Jul 252011

It’s Christmas in July!

This year we were paired up with
those great cats over at Random Felines
Maestro, Tim, Tom, Mozart, Ivy, Spud and Junior!!

Look at all this cool stuff they sent us, Ernie!

Yeah, Wally!  We got this great tunnel,
a new cube…purple, my favorite color…
some mousies, a feather wand…Zoey will love that…
and some nip spray!!

 Hey, Ernie!  There’s even some chocolate truffles for mom!
We gotta make sure she doesn’t eat them all at once!  🙂

Did we miss anything??

These Loofa Fishies are fun, aren’t they, Ernie?


Mom says Zoey can have the tunnel in her room…
Look at her checking it out…I think she likes it!!

But the best gift of all was this one, Ernie.
The Random Felines made a donation to
the Michigan Humane Society in our name!!

 Yeah, Wally!  It’s Christmas in July for the shelter animals, too!!

Thanks, Random Felines!!  This was a terrific Christmas in July!!

  44 Responses to “Christmas in July!”

  1. Crismassy is good any times of da year, yes indeedieie. I laks all dat good stuff an toys y’all gots. And it nice to knows da kitties at da shelter gots goodies too. Everbodies is lookin good in da piktures. Way good.

    Y’all come!

  2. Wowser, that is one great Christmas in July, especially the donation to the shelter. All those toys and tunnels etc. sure looks like a lot of fun. And Zoey, you get to keep the tunnel. That is terrific. So Merry July Christmas to all of you. Take care.

  3. MOL..Wally look like you love the paper bag much more than anything else : )

  4. Wooohoooo what a wonderful Christmas in July…. You certainly have great things to play with. Have a super time.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. You all got some great gifts and your mum too. The donation gift in your name is a great idea.

  6. Zoey you got the tunnel all for yourself – that’s great – Lucy loves ours and she spends lots of time hiding in it and grabbing passing ankles and tails – she says it is great fun to see the look of surprised look faces. Ernie and Wally look to be enjoying their loofah fishes too. What a lovely thought to send a donation to the Cat Sanctuary in your names.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. WOW – it looks like you hit the mother load of all Christmas prezzies – you really got a lot of loot.

  8. merry christmas. zoey has her own room?

  9. WOW, what a bunch of goodies you got! That donation is the best!!!

  10. What an awesome bunch of presents! Those kitties over at Random Felines are awesome!

  11. We are so glad you are enjoying everything. Mom loves the shot of Wally in the bag….MOL. We are going to get our pictures up tomorrow….mom had to post the lazy kitten pictures today (plus Lucy got adopted!!).

  12. Awe! looks like fun! And what a nice idea for the donation as well! 😀

  13. That’s an awesome Christmas in July package, guys! Wow! And doubly nice that they made a donation. Have fun with the new toys, cube and tunnel!

  14. Excellent haul, gang! We’re glad Zoey has her own tunnel – it looks like she likes it! And the donation in your name was also a very thoughtful gift. Have fun!

  15. that was a great big load of goodies fur all concerned–enjoy them in good health! and how furry kind of them to include the kittehs at the michigan humane society. they will be blessed ten-fold for sharin’ thataway.

  16. Pawsome Christmas in July presents!!! These cool toys will keep you all busy for the rest of the year! Our mom is going to the post office today to pick up our package from who we were matched up with.

  17. In my opinion you Island Cats are very deserving of all the very nice gifts too.
    enjoy them and hugs to you all,

  18. You guys got some really cool gifts! Aren’t you lucky!

  19. What great presents in July! You got lots of goodies and we’re glad to see Zoey got something for her room too! Yay for the donation!

  20. That is a great Christmas present! ANd you gots lots of neat stuff, too!

  21. That’s a lot of new toys to play with! Have a good time, guys!

  22. Wow, that is fantastic stuff and the longest tunnel ever!!!

  23. What a great x-mas in july = you got a lot of great stuff and the shelter got money 🙂

  24. That really is a wonderful Christmas i July, guys! Great stuff, help for the shelter, awesome.

  25. WOW! You guys got some great toys…We bet Zoey will LOVE the tunnel. And the donation? That’s SUPER! Merry Christmas, shelter kitties!

  26. Wow, what great presents! You will haf a lot of fun playing wif those, I’m sure! And how nice to make a donation for the shelter kitties.

  27. WOW you all got a lot of nice things! Our mom just mailed our stuff off this weekend…We love Christmas in July!

  28. Wow! That is an AWESOME Christmas in July package!

  29. Super Christmas in July presents AND a cool bag too!! Whew, you guys really made out!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Wow! Those Random Felines are really generous furiends, aren’t they? What a wonderful gift package you received from them. More than enough to share amongst you.

    Is Wally trying to mail himself somewhere? He can always come here for a visit if he likes.

    It’s nice to see Zoey getting her share of the booty, too. Now all she has to do is get her booty inside her booty (if you know what I mean).

  31. what lovely presents you got. it’s always fun to open a package and all the things in there are for you.

    enjoy playing your toys.

  32. Man, look at all that loot!

    Christmas in July and birthday, too. That tunnel is pretty interesting looking. No wonder you’re already in there.

  33. What a wonderful Christmas in July package and what a great idea for the donation!

    Mom Paula

  34. Wally, you are so funny checking the envelope for more stuff! You kitties got some really nice presents! The donation is really pawsome!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  35. YAY for the donation to the Michigan Humane Society!!! That is CATABULOUS news and so generous!

    You guys got some fabulous prezzies!
    Your photos are just too cute too!

  36. That tunnel looks like the neatest thing! And how great that a donation was made in your name.

  37. Wowwzer! A ton of wonderful toys and A DONATION TO THE MICHIGAN HUMANE SOCIETY!!! This is so awesome!

    Luf, US

  38. Yeay! Cool! I’d like to move in with you all. har har har *evil laughs*

  39. Whoa! I gotta get into this next year! Your tunnel is ‘zackly like mine. At first I was a-skeered of my tunnel, but now it is elebenty-five kinds of fun–lookit Zoey go! And all that other pawsome stuff too. Woot! What a haul!

  40. wow great news, you got amazing gifts!Those toys look so funny, it will be wonderful to play together there!
    purrs and love

  41. Oh how neat! You guys gots toys in a toy! Them boxes and sacks and package stuffs are as funs as the toys!

    You guys has fun! Well… you guys has MORE fun!

  42. Wow! That is REALLY a lot of great stuff!

  43. Holy Moly, you folks done good with the pressies! Looks excellent!

  44. Hey! We just got that same tunnel! And we have that cube in Green. Great cats think alike 🙂

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