Easy E Sunday

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Jun 192011

Hey Dad-Guy!  A little to the right, please!!
Ahhhh!!  I love getting Dad head scritches!!

Happy Dad’s Day to our Dad-Guy
and all the Dads out there!!

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  1. Hi Ernie and Happy Father’s Day to your Dad….
    I see your gift to him was to let him scratch your noggin’ MOL
    Hugs madi

  2. Yes indeed, Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere!!!

  3. Dad-Guys know just the right spots! Happy Father’s Day to your Dad-Guy!

  4. And your dad guy loves you so much as well! It’s a beautiful homage!
    I was a little bit confused about the date of Father’s Day because in Brazil it’s celebrate in August. Anyway I can give love to my dad everyday, and I’m celebrating today as well.
    Beautiful post!
    Happy father’s Day to your father!

  5. Nice photo… Yes, Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Oh Ernie, looks like you have the purrfect Dad if he gives you good scratches every now and then and that looks like a good one. We sure hope you are nice to your Dad today and give him some extra treats. Love your face Ernie. Take care.

  7. That was good, wasn’t it Ernie? And did you do any return scratchings to your dad for Father’s Day? 🙂

  8. You have the perfect head scritching satisfied face.

  9. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad-Guy!

  10. That feels so good, eh Ernie??? So be a good son and cuddle your Dad. purrr….meow!

  11. Enjoy celebrating Fathers Day with your Dad today! I’m planning on singing to one of my Dad’s socks in his honor.

  12. Happy Father’s Day to your male human!

  13. Ernie, Happy Daddy Day to your Dad,from us, The Katnip Lounge Kats!
    That ear scritch looks devine!

  14. Happy Father’s Day to your super dad, Ernie!

  15. Happy Father’s Day!

  16. Happy Father’s Day!

  17. Happy Father’s Day to you too!!!

  18. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad-guy! We hope he enjoys his day as much as you are Ernie!

  19. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad! Enjoy those scritches!

  20. Looks like he knows the right spot to skritch!

  21. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad-guy!!!!!
    Even Father Day, He still have to do something for you…Good Job Ernie ..heh..heh
    Whatever day, we cats still are the boss ; )

  22. Happy Father’s Day to your dad.

  23. what would we do without our dad’s?
    Just shudder the thought! My dad gives good pets too

  24. Wonderful head scritchies. We can almost feel them. Hope you guyz and your dad had a great day.

  25. Getting the perfect head scritch is difficult so Happy Father’s Day to the perfect head scritcher.

  26. Dad gives the purrfect head scritches.
    Happy Dad’s Day!!

  27. I think he knows ‘zackly where you likes your scritches!

  28. Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there!

  29. Hi Ernie! We hope yoo and yoor dad had a great day!

  30. nice photo. 🙂 happy father’s day to your dad!

  31. Now that’s one content kitteh!

  32. What a wonderful way to celebrate Daddy’s Day!

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