Aug 172011

I bet most of you are surprised to see Ernie here today…and on top of the ladder, too!  Well, today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.  And, y’know, even though he can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, Ernie is my favorite black cat!!  So to show my appreciation, I’m letting him have the top of the ladder all to himself…for today only!!  Don’t get any ideas, Ernie!  The top’s still mine!!

(Check out Ernie’s whisker humps in honor of Kismet, the original mancat, who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge.)

Yeah…right, Wally!!

See!  I told you he can be a pain in the butt!!  I wonder when Orange Cat Appreciation Day is….

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  1. Hi there you handsome Black cat Ernie. We are appreciating the Black cats today too. Sure glad you got the top of that ladder.
    Wally,the assistants will come up with a Orange Cat appreciation day. That is a great idea.
    But Ernie, we also think that Black cats are the best. Take care.

  2. MOL..Don’t listening, You are on top !
    You Rock today : )

  3. Well, you’re looking might fine up there, Ernie… I’ll print the picture in case Wallie never lets you up there again.

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day.

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Oh happy day ernie!

  5. Mum loves black cats and had one that used to see dogs off if they came up to her in the street. We think you deserve to have the top spot today Ernie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Ernie is one of OUR favorite black cats too!
    hey, Wally, we would sure be glad if you started Orange Cat Appreciation Day!!

  7. WHOOOHOOOO!!!! for black cats!!

    enjoy your “temporary” time on the top, Ernie. 😉

  8. that was very noble of you wally. happy bc day ernie. i’ll have to celebrate with diego-san as well.

  9. Looking wonderfully house panther-y today Ernie. And what great manners there Wally 😉

  10. You’re look good there Mr. Top Cat!

  11. We are celebratin’ too….enjoy the top spot Ernie!

  12. Ernie, my mommy had House Panthers too, and boys, until she had a couple of Tortie ladies walk into her life.

  13. Ernie, you are one mighty handsome black cat!!!!!!!! Our mama has been really spaced out lately and didn’t realize it was Black Cat Day, so Sammy didn’t get featured……..we sometimes wonder about our mama!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all the Island Cats and your humans.

  14. You are at the top of your game today Ernie! Have a great day on the highest ladder rung 🙂 We love black cats! They are sleek and elegant and everything nice 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage

  15. Aww, how sweet of your brofur to let you use the top of the ladder today. Orange kitties are sweet like that. Happy BlackCat Appreciation Day and Whisker Hump Day, kittehz. xoxo

  16. Oh No! Black cat appreciation Day! That’s ALL Kozmo needs to hear! Me would have to be nice to him! Never Never! Ernie, however, he is such a sweetie pi, even me would be nice to him.
    Have a happy day Ernie!

  17. Very generous of you, Wally! We’re sure Ernie appreciated it. Hah. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  18. Ernie may have the top of the ladder, but it looks like you got the comfy cushion. I think you got the better end of the deal.

  19. That is a great way to appreciate him!

  20. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! does that include mostly black Tuxie cats?

  21. Mom and I love Panther kitties…my human uncle had a gorgeou black cat named Ursala who lived to be 18.5 years…
    Hugs Madi

  22. Yay for Ernie – black is the best.

  23. You are very generous Wally to let Ernie have the top of the ladder AND today’s post. We think all the rest of the days should be ginger and ginger and white days.

  24. How generous of you, Wally. 🙂

  25. Hooray for Ernie, and black cats everywhere! Enjoy your special day (and your time on the top rung of the ladder). 🙂

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, friends!

  26. That is so nice of you Wally! We appreciate Ernie too and are glad he’s having his day at the top of the ladder!

  27. We did not know that today was Black Cat Appreciation Day! How cool! Our mom thinks that black cats are super, super cats and have been truly loved by her and her family since she was a kid. She says all of the black cats she has known have had the BEST personalities! Waydaminit… what about us!!!??????

  28. Somehow, Ernie, I get the idea that your great sacrifice is not fully appreciated.

  29. Oops, I meant Wally!

  30. Way to go, Ernie! Black cats rule. I hope you enjoy your special day.

  31. Black Cat Appreciation Day, Orange Cat Appreciation Day…hmmm…I’m demanded Blue-Eyed Cat Appreciation Day. How about that? purrrr *giggles*

  32. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Ernie !!!

  33. I appreciate cats of all colors, stripes and patterns!

  34. I’m happy that Wally can appreciation you on this special Black Cat Day, Ernie, and that recognizes your right to take top position for today. Now you just have to fight for the other 364 days in the year.

  35. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Ernie! Wally you are a good brother for letting Ernie have the top spot today!

  36. Black Cat Appreciation Day? Now that’s a nice thing! We love Ernie’s man humps. In our house we’re all orange, so every day if Orange Cat Appreciation Day 🙂

  37. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!! It’s nice of you to let Ernie have top of the ladder. But of course today only..heh heh 🙂 I think there should be Orange Cat Day, too!

  38. uh oh! Are you going soft, Wally? 🙂
    Happy Black Cat Day, Ernie!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, and Hollie
    ps- Hollie will help you campaign for an Orange Cat Day but the rest of us need a Miscellaneous Tabby Cat Day 😀

  39. Wally today you were a good brother and let the blogging spotlight to be shared this was very nice of to do.

  40. Black Cat Appreciation Day? Why was I not informed of this occasion??? Oh, Huuuuuuuman…….

  41. MOL at Spittola! We didn’t know it was Black Cat Appreciation Day either. But Ernie, you are a fine specimen of a Black Mancat. You two crack me up, your bickering is very cute!

  42. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Ernie! Wally, you are such a good brother to let him have the top of the ladder today! And…every day is orange cat appreciation day! Angel told us so.

  43. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Ernie! Don’t let anycat take the top of the ladder away from you.

  44. Here we are appreciating black cats! You are a great representative, Ernie. And thanks to Wally for letting you hold the top of the ladder honors today. My (angel) Jet Dragon was a proud house panther. I miss him so much. Some day I hope to have another solid black kitteh. Taffy (lilac with white) insists on being an only kitty, so I promised her she would be with me.

    Laura and Taffy (Queen of the house)

  45. You both look great and comfy. I like the tower design.

  46. I missed Black Cat Appreciation Day!? Dang. That was very good of you to let Ernie have the top rung.

  47. Black cats sure are wonderful! 🙂

  48. We just wuz the ladder and all the sitting spots! We keep asking our Oliver how the black cats got so special?

  49. Ernie you are one beautiful panther cat!!!!

  50. We’re pretty sure there IS an Orange Cat Appreciation Day! Didn’t it just happen a couple of weeks ago?? You were very generous to give Ernie the top spot on the ladder, Wally!

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