Aug 012011

Hey, Ernie!  There’s nothing to do…
The hots are here and the cold air blowing thingy’s on
so that means the windows are closed
and watching Bird TV isn’t as much fun. 

I know, Wally!  Not much to do ‘cept hang around!
Like me!!

Oh, Ernie!!

  52 Responses to “Mancats – Hanging Around”

  1. Hahahaha! Nice joke, Ernie 😉

  2. We think Ernie’s joke was kinda funny! It doesn’t hurt that he’s so cute when he hangs around!

  3. Hanging for dear life, Ernie? Can’t you just sleep it off like the rest of us? Oh dear….I don’t mean to nag. purrr *giggles*

  4. Even more impressive with opposable thumbs!

  5. No wonder you’re groaning Wally – is that the best Ernie could manage!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Ernie, you take “hanging around” to a whole new level!

  7. The hots make everyone grumpy!

    Mom Paula

  8. We can relate to the “hots”!!!!!!!!!

    We purr you find a way to keep cool.

  9. Careful Ernie! If Wally moves a little bit you could be on the floor real quick! Stay cool fellas. You’re always welcome here in foggy Capitola!

  10. Wow Ernie, what happend to your tail? It grew and has pokie-dots!

  11. We like to hand around like that too! MOL

  12. We understand about the hots, guys. We have them here, too. It looks like you’ve found a perfect way to spend the day … we’re going to do the same. 🙂

  13. We are tired of the hots too! Looks like you found a nice place to hang out while we all wait for Fall.

  14. We understand the hots! Love your joke!

  15. You are doin some great hangin Ernie. Nothing else to do in this hot weather. Wally you need to hang in there with that silly Ernie around. Hope you all have a cool day. Take care.

  16. You guys are cute, hanging around!

    Stay cool 🙂

  17. Hanging around is fun,heehee
    You do it very well Ernie,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  18. Now you really have the art of “hanging around” down pat. Not many of us kitties can hang around that way. I have too much “flab” to hang around comfortably.

  19. You are quite the hanger aren’t you?

  20. Hey. Where did my first comment go?

  21. Be careful not to take a tumble if Wally were to stretch, Ernie! It’s so hot here we are practically melting…

  22. Well one good thing is that you get the cool air system inside to keep the hots from sending you over the edge! We have had a really cool summer here in Vancouver but these past few days have been sunny and hot! 🙂 Everyone seems to be happy about that except LP …she likes the cool 🙂

    the critters in The Cottage

  23. Ernie, you has hanging down to an art.

    We are braving the hots, it is so nice to see sunshine again.

  24. What a great hanging around picture…. Looking mighty comfortable.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs Max

  25. *MOL*
    You are funny 🙂

  26. Wally and Ernie you two have turned hanging around into a form of ART and you are the artists.

  27. I hope it cools down for you soon. Love the hanging around picture.. Hugs GJ xx

  28. That platform fits one-and-a-half cats, but that is not stopping you, is it, Ernie?

  29. Looks like Wally needs to scooch over a bit for you Ernie! Hope it cools down for you boys!

  30. Our cold airifier broke D’: Now my fur is all sticky! At least Bird Tv is still on here.

    -Luna Kitty

  31. MOL..Mr. Ernie, That’s the coolest way to get the cool breeze in every directions : )

  32. Nothing beats just hanging around on a hot day!

  33. You two do look a little bored. Feel free to teleport over that big lake that separates us to our house and we’ll see what kind of mischief we can get into!

  34. Haha! You are funny Ernie.

  35. You are hanging around and living on the edge, Ernie! 🙂
    Stay cool!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  36. These HOTS keep coming back as if it does not realize how much trouble it is causing with the closed windows and sapping of strength so there is nothing to do Ernie, but continue to hang out.

  37. Monday Hangover, fur shure.

  38. glad to see I’m not the only one who is tired of the “hots” I hate to say it but I’m ready for Fall. (remind me I said this when we are in the middle of our frigid Michigan winters lol)

  39. Yeah, the Hots are really bad this year in Michigan. Making up for the no summer we had a couple of years ago. And look who’s sharing the top of the ladder.

  40. I hate the hots! We’d be glad to send you some of our fog! We have LOTS.

    Ernie, the Human thinks your arm is soooooo cute!

  41. Mama sent a kiss to those huge feet, Ernie!

  42. I keep telling you to come down and visit me – it’s still winter here!

  43. hots are here too. As you said, Bird TV not as much fun! My mom said she admires that man -catly arm hanging down!!

  44. that’s some serious hangin’ you guys are doin.

  45. Oh you make me nervous hanging over like that! I can’t wait until we get to open the windows again.

  46. Cat napping is always good too.

    We are back so please visit our new blog…..

  47. When you say hanging around you really mean that literally eh?

  48. Sorry to hear it is so hot where you are. Ernie we like your ‘hangin’ around’ style!

  49. Soooo funny you two. 😉 I hope the hots go away soon. It is blazing here in SC too.

  50. Can I come over and hang out with you boys?!?!? 🙂

  51. there’s nothing like the feel of blood rushing to your head, right Ernie? 😉

  52. But when you two hang, you really hang!

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