Jun 272011

Wally, we’re never gonna win the sychronized window sitting contest
if you keep screwing up and leaving your tail down!

Ernie!  You’re the one that’s screwing up!
We said we were gonna do tails down…not tails curled under!!

Well…then let’s talk about that
windowsill overhang you got going there, Wally.
I know that’s not part of the routine!!

  52 Responses to “Mancat – Synchronized Sitting”

  1. MOL, you guys are funny. I wonder what you are watching so intently.

  2. um..that overhang is, well, um, kinda cuddly-squishy and should be given extra points in the scoring.

  3. Keep practicing guys… you’ll get it right. HEE HEE

    pawhugs, Max

  4. MOL there is always a rebelious one in the group.
    But you two do look very handsome.
    Hugs Madi

  5. We think you boys still look good even with the slight imperfections! Wally, I can relate to overhang…


  6. You boys will have to get your act together for the Cat-o-Lympics next year!

  7. You guys are always arguing no wonder Zoey doesn’t want to hang out with you both much. We don’t reckon either of you will be willing to compromise on the tails.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Keep practicing, but be careful Wally, dangling tails are very tempting.

  9. Maybe you just need a little bit more practice.

  10. It’s all about the details isn’t it boys? Ha! Get it…de”tails”…

    xoxo Cory

  11. We find that getting the tail positions just right is the most difficult part of any synchronized routine. Keep practicing fellows!

  12. clearly you guys need a coach to help coordinate the routine…

  13. I just know you two will get it together!!!

  14. Maybe you should do one up one down, one down one up, then both down, then both up and turn around. That’s what it’s all about. FAZ

  15. Oh! We wuz dis! Dist a couple of guys tryin to gets it together 🙂

  16. No, not overhang..More to love!
    ~ The Bunch and Phillip

  17. close, but no cigar!

  18. At least you two don’t mind sitting that close – mom says we don’t share that well!!

  19. Bravo!! That looks like a gold medal performance to me!

  20. You’ve still got a bit of time before the next Cat-O-Lympics to sort it out, guys! We think you’re well on your way to an awesome routine!

  21. “Windowsill overhang”. OMG. I almost fell off my chair laughing!

  22. I think you still have time to practice and get your signals straight!

  23. It’s always details that let you down

  24. *MOL*
    What are you guy´s watching ??!!
    Is it a Birdie Nom Nom ?!

  25. Beautifully done, Boys!!!

    The Chans

  26. You boys are so funny! Wally, if Ernie would scooch up some more so you could get your whole booty on the window sill there wouldn’t be any overhang!

  27. You’re almost a purrfect 10!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  28. Ernie sounds like quite the PURRfectionist! Contest or not, the most impawtant thing is togetherness.

  29. A little extra kitteh there drooping over the ledge. You’ll need to practice some more, but it is looking good.


  30. Ernie! That’s a low blow bringing up the hangover factor!

    heh heh.

  31. Rats! It’s hard to be synchronized when you just can’t agree!

  32. that’s pretty darned synchronized to me!

  33. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
    You two ate too funny!!
    Keep trying,you’ll get there 😉

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  34. hahaha, our mama says you guys are funny. we can never do anything synchronized. buster messes things up.

  35. Yeah, certain people around here are always commenting about how I hang over the windowsill too!

    Max S.

  36. Mom says I haves a overhang! I also heard the word diet! Yikes!!

  37. My suggestion is take it in turn – tails up and then down. All together now…

  38. MOL..I think you two start to talk to the tail , right now : )

  39. Your purrs for Myst worked! She is back home safely – thank you 🙂

  40. You doodz get points from me for having your heads turned the same way. Are you watching birdies?

  41. You Boys should head on over to Jacqueline’s Cathouse for some lessons in synchronized sitting. Man, I dunno what she does to those girls, but they are champion posers! Or maybe you should have Zoey join you–she could keep you two jokers in line.

  42. Practise makes purrfect guys!

  43. lol

    if only there were a special olympics for cats/animals. 🙂

  44. We synchronize frequently, too. Practice makes perfect!

  45. How did our Mom miss this yesterday? She is really getting slack. You boys are too silly. You had better make up your minds whether the tails are up or down. We really like that picture, who cares where the tails are located. Take care.

  46. Too funny!! You two are hilarious. Nothin wrong with a little tummy overhang….

  47. jeez, ernie; that’s harsh!

  48. ohhhh a little pooch is cute, Wally, do not worreh! maybe your brofur is jealous he does not has that mancatly tummeh…?A

  49. We think you guys are in sync even with the tail!

  50. There is plenty of time to get this routine purrfect in time for the CatOlympics and as a cat with a hanging tummy there is nothing wrong with a little hangover Wally.

  51. Tails has a mind of dere own we fink!!

  52. Oh you two crack us up! You are just too funny!

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