Aug 052011

It’s cooled down a little and the windows are opened again!
I’m ready to watch some Bird TV! 

C’mon, birdies!!  I’m waiting!!

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  1. We have had some relief from the heat as well. So nice!

    We nominated you for the Sunshine Award – you can see the details on my blog.

  2. Whew, we understand! We miss our bird TV. Mumsy keeps the windows closed tight. It got up to 117 degrees F on Wednesday here 🙁 We hope you guys stay cool. Enjoy some of the Bird TV for us too!

  3. So glad it has cooled off for all of you. Nothing better than some nice fresh air to sniff and watch those birdies. Zoey, you are looking all happy. Take care and have a super week end.

  4. What a shame you can’t go out and catch them Zoey!

  5. Now come along birdies put on a great show for Zoey – she’s waiting.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. it cooled off for about half a day here and it’s supposed to get real muggy again today… thus bird watching may further be delayed…

  7. We hope there is some good “shows” on for you! 😀

  8. Hope there’s a good prog on, Zoey?

  9. It is cooler at your house?? That’s it – we are movin’ north….. We are VERY tired of the hots….

  10. Yay for open windows! We’re glad it’s cooler for you now and we hope you get to enjoy birdie TV all weekend!

  11. Oh and we are certain you will wait all day for that kind of entertainment !! Have fun bird watching Zoey!

    the critters in The Cottage

  12. Enjoy your cool fresh air!

  13. Yay for open windows! Nothing better than Birdie TV in stereo!

  14. Oh wow! Bird Television! Excellent!

  15. Open windows are great but it’s been too hot this summer for them. We’re jealous.

  16. i loves opened windows. Too many hots here right now tho.

  17. Enjoy your bird TV! The weather here has been erratic….hot one day, rainy the next…

  18. Good fur you sweet Zoey, enjoy it while you can…and have a happy weekend!

  19. BIRD TV! The best channel is Blue Jay channel and Painted Bunting Channel. They are very colorful crunchy birds 😀
    -Luna Kitty

  20. Whoops not painted bunting channel, I mean gold finches! :d
    Being a cat it’s embarrassing not to know my meals. 🙁

  21. It is cooler here too!!! I hope that channel has something really interesting on…something with lots and lots of feathers, MOL.

  22. Haven’t you heard? The birdies have all flown south. purrrrr *giggles*

  23. I’m glad that Bird TV is back on!

  24. We are soo jellus! Still hot. No open windows. But go ahead and enjoy! xoxo

  25. My guys haven’t had window wiffies in ages!!! Glad you are getting some Zoey 🙂

  26. Hi Zoey, glad it is cool enough to watch da birdies again!

  27. Isn’t fresh air the best, Zooey? It’s right up there with sun puddles. I hope lots of birdies came out for you!

  28. We have lower temps too but the humids just won’t go away. Mom is sick and tired of this weather. Just today she was talking to a neighbor and everyone is complaining about their a/c bills, but it’s worth it in her book!

  29. Zoey if your station has static I can send a selection from my programming to you as the variety of birdie programming in my area has greatly increased over the summer.

  30. We are so happy for you that you finally got to watch bird TV. Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. Hello Pretty Zoey,
    It really iz soooo much better when da windowz are open,,,, da air smellz soooo good, and you can hear efurythin dat iz goin on owt dere ^..^ while perched in da safety of you own home ^..^ We need to keep da cool breezez comin.

    Purrz & Kissez~ Penelope

  32. You are lucky to get window whiffies and BIRD TV. Our BIRD TV actors are on strike because of the squillion degree temperatures. We are not pleased.

  33. Well, our weather is foggy and cool which is good, but the only birdies I see on birdie TeeBee are pigeons, which is not so good. They do look plump and delectable, though.

  34. M said I just had to wait a couple more days and then she’ll open the windows for me too. I can’t wait. Bird TV is so much better with living sounds.

  35. Yuh, we opened the windows too. Lots to see and smell out there. Enjoy the weekend.


  36. Lovely pictures, this window looks a perfect spot to watch some birds!

  37. Isn’t that just the best feeling…when you can finally get a stellar view of those birds. Love that window you’re using. Glad to know it’s cooled down a bit for you.

  38. Yay! So much cooler. I know, we’d all rather have windows open than the a/c any day. Enjoy the birds!


  39. We also are enjoying the birds Zoey……..we have had cooler weather for a few days now and our nights are a bit chilly! Have a great weekend=^Y^=

  40. Oh, we envy you. It’s still too hot here to turn on the birdwatching channel.

  41. So glad to hear that your weather has cooled a bit and that you can now get some window whiffies. Have a great weekend Island Cats!

  42. Nothing better than bird t and window whiffies.

  43. Hi,

    I tried to teleport, didn’t get far, see the previous post. But I am enjoying the time with the boys being AWOL.

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