Jul 052011

Hey, Zoey…it’s nice to be able to finally chillax a little. 

Yeah, Ernie…I hope today’s quieter than the past few days!

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  1. Hi there Zoey and Ernie. It sure is nice to see you two together. I guess it is Wally that isn’t nice to Zoey. We are glad the yesterday is over too. We had a huge storm and lost our electric. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. Whew…. Long weekend of boomies, eh? I never liked them, but the boys (especially Bugsy) loved watching the fireworks. Have a good snooze to catch up, pals.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Glad yesterday is over…boomies and more boomies. Grete doesn’t mind the boomies but the flashing lights from people setting off illegal fireworks made her upset. I don’t like seeing my big strong woofie upset.

    Have a nice quiet day!

  4. yup got pretty noisy near our house last night…

  5. Baby here: I was really scared by firecrackers and I had to keep ducking under the bed. Jack is out of it these days and oblivious. Isn’t peace and quiet great?

  6. How lovely to see Ernie and Zoey laying next to each other chillaxing. We think we have only seen her “solo” before.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Peace…..and quiet….and may it stay that way. 🙂 Both of you look very relax in the photo.

  8. Sorry it’s been so loud over there!! Hopefully you’ll have a nice relaxing week full of snuggles. : )

  9. Hopefully no more boom, boom!!! Enjoy the quiet kids 🙂

  10. Looks like a nice spot to relax you’ve got there! Enjoy!

  11. thanks fur visitin’ us! we hopes it’s much, much quieter fur ALL of us tonight!!!

  12. Nothing better than chillaxin in sun puddles! Mom says we may still have a straggler or two of boomers tonight.

  13. We are hoping for some quite too, but in the South it isn’t likely with leftover fireworks!

  14. Have a wonderful chillout and chillax today, both of you. And Wally too.

  15. Ugh! We hope it will be quiet today and tonight. We are exhausted!

  16. Looks like you boys are starting the day out relaxing. Happy snoozy Tuesday pals.

  17. We hope yoo get some peace now and enjoy a well earned rest!

  18. What a sweet picture!!!!!!!!

    We were lucky, we didn’t hear any boomers at all……it’s so dry here they were outlawed this year. The noise doesn’t bother us boys, but we don’t know how Shelly would have reacted…and she’s kitten enough she already bounces off the walls several times a day!!!!!!! 🙂


  19. Chilling is good!


  20. Wish I was on that bed too. har har har *evil laughs* Brad

  21. Ernie and Zoey…what a lovely picture of you two. We don’t often see you together.
    Hugs Madi

  22. Yeah–me too. Man I hate those noises…

  23. Oh we see you have many nice toys in the background. We are jealous. Hope you have peace and quiet for your naps. Enjoy.


  24. Yay fur peace and quiet! You kittehz keep chillaxin. You earned it after the 4th! Have a happy Tuesday.

  25. Peace! It’s a good thing, isn’t it?

  26. Life has to be upside down when you have to way until a holiday is over so you can relax!

  27. We hear ya! We just HATE those boomers!

    Have a nice (and quiet) day, Zoey and Ernie. 🙂

  28. We’re chillaxin today too! It’s nice to see you both together!

  29. Finally, now you can relax until the next storm!

  30. Now, I guess..Very Serious Nap get start ; )

  31. Isn’t nice without all that noise of last night. Cleo was a put out with it, but I was napping on Dad’s chair while the booming was going on. Mom had chicken for dinner and I got my own plate with some on it. Mmmmm. You two look very comfy. Nap time coming up.


  32. Thats a lovely photo. I am sorry you didnt like the boomers and hope you can enjoy the quiet now.. Hugs GJ xx

  33. Happy Belated 4th July, Zoey and Ernie. Hope you got lots of goodies and that it’s all quiet and serene for the next few days.

  34. well….the quiet might not last too much longer. We are supposed to have thunder boomers late tonight and tomorrow!!!! Cover your ears!

  35. It sure is nice to relax on that sun patch!

  36. You guys look so peaceful…I can I come with you?? The only Island around here is when Tommy mops the floor–and we’re in a drought for that!


  37. WE hope it is peaceful so you can get a good nap!

  38. Have a good relaxing nap in the sun patch!

  39. Synchronized chillaxin is allus good!

  40. What a lovely peaceful atmosphere between you~
    Wish you have a wonderful time with each other.

  41. I hope you have recovered from all the excitement!

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