Jul 172011

Our mom is going away for a few days…to “hangout” with some girlfriends.  Well, I’m not liking this very much.  Personally, I think she should just stay home and “hangout” with me.  It’s bad enough she leaves almost everyday to go to her job-thingy.  But at least she comes home everyday. 

Our dad-guy will take care of us while she’s gone which is okay…he let’s us get away with waaaay more stuff than our mom does.  And maybe we’ll score some pizza or barbeque from him!  But it’s just not the same without mom.  We won’t get to blog or visit our furiends.  And I like to snuggle with my mom in the morning.  And I won’t be able to do that!  RATS!!

Maybe if I sit in her bag that she’s taking, she won’t be able to go.  Hey, a cat can hope, can’t he??  Well, if this doesn’t work, I guess we’ll see all of you in a few days…

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  1. Poor motherless mancat! It’s such a sad story. If you’re not careful though, you just might be spending time with the ‘girls’, too — and believe me that’s something you don’t want to do.

    Some male bonding time with Dad is definitely more your style.

  2. Poor Ernie, I bet Dad will give you lots of pizza etc. We sure hope that lady with the yellow hair has one wonderful time going off with the girls. I bet cha they mis- behave just a little. Maybe you had better stow away Ernie to snoopervise her. Hope all have a really fun time. We will miss you guys but what fun when you come back.Take care.

  3. You look very chic in Mom’s bag there, Ernie.
    Really, humans ought not to be permitted to “hangout” at all. I mean, can they really achieve the good paw hanging down poses that cats cat achieve? I think not.

  4. Oooh Ernie….make a wailing sound so that she feels so guilty and cancel her plans. har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Yep, we try that too, and I hope it works for you, it doesn’t seem to for us! We’ll see you when your Mom gets back.

  6. Poor Ernie! Maybe you can hide in your mom’s bag and go along with her. We’re sure her girlfriends would love having you around! See you in a few days!

  7. “Hanging out” is way overated. I should tag along and see how boring it is! hehe

    high claws, Austin >^,,^<

  8. Ernie, you trying to be a stowaway?

  9. Awwwwwwww, Ernie, and maybe she will put you in her bag and take you with her!!!!!!!! I mean, how can she go off and leave adorable you??????

  10. We think Hanging Out should be banned!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  11. Tobi suggests hiding in the bag! Don’t let her leave without you!!

  12. Maybe if you stay there, Ernie, your mom will take you along? You could hunker down and she’d never know 🙂 Tho we seem to recall the last time your mom went away for a bit, you kitties had a right good time with your dad. We hope all of you stay safe and have fun!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  13. Me too think that going away from your cat should be banned !!!
    I have the same problems as you when my mom is gone = NO bloging and NO visit furriends blogs 🙁
    But I do get away with moore stuff when my dad is taking care of me 😉

  14. We do not like it when our Mom goes away, either. We know your Dad will take good care of you and spoil you, too!

  15. We don’t like it when our mommy leaves either but daddys are pushovers so you can get lots of yummy treats! We hope your mom has fun but that she gets home soon!

  16. I hope your bag sitting strategy works…

  17. Maxwell: Mommy’s been traveling LOTS this summer, and I been sitting on her suitcase too, but it didn’t work. She left anyways! What if you hid inside? Mebbe you could go wif her?

    FaRADaY: WAAAAIT! Monday’s Cat Appreciation Day! She HASTA stay home! It’s the Law (uh, ishn’t it?)

  18. Sweet Ernie are you sure you don’t have a secret wish to go with your mom and you are in her bag hoping she won’t see you and take you along with her? If you are left behind just do all you can to have as much or more fun than she does. She won’t be gone long and you can catch up on all those snuggles when she gets home. Hugs and nose kisses

  19. Ernie.. great idea here. Mail yourself to Bugsy and Knuckles. They’ll help you fill the days that your mom is gone… Think about it.

    pawhugs, Max

  20. We hear ya! It’s just not as much fun with Dad as it is with Mom. But maybe some barbeque and pizza will help…

    Luf, Us

  21. That’s a good idea. Though I doubt it’ll work, Ernie. 😉

  22. WHY are Moms compelled to do such crazy things like leave? We’ll never understand it.
    We say pester your Dad for KFC!

  23. I think I am sensing a coverup here. That dad-guy will probably spoil you rotten and you two can have an excellent guy bonding – but no one should find out, right? Have a great time and remember to take the trash out before she get home.

  24. The old block the bag trick – we always wish it would work too. You will get loads of attention when she’s gone – and you can demand so many treats when she’s back – it MIGHT be worth it……

  25. Ernie, we think it’s terribly selfish of your mom to leave you for a few days so she can spend time with human friends. Even if your dad will spoil you rotten. Hmm, wait, that doesn’t sound so bad…. 😛

  26. Oh I’m so sorry your mom will be away…. It must be very difficult for you and I’m sure it’s difficult for her as well. Maybe you hide in the bag so she takes you with her?
    I’m sure you will get extra treat and attention from her when she comes back!!

