Aug 102011

A conversation with the mom…

Hey, mom…I gotta bone to pick with you!  Why is it you always give Ernie his foods before me??  I’m the oldest here!  I should be fed first!!

Well, Wally, it’s because you eat faster than Ernie and I want to give him a head start.  You’re licking your bowl clean looking for more while Ernie still has half his food left.  And then when you’re done, you go over and push Ernie out of the way to try and eat his food.

Aw, that Ernie’s a slowpoke!  He deserves to have his food eaten by me!!  Besides, I’m bigger than him!!  I need more food than him!!

Well, let’s talk about this “bigger” business, Wally.  Because you keep getting into Ernie’s food, I think you might have put on an extra pound or two.

WHAT??!?  Are you calling me fat??!?

Oh no, Wally!  I wouldn’t say that!  😉  But we do need to watch your weight.

Jeez…a little more me just means there’s more to love!!

Oh, Wally!

  41 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. MOL… I love your Cattitude, Mr. Wally
    I take note, Will use it with my mom : )

    PS : They call me ” Piggy Puddy “

  2. Wally, we have a similar issue here. But Mom actually puts Audrey’s bowl down first, then she and Simba go to the bathroom and let him eat in there with the door closed.
    Happy Wednesday, Mr. More-to-love!

  3. We have the same problem – (mum whispers) Hannah is quite a piggy wiggy and Lucy is a slower eater – enough said! Wally you aren’t fat you’re just more cuddly.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Oh Wally, we don’t think you are fat at all. Don’t let that lady with the yellow hair tell you anything different. We have the same problem around here. Lucky sneaks his way into everyone’s dish. So does that little bad black girl, BG. We feel your pain Wally. Take care and have a fun day.

  5. Cosmo gobbles up his food and Ling munches daintily on her food. Cosmo doesn’t dare try to steal Ling’s food coz Daddy is always watching closely (and Ling is HIS princess)!

    You’re not alone, Wally! And you are definitely not fat. 🙂

  6. I can’t argue with your position at all. Maybe you should get some extra food to distract you from Ernie, like an entree! 😉

    Lishy gets distracted easily when he is eating, and when he wanders off I snarf up his food. Diet failed!

  7. They do the same thing to me, Wally! I always have to wait cuz I”m the fastest eater…it just isn’t fair.


  8. diego-san shares your pain wally. he wonders why Theo has to get his food first too, and the reason is exactly the same… pokiness leads to other’s porkiness.

  9. That “watch your weight” think is so not necessary!

  10. So much more to love! 😀

  11. Oh Wally you are so adorable, I love your logic!!!

  12. That sounds like our house. Kirby ears fast and pushes Angel away from her. Mac is a muncher. Eat a little and walk off then come back. Mom and Dad have started picking up his bowl between nibble sessions! And what is it with all these vet people saying we need to lose a pound or two!

  13. snicker…just keep giving her the look!!! Tommy does the same thing…he has to take a bite out of every bowl.

  14. i think she called you fat Wally. mine mom lady person says stuff like that to ME all the time too. – Billy

  15. Sounds familiar.. She called you fat, but you’re not!
    -Luna Kitty

  16. We think an appetizer for you, while Ernie starts his entree, would be a great idea! Something low-carb, obviously, since we’re obligate carnivores and not grazers. LOL. Ham? Chicken? Fish? Good protein…then your meal. 😛

  17. Oh, I feel for you Wally I always have to wait around here ’cause I eat faster than all the rest of the kitties. Patches is so sloooow and sometimes it’s like I wait forever! Mumsy and Popsy separate us and stand between us and sometimes that helps so I can eat sooner. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. And I think it’s a good thing there is more of you to love too!

  19. Tulip and Leo have the same challenge! Tulip will try to eat Leo’s food and will bump him aside if she eats faster than him. It’s a race for Tulip. Can she get her food down in time to snag half of Leo’s! Argh.But Wally…you’re NOT fat. Don’t let the humans warp your sense of self! You’re a BURLY boy. Seriously.That’s not FAT!!

    the critters in The Cottage 🙂

  20. Wally, yous is NOT fat, yous is fluffy!!!

  21. I say the more Wally the better!

  22. Humans can be so unreasonable, right, Wally?

  23. We think you’re the purrfect size!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  24. Wally, you’re purrfect! The slowest always get fed first, here, too. Makes no sense to me! Purrs.

  25. Wally you and your Mom have the best conversations….you crack us up.
    However, I have to agree with you if Ernie is going to be a slow poke you have to do what you have to do.
    Hugs Madi

  26. We think you are purrfect Wally! How do you restrain yourself from eating Ernie’s foods while he’s getting his head start and you are sitting there watching him?

  27. Love your catversation with your mom 🙂

  28. Our food bowls get filled up on the counter, and they are all put down at once. Still, there is a slight delay, so MY bowl gets put down first. Mainly cuz whichever bowl is put down first is MY bowl. MOL!


  29. Uh-oh! You know what ‘watching your weight’ means, don’t you, Wally? It means they might start feeding you less.

    Perhaps if you just lay off Ernie’s food, everything will be OK, and they won’t have to resort to ‘diet’ portions.

  30. Heh heh great conversation! My Goro is like you – eat fast and push his brother Niko out of the way!
    “He deserves to have his food eaten by me” made me laugh so hard!

  31. The humans should be happy if there is more of us to love.

  32. Ohhh Wally,,,, We thinkz you are Handsome jus az you are ^..^ Ernie jus needz to eat faster, he eatz soooo slow he makez you look Fast ^..^ mol…..

  33. I agree, you are not fat, you are fluffy, just like me!

  34. Psst Wally, come over to us for seconds 🙂

  35. Wally, I will share my food with you. Teleport over anytime! And since I look just like Ernie, you’ll feel right at home! San Francisco.s a peninsula, not an island, but we do have PLENTY of water 😉

  36. Can we share some of our banana bread with you? 😉 (Sadly, that’s all we have in the fridge right now!)

  37. Tell your mama that us orange guys don’t get fat, we get “squishy”!

  38. Poor Wally! You might want to step away from the food dish for a bit each day.

    Luf, Us

  39. Wally, I’ll Fed-Ex you some extra Num-Nums…

  40. MOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Sammy and Andy to a “tee”…..Sammy eats fast and is “plump”…..Andy eats much slower and under all his furs that make him look huge, he is really very slender.

    Love to y’all.

  41. We understand, Wally. We shut Benny in a room with his foods because otherwise he wouldn’t get much before the others stole it.

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