Easy E Sunday

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Jul 242011

When our mom was gone last week, the Dad Guy got us some KFC for dinner one night (Dad Guy says “thanks!” to the Katnip Lounge Kats for the suggestion; he rarely gets KFC when mom’s around).  But I swear, he ate half of it before he even got home!!

Hey, Dad Guy!  This 10 piece bucket is short a few pieces!!

Well, at least he left me a drumstick!!

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  1. That looks like enough for a small pawty!

  2. Hey, Ernie, did ya get a beer with your chicken. Guess it is kind of hard for you to get the top off the beer. That all looks good to us. Have a great Sunday.

  3. WOW, a whole bucket of the good stuff!!!

  4. Whoa! Pass me some, mate! yummmm….. har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Wow – KFC looks delicious! We have nevver had it!

  6. We have never had KFC Mommy insist it is bad for us for some reason. But then she doesn’t let us have ice-cream either (something to do with her favorite flavor being chocolate).

  7. that looks so nommy!!

  8. you lucky kitty!!!! I never ever get such nommy goodness!!!!

  9. Chixhen???? In a bucket??? So DATS where chixhenz comes from! Ya learnz sumpin’ new evfurry day!
    Tanks fur vizytin’ us durin’ hard timez & new timez. Although Ella iz not a replacemint fur our Angel Auntie Stinkie, she iz bringin’ some divershun fur us catsez who were down in da dumps. We tink Ella iz just what da Doctor ordered! I guess I should know dat, bein az… well, I yam ya’ know?
    Dr Tweety

  10. Oh, that looks super-nommable. And what’s in those other little white containers? Do you think there might be moths or spideys? Cause those would be really awesom also! What a good dad you have!

  11. Looks like a good “daddy” kind of dinner. Save us a few tastes, OK?

  12. You guys are so lucky. We have never got such stuff. Our human doesn’t eat it!

  13. Shhhh!

    *edges out slowly so Austin doesn’t see*

  14. That’s a very nommy looking dinner! You’re lucky to have such a good Daddy.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. Lucky kittehz! Our dad always gives us stuff we shouldn’t haf. That’s why dad’s are speshul. Purrs, kittehz!

  16. Whooaaaa! That looks super yummy! I heard Mummy telling Daddy the other day that it’s been a LONGGGGG time since she had KFC too! Maybe they’ll pack some home for us. :p

  17. The boys party hearty when The Mom is gone!

  18. Oh Boy! Beer and KFC!!!! Maw sez “Yeah!”

    Luf, Us

  19. Oh! Me LOVES KFC! But wes hardly gets it anymore cuz there is not a KFC anywhere near where we lives.
    Will yous share?

  20. MMmmmm! Now I want some KFC!

  21. Beer and KFC-looks like a heavenly nom to me!


  22. My human and me are interesting your menu too : )
    Can we have a bite ?..heh..heh..heh

  23. Sounds like you had a great meal! Glad your dad did not eat all before coming back home 🙂 Are those beers for you??

  24. You’re welcome, Island Dad! That’s what OUR Daddy gets when he flies solo…and it is SOOOOO yummy!

  25. Gee!!!! KFC, cream from the can, we think you guys did pretty well with your Dad looking after you !!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  26. Oooh we love KFC too. It’s the same in our house: our Mommy never lets the Daddy get it unless she’s away. Too bad too ’cause the chicken is yummy!

  27. Droolworthy foods Ernie you are very lucky I never get to try human food. My Mom always moves her plate out of reach cause she believes that human food is bad for my tummy.

  28. That looks so so yummy! Anytime we get KFC the kitties FLOCK to the table!!

    Hugs and snuggles from
    Darcy, Gabriel, Ramiel and their mommy

  29. Yum! I haf a feeling I would love KFC!

  30. I LOVE KFC! And my human does not bring it home anywhere near enough. She does not think it is good for her – ha! Chicken is ALWAYS good for us kitties! So she should just buy it for us!

  31. oh, you have us all drooling now, Ernie. We hope you got a couple of drumsticks with all the trimmings!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  32. And we say “Thanks, Dad Guy” – you made our mom hungry and she’s getting ready to go get us all some KFC!!!!

  33. Looks like you guys had a great time while your mom was gone! Your Dad-Guy is pawesome!

  34. OMC, you get to eat KFC!!!! I adore it – the only time I get to taste it is when I am looked after by my uncle. My SS never gets it.

  35. Ernie
    Our Dad purrson got KFC grilled chicken last week!
    Yum it is our favorite!
    We are KFC-ers too!


  36. Humans like chick-hen too, even if they don’t eat it the same way we do. And of course we would never drink Lite beer with our chick-hen, either! (Give us some draft Yuengling Lager…)

  37. That looks really good! Our Dad does not like KFC, but Mom does!

  38. Oh, yummy KFC noms. I has never had them. Mom just doesn’t bring stuff like that home. Maybe I’ll haf to go with her and get some then. Your dad guy treats you good, Ernie!

    Taffy and that woman

  39. MOL, how shocking! We ate KFC last night too and T-man ate half of it, leaving only 1 thigh piece each for us kitties!!!! We shoudl call the RSPCA….

  40. It’s been wayyyy too long since owr Mom had KFC and we’ve never had it at all! If it looks as good as efurrybuddy says it is den yoo are one lucky kitteh efun if yur dad ate half heh heh.

  41. We knew there would be more mancat stuff going on–lucky guys getting KFC! We’ve never had it either, but we like broasted chicken from the deli, so I’ll bet that’s good too!

  42. OMG I can smell that KFC from here! Haven’t had ANY since before October! I LOVE IT!

  43. Excellent score! My favorite! Your Dad is one cool guy!

  44. My humans like KFC too, I haven’t tried it yet. Hope I can, though.

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