  27. Things are just not the same without the mom around! When she leaves, give her the Sad Eyes so she feels real guilty.

  28. Ernie, you are lucky you live with a male human who lets you get away with stuff! When my human is out of town and he is here, he has the dog around and gives her most of his attention and sometimes forgets to keep an eye on my food and then Binga steals it! I am always happy when my human comes back when he is in charge.

  29. This should definitely not be allowed. How could she leave you?

  30. Ah sweety I know how you feel but your mum will not be gone long and think of all the extra cuddles and loving you will get when she gets back. See you soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  31. Are you trying to stow away, Ernie? All humans deserve a little downtime now and then – and how great that you get to hang out with your dad! I’m sure your mom will be very excited to see you when she gets back. Maybe she’ll even bring treats!

  32. Good job Wally this bag will now be filled with your fur so a part of you will be with your Mom while she hangs out with her girlfriends. Getting spoiled should make up a little for missing Mom time so it should not be all bad.

  33. We hate it too when our #1 goes away and we hear she is planning to be gone a few days next week AND take Tommy with her!!!

    The Chans

  34. Why does your mom need girlfriends if she has you kittehz? At least the dad guy will be there. It’s not a total loss. Purrs.

  35. Make sure you get dadbean to let you have all of us over! That would be fun. Thanks for your good thoughts for Cookie!

  36. Hey Big E…… Don’t worry…. The walking guys will keep an eye on your Dad-guy while your Mom is away…..Pizza and beer for sure.

  37. I hope the days will pass by quickly.

    I’m back blogging now and have a new blog set up for my future furchildren. Please come by for a visit at http://sweetpurrfections.blogspot.com

    Mom Paula

  38. Oh Ernie! We so sorry. We know, it is miserable when your Mumsy is not there. But, look at it like a holiday, that’s what we try and do. CatDaddy, like your Da let’s us get away with almost anything! And, yup, Pizza and all kinds of yum stuff. We even got to play with spaghetti worms once time when he was seeing to us! THAT was fun.

    Don’t you fret! We’ll be around when you gets back, so to speak. We will miss you too.

  39. Ernie, we know exactly how you feel! Hang in there.

  40. Aww, poor sweetie. Who do these Humans think they are anyway? They can just go gallivantin’ off like WE AREN’T IMPORTANT???? As if!

  41. Oh, Ernie! Well, how about you and Wally doing some mancat bonding with the dad-guy? I bet pizza and stuff will be the least of it.

  42. It’s shocking the way beans just go off to have a good time. We hope you get lots of guilt gifts!

  43. I hope you are not too lonely without your mum!

  44. Ernie – we are so sorry to hear your mum has gone visiting. We hope you get lots of treats from your dad while she is away neglecting you all. Our mum has just come back from her holiday in the sun and we are milking her guilt for all we can!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  45. Boy, Ernie, your mom and dad sound a lot like our mom and dad. When our mom goes away, our dad lets us get away with more stuff too! But we miss her cuddling with us. We like your photos of you in the bag; very stylish.

  46. Hi Ernie we hope you all manage ok with Dad. Mom have a good trip.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  47. Great, keep up the good work!

  48. Ernie, your mom will come home soon enough. Just think of this time with your dad as a party week. Diddy’s are the best! Mine gives me sooooo many more deets than my mom does.

  49. Scoring pizza sounds good! We almost NEVER see that. What flavor do ya like best?

  50. Well, Ernie, her bag DOES have purple on it, and purple IS your color… so did you sneak along? If you didn’t, I’m sure things will still be awesome. We remember some of the past times when you had a doods weekend and it looked pawsome!!! Little Zoey can come hang with us if she wants!

  51. We don’t like it when our mom and dad go away, either. Hopefully, your dad will let you get away with a lot (and give you some great noms) to make it worth your while. 🙂

  52. Get into the bag Ernie! Inside. You’re way too obvious sitting on it!! Tell your Mom to have a great trip with lots of girl fun and we’ll see all of you when she gets back!
    the critters in The Cottage

  53. Sitting in her bag won’t help. When Mom went back to Michigan a couple years ago I just sat in her suitcase and I wasn’t going to budge but she just picked me up and put me on the bed, put her clothes in it and zipped it up. Hope she has a good time visiting with her friends. She will miss you. But it sounds like Dad will be great with giving you treats. Enjoy.


  54. We want to thank you so, so much for coming by and saying such nice things on our blog. Jack’s passing has been difficult, but with everyone’s support, we are doing better every day. Baby definitely misses her companion of 15 years, but with special attention, she is pulling out of her grief.

  55. I don’t blame ya for trying to sneak away with your Mom, Ernie. I’z a Mama’s boy too!

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