Easy E Sunday

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Jul 032011

I’m getting some napping in
before all the loud boomers start up again tonight.
The humans have been making lots of noise
all weekend celebrating the 4th of July.
It was loud last night…and tonight it may be even louder!!
Once all that noise starts…I won’t be able to sleep!!

Hey!  What was that??

Jeez…they aren’t starting early, are they??
I haven’t got all my napping in yet!!

  30 Responses to “Easy E Sunday”

  1. We’re starting our naps early too. They’ve been doing the boomies here every night too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Could we just have a little peace and quiet during nap time? I’m with you pal.

  3. Happily it’s been quiet here so far, but tomorrow will probably be another story!!!!!!!

    Sweet Dreams while you can, Ernie!!


  4. You tell them Ernie. They all need to let you get your rest. You need to teleport over here since we don’t get a lot of fireworks, thank Cod. We live in the nice quiet boonies. Hope all of you do have a restful Sunday and a happy Fourth.

  5. I hope you get plenty of naps in Ernie! The silly humans even set those boomers of in the daytime in South Carolina!

  6. We hope you get enough sleep before all those boomers start. They booms them around here in the daytime too. We will all have to catch up on our nappys when all the boomers stop. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Get all the naps you can Ernie – can you put those special paws of yours in your ears to muffle the boomies.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I hates those boomies! I hope you are able to get some sleeps afore it all starts!

  9. Why is it that humans like loud noises so much?!

  10. Good luck Ernie… It’s gonna be a loud weekend. Maybe some earplugs would help.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. The boyz concur… They ate not fond of boomers.

  12. Ernie will have to nip before he naps!

  13. Good luck to you with all the fireworks around. I hope you do get some rest!

  14. Poor Ernie. I hope you manage to get your much needed nap before the booming begin in full force.

  15. We had our big boomers last night. Luckily, this year they decided to have the fireworks on the other side of town so we weren’t scared too much.

  16. Poor Ernie. Are you sleep deprived?

  17. hope you don’t get too many boomers!! They can be pretty annoying. Did you guys get those bad storms last night? Do you believe it NEVER RAINED in Farmington Hills? I was so upset because I hadn’t watered. We got NOTHING!

  18. We haven’t had any boomers yet but we’re resting up nonetheless. We hope you all have a nice quiet Sunday!

  19. I hope you get a chance to nap. So far so good here!

  20. Ernie, at least you’re brave enough to nap by a window…we’ve been sorta *under the bed* incommunicado the past two days.

  21. Those loud booms have been going on for days, right? Well, I guess it will all be over after tomorrow. I will stay under the bed until then.

  22. Why must humans create so much noise when they are celebrating? Don’t they realize us cats need our beauty sleep?

  23. We getting some boomies, but later in the evening. We are sure it will be awful tomorrow, we lockdown will start early. Ginger heard a boomie last night and she was hammering at the back door to get in.

    We think the 4th of July should be banned.

  24. Dude ! I’m not gonna lie down there, I’m under da bed for sure with no shame..heh..heh

  25. I’ll be UTB too. xox

  26. Ernie the humans have no consideration of how loud the noise they are making and the little ones are so bad with the boomers. Use your paws to cover your head it would keep some of the noise out.

  27. Gosh, Ernie, thems some biggie house panther paws! We been upset here too on account the bangs and booms started early here :-/

    You sure are handsome.

  28. Naps here too. You look comfy on that bed, Ernie. Take it easy,my furriend.

  29. Happy 4th of July to yoo and family! Stay safe Ernie!

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