Jul 132011

Hey!  Where’s the remote for this thing??

I wanna watch some Animal Planet!!

  43 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Hi there Wally. They had better get that remote in your paws in one big hurry. We hope you get to watch Animal Planet. Enjoy your day you two boys and that special Zoey too. Mom too. Take care.

  2. Do you think we cats can use our paws pad instead ? Lots of buttons too, Might work !

  3. We think the button is around the right side. Try pawing around there.

  4. TeeHee, I think Ernie might have it!!!

  5. All you need is a couch, Wally, and you will join the ranks of the dedicated couch potatoes!

  6. that was mommy’s firstest smile..no, grin of the day!!!

  7. rather than try to find the remote it might just be easier looking out your favorite window…

  8. We’ve given up asking for the remote…mom is fixated on the Tour de France…no Animal Planet for us. Sigh.

  9. Better give up on the remote idea pal – I’d got for the local bird channel out the window myself.

  10. Our mom says you’re more interesting to watch than anything on TV! 🙂

  11. We think they have buttons too if you can’t find the remote – keep looking!!

  12. You guys have the best captions!

  13. Hope you get Animal Planet 24/7!

  14. Wow Wally! Yous can make the remote work? Me is coming to your house.
    Me loves Animal Planet, but me hardly gets to see it!

  15. What a cute little tv you have, Wally! Are you sure you aren’t laying on the remote?

  16. We purr that you found the remote, Wally….what’s a guy to do without a remote??????

  17. Honey, you just need to turn around and press the button. :p

  18. Call us when you find it. WE want to watch , too!

  19. Naw, you really want to watch some cat videos on YouTube. 🙂

  20. You’re very smart if you know how to use those things! The best we’ve been able to do is turn on the mute by sleeping on it!

  21. Enjoy your TV time!

  22. Wally, you may have to go find an episode of Bird TV instead!

  23. Who would hide the remote? WE watch Animal Planet with mama as well. She let us watch Cats 101, as if we need to know more about cats 🙂

  24. It’s so hard to get good help these days isn’t Wally?! It used to be that the humans would clamor about as soon as we needed something…now we have to screech at the top of our lungs before we get what we want!
    the critters in The Cottage

  25. I think what you do might be more interesting than what’s on Animal Planet!

  26. If you just roll over, you just might hit the right button. Good luck Wally.

    pawhugs, Max

  27. Oh Wally, I think you are sitting a little too close to the TeeVee!

  28. Hope you have got that remotecontrol by now , so you can watch som Animal Planet 🙂

  29. You might have to go check out the Birdie and Squirrel Network since they are usually always on!

  30. Animal Planet is fun to watch! Is your favorite show coming up?
    I often forget where I put the remote and have to look for it. I hope your found your remote!

  31. I know where it is! It is in the stinky boy’s hidden stash of stuff. I hope you got it back in time to watch Animal Planet. What is your favorite show? You have a perfect view on the TV from that spot!

  32. It’s probably through the couch cushions. That’s where CatDaddy usually finds our remote 🙂 We like the pretty colored fishes program on Animal Planet.

  33. I hope they gave it to you! Hey maybe we need one of those “clap on, clap off thingies!!”

    Love, Cody

  34. Check under the couch!

  35. Oh Wally, I think that they are hiding the remote cause to much TV is not good for you!

  36. Ellie says she’ll be right over! She knew she was saving it for something special!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  37. But you have Ernie and Zoey! Command them to entertain you. They will, won’t they?

  38. Heya Wally,
    Do you know if you drape yourself at the front of the telly, the remote won’t work. Mama hates it when I do that and then she’ll cuddle me and put me on her lap when she watches the telly. Works everytime. har har har *evil laughs*

  39. Wally we thought you were counting the number of tiles on the ceiling.
    MOL Madi

  40. Wally, you crack us up! Hope you found that remote, buddy. 🙂

  41. Wally check under the couch this is usually the place lost things hide out. Hope you are able to find it Animal Planet is must see tv.

  42. Would somebody please give poor Wally the remote or turn on Animal Planet for him…please purrty please. Hugs and nose kisses

  43. LOL, we thought it was an oven and you were the chicken guard!

    We’ve got a new kitten. Come and take a look?

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