle of the night right next to Momma, but I make biscuits on her and she makes me stop because my claws dig into her … hee hee! When I burrow during the day, she calls me “Lumpy” because of the lump I make! That is the bestest way to spend a lazy Sunday 🙂
    Purrs and headbutts,

  21. This made me laugh! If I had a bruvver I’d resist sharing too.

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