Nov 082008

Hey, Ernie…we got an email from one of the Walking Guys!
He wanted to introduce us to some cat-furriends of his…
Neela and Sun-Li!

Neela and Sun-Li don’t have a blog…
but they read all the kitty blogs like ours!!

Neela and Sun-Li want to be members of the Island Cat Club!!

Hey, Wally!  Neela and Sun-Li look like a couple of nice meezers!!
Do they live on an Island??

Ernie, they live in Bourne, England which is in Great Britain!

Great Britain is a great BIG island!  A lot bigger than our Island!!
And Walking Guy said Neela and Sun-Li are really spoiled rotten!!!

Well then Wally…I think we can let them join the club!

Welcome, Neela and Sun-Li to the Island Cat Club!!!

  18 Responses to “New Island Cat Club Members”

  1. We like island cats (you and your friends…). Would we qualify to be members: before we moved to the “mainland”, we lived on Merritt Island (that’s Florida) for many many years. We always went across bridges and causeways to get anywhere and everywhere! But our beans wanted to be in the “woods” so they moved here.

  2. Oh boohoohoo! We can’t join because we don’t live on a cool island! But Mom wants to move us to one…Ireland!

  3. Wow, I’ve never been on an island, it must be really cool! I hear they have good cheese in England so it must be a good place. ~Cory

  4. Neela and Sun-Li look very nice. Maybe you can persuade them to get a blog.

  5. That is so cool that the meezers Neela and Sun-Li are now Island Cat Club Members! We wish we lived on an island so we could join too … hee hee! Happy Saturday, furriends!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  6. Neela and Sun-Li are very beautiful! We wish we lived on an island, too!

  7. Nice to meet them! That island is very big!

  8. That’s cute!

    Luf, Us

  9. Hooray for Neela and Sun-Li!

  10. Hi Neela and Sun-li you are both very beautiful. In the UK too! Yay!

  11. They look like lovely cats.

  12. No initiation or anything?!!? You guys are so cool!
    But they do like like very nice meezers 🙂


  13. Oh rats! I have some meezer blood in me (waaaaaaay down the gene pool) but I don’t live on an island so I guess I don’t qualify for membership. I’ll just keep visiting and dreaming.

  14. You two are so kind to invite Neela & Sun-li to be members of the Island!!!
    They are very lovely looking Meezers too 🙂
    This is one Island they won’t get voted off ! heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey

  15. What lovely looking kitties! We think they will be a fine addition to your club. Hello Neela and Sun-li!:)

  16. It’s a great thing to be an Island Cat *and* a Meezer too!

  17. It is nice to meet the new members of the Island Cats Club!

  18. hey … way-da-minit! i liv onna island … i live on long island in noo york. duz dat make me a island cat?
    jus wunderin.

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