Jul 072011

Yay!  It’s Garden Day!!

::3 paw taps::

Hey, Wally!  There’s a lot of flowers blooming in our garden! 

Yeah, Ernie…let’s show everybuddy!

The coreopsis is in full bloom now.

Wally, do you think they taste as good as they look?

And the dwarf daisies are starting to bloom, too.

Don’t eat the daisies, Wally!  Haha!!

And then there’s the daylilies. 

Yeah, the vishus deers like to munch on these, Wally!!

Speaking of vishus deers, Ernie…
did you see these two in our garden the other day?

Yeah, and their mom, too!! 

We hope you enjoyed seeing
some of the flowers…and visitors…in our garden!!

Now click HERE to see what our furiend
Master Gardner Jonesie is up to in her garden!!

  42 Responses to “Thursday in Our Garden”

  1. You just have theprettest garden ever – wow even deer. We used to get deer, but now all the yards are fenced in and they just don’t come visit anymore.

  2. Goodness those are gorgeous flowers. We love the daylillies. And Wally, ‘please don’t eat the daisys’. They do look kind of tasty though. We love your visitors. Hope they don’t eat all your flowers. Take care and have a really fun day.

  3. I’d like to visit your garden….and have a go at the deers. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. You have a beautiful garden… I love garden day and seeing your flowers and the deer.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Wow, real live deer! We think we’d like to see some too, though everyone around the CB says they’re vishous. Guess we’ll never find out!

    BTW, the mom especially loves your dwarf daisies…Daisies are one of her favourite flowers!

  6. those flowers are stunning, a fact obviously reflected by the looks on your faces.

  7. Loved the post and the pictures……..a few years ago, when us boys and mama still lived alone, we had a lovely apartment with woods and a creek behind us….the deer used to come up on our patio looking for food. And we also had some unwelcome visitors of the skunk variety….:)

    Have a funtastic day, sweet friends…..xxxxxxxxx

  8. That was a great tour and I really enjoyed seeing your flowers AND your deer!

  9. Mmm bootiful garden you have !!!
    My mom just love Daisys 🙂
    Must be great to watch Dear Deers too 🙂

  10. We wish we had a garden as pretty as yours. We do have a small one but it’s been overwhelmed with mint and the Mommy hasn’t gotten around to weeding it all out. We also have some vicious deers in our backyard too. Mommy really hates them.

  11. Yoor garden is looking blooming lovely today! The vishus deers look skeery tho!

  12. What a beautiful array of plants in your pretty garden – did you invite the vicious deer over to have a look?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Loved the flowers and the sweet Bambi deers even if they do munch. They hate marigolds. Our mancats will chase deer away.
    xo, Merlin, Domino, Gris Gris and Odin.

  14. What beautiful flowers you have in your garden! Hope those vishus deer weren’t eating them!

  15. Wow, you haf beautiful flowers in your garden! And vishus deer, too!

  16. Beautiful flowers! But oh, those vishus deers!

  17. Beautiful flowers. WE hope the deer did not eat them all!

  18. Dear deer! The flowers are beautiful too 🙂 I hope the deer don’t eat them!

  19. blooming marvelous! and what about the wildlife, eh? all happening over your place. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  20. Your garden is great! The two of you look adorable while looking out. Stay away from the vishus deer! Purrs

  21. The flowers are just lovely. And wow, you have deer visitors in your garden? We are slightly jealous!

  22. What a pretty garden you have. How nice of the deers to come visit. 🙂

  23. What gorgeous flowers you have. Maybe someday I too shall have gorgeous flowers!

  24. Wally you and Ernie have the most beautiful flowers ever to look at. And deer too what fun you two must have. Hugs and nose kisses

  25. Your flowers are very pretty and how cool that you get deers in your yard! We only get to hear about the ones Sadie sees on her strolls but none come to our yard.

  26. My humans were thinking about planting some daylilies, but if the deer like to eat them, then I guess they better not. We have lots of deers here.

  27. You have such a lovely garden! I can see why those vishus deer want to come for a visit.

  28. I guess lilies aren’t poisonous to deer! We got no deer and not much in the way of flowers in our yard!

  29. You’re so lucky to have baby deer come visit your garden. They even still have their baby spots. I only see deer in pictures. Around here all we see are bunnies, prairie dogs and coyotes. Good thing there’s glass between me and the coyotes.

  30. We thought the deer were statues at first! So lovely.
    Your garden looks prettyful. We just built three new flower beds and we will be planting some indigenous plants in them this week. We can’t wait!
    the critters in The Cottage

  31. The flowers are beautiful. And Daises are our Mumsy’s favorites. But what we really liked was the looks on your faces in the first picture! You guys are so cute!

  32. OHHHH,,,We luvz your daiziez ^..^ Alwayz so Cheerie
    Which iz worst Deer or Groundhogz ….. hummmmm at least we don’t get deer cauze da back iz fenced in ,,, but da ground hogz are Terrible ^..^

    We luv da picture of you two ^..^ You Both are so Cute :))
    Da mom wantz to give you sqwueezez & Kissez….. 😉
    Purrz You guyz ~

  33. Wow! Your flowers are especially beautiful!

  34. your flowers are beautiful and I just love the deer!

  35. Wow you have a glorious garden with all kinds of interesting visitors!


  36. WOW–Look at your garden!! Your mom knows how to take CARE of all those pretty flowers!! Can she send a power point to Tommy, so she can learn?? And you guys got Bambi in your yard. Can I move in??


  37. Gee,you two look so handsome looking at your garden 😉
    Our garden is too scary this year as Mom did not work in it :/
    We also had way too much rain and cold (Mom’s excuse)
    We do not get cool visitors like you do!!!!
    Those deer are kinda cute, as long as you are indoors!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  38. Those flowers are really purrty. The vishus deer look friendly but we know that’s how they trick us tasty cats!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  39. Oh oh oh! Vishus deerz! The Human thinks they are “soooo cute” but I have a feeling the Humans just do not understand the True Nature of the Deer.

  40. Those Vishuz Deer get cheekier and cheekier. Your two faces say it all lads.

    Thank you for your kind words and love for Whicky. He was such a good boy.

    Gerry & Oliver

  41. That first picture of the boys made me giggle. It’s the expression on their faces! They must have been looking at the deer at the time.

    Your sunny-coloured flowers are just beautiful. Very cheerful!

    And the deer certainly add a unique touch to your garden.

  42. Sorry we are late…Jonesie is a bit jealous of your vishus deer! She dreams of welcoming one in to the garden to nibble on her fruit trees and stuff. She even wants to pose with one!

    We love your daisies, they are mom’s favorite…just like every other flower! Nice door snoopervision boys!

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