Tail End Tuesday

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Jul 262011

  Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!!  The other day we had another vishus deer visitor in our yard!  Look!!

This one wouldn’t even turn around and smile for the camera.  It only wanted to munch on the the english ivy in our yard!!  It didn’t even ask if it could have some!  How rude!!

And it was kind of a wimp too!!  Our neighbor’s woofie…a little itty bitty Boston Terrier…barked and it ran away!!  And they call us cats scaredy!!  That term should be changed from “scaredy cat” to “scaredy deer!”

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  1. Seem Like this dear got Deartitude : )

  2. Great picture of the deer, but am sorry he wasn’t friendlier. And ate your food without even asking…. yep… needs charm school for sure.

    Have a great day.

    Pawhugs, Max

  3. Mom and Dad laughed the other day just a little bit at their neighbors – they had just planted a new bed with Hostas, and a couple of deer were munching away on the plants. Mom says if you google about the kind of plants deer like to eat, Hostas are right there high on the list. He he – seems your deer doesn’t know that deer don’t usually eat English Ivy.

    Yes, deer are pretty scaredy animals. It seems the slightest disturbance sends them running.

  4. That was so rude of that deer not to turn around and smile at the camera. What is wrong with that vishus deer. It must be vishus. Got to watch those deeries, sometimes they are so scared. Hope all of you have a really fun day.

  5. “Scaredy Deer” we wuz it! From now on, that is what we shall use! “Scaredy Deer” it is – no more “Scaredy Cat” or even “Frady Cat”!! We shall speak the truth henceforth! “Scaredy Deer”!

    Hee-hee, we gots carried away, we don’t get to do proc-lim-nations very often.

  6. What a little cutie!! Was he eating up all your garden or just the ivy?

  7. Wally fancy that deer not smiling for the photoshoot – he was very rude turning his back and eating instead!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. We guess the vishus deer aren’t so vishus!! We think he was rude not to pose for the photo too!

  9. The mom is making “cute” noises at the deer pic. Apparently some of them are not so vishus, but rather plain rude to eat your ivy…and not even pose properly for the camera.

  10. Maybe he was a vishus-deer-in-training?

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. scaredy and vishus are not a good mix.

  12. What a pretty animal. I know you probably see them often, but I don’t ever get to see any cuz I live in the city. Some people here get them, but just not where I live. Darn!

  13. Oh deer! (hee hee!)

  14. It is good to know that a small woolfie could scare that rude deer away!

  15. Aww he was kind of cute but sorry he ate your plants without asking.. Your neighbours woofie showed him who was boss though.. Hugs GJ xx

  16. We has lots of deers too! They eats all the flowers in the gardens unless yous keeps them beind wire.

  17. Wally I don’t have a clue what I’d do if I saw a deer in my yard but I do know what I do when I see squirrels….I get hissy and my tail gets bushy.
    Hugs Madi

  18. We have some deer that sleep right outside the bedroom window. We hope they stay out of the road! Your deer is pretty!
    I wonder if there are deer in Connecticut?
    Happy Tuesday!!
    ~ Phillip

  19. goodness! I have vischus deer TOO!

  20. The deer was giving us cats his tail of disapproval. How rude, eh? har har har *evil laughs*

  21. We saw a vishus deer just yesterday in our neighbors yard. I was glad I was inside–after all even if they are scardy deer–well they can be vishus right?

  22. MOL….what a fun/”deer” post!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Vicious deer, LOL!

  24. Oh dear! Or should that be, Oh deer! MOL!

  25. Wally, I would much rather have a vishus deer in my yard than a little strange woofie!!! Little woofies can be a menace! I have only met one deer in my whole life when it came into my yard when our fence was down 4 years ago and it was the sweetest vishus deer! It ate some of our apples, napped and then went on it’s way.



  26. Oh deer, it is pretty though!

  27. Wow, how exciting!!!

  28. What a beautiful deer. We hope she didn’t eat all your ivy so that she will come back again to visit and nibble some more!! Maybe next time she will be a dear and smile for the camera!

    the critters in The Cottage

  29. You’d think it would at least ask before eating your ivy and drinking your water.

  30. Wow, that thing looks vishus for sure! And it just ate and ran? That IS rude!

  31. hmmm, maybe we all need a Boston in our yards for deer repellent!

  32. What a great picture!!! We used to have deer where we lived before. But now we live pretty far from the woods. We only have racoons and bunnies now

  33. That deer is a wimp – scaredy deer indeed!

  34. I think as long as YOU didn’t want to eat that ivy, it is okay that the deer did…but he prolly should have asked before he came on your turf!

  35. Sounds like the Boston Terrier was more vishus that than scaredy deer!

  36. You should hire this woofie for protection against other vishus deer in your neighborhood. This way you no longer get vishus deer in your yard.

  37. that was pretty rude of the vishus deer to eat your plants uninvited and then not pose for the flashy box! Wally, you kitties do have exciting “TV” to watch there, tho.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  38. Oh that’s a precious photo

  39. Great shot. Our Mom had one deer run out of a neighbor’s driveway and cross the road in front of her this morning.

  40. You folks have lots of good sightings where you live…vishus deer and all!

  41. So rude!~ Eating you plant without asking and didn’t even pose for the camera.
    Need to go back to school to learn some manners.

  42. Not so vishus, now, are they? MOL! Haf a happy Wednesday!

  43. This deer deserves a smack on it’s bottom for being so rude! 🙂

  44. This is an amazing visitor, how lucky you are!
    I love deer, she is adorable!

  45. How about dopey deer?

  46. How rude indeed to eat your ivy!!

  47. Wow–you’re so lucky to have Bambi live near you–even if he does eat the ivy. I like the photo! Do the vishus deer ever peek in your windows?? And well–Bambi shoulda asked permission about munching your yard.


    PS. Tommy really loves her some orange tabby like Wally…

  48. Dem wild critters seems to tink dey can do wut dey wants dondey? Still deer is some purty ones out dere. Didja knows some of dem can be domestikatedlike and maks good frens and protecktogaters?

    Jus gots to plants da plants way high sos dey cannt reaches em. Das all!

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