Jun 172011

So yesterday was the orange-stripey cat’s birthday.
He wanted to thank everybuddy who came by
and wished him happy birthday,
but he’s not feeling up to it right now.
So I gotta do it for him.  Thanks, everybuddy!!

 Y’see…he did a little too much celebrating.
Just look at how hungover he is…he’s pitiful.


Too.  Much.  Nip.

I bet it takes him all weekend to recuperate.
Y’know…I could use a little recuperating, too!!

  53 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Too Much Nip!”

  1. There’s *never* too much nip!, Connor, fellow niphead

  2. Nothing worse than a cat who can’t hold his nip!! Hair of the dog will sort him out !!!

  3. MOL after this celebration you all need a good nap! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you did Wally’s birthday up right. That picture of him tells the tale, for sure. Happy snoozing day to you.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. We’re all recuperating here too! Wally sure looks like he had a lot, though!

  6. It looks as though an ice pack might help Wally recover from his celebrations!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. it’s good to spend the weekend relaxing and a belated happy birthday. FAZ

  8. We bees real quiet cos we knows how it is when you has to be restin off your nip. We’re glad for the Happy Birthday! We hopes you has a good, restful, weekends 🙂

  9. MOL…….yup, looks like Wally “over” celebrated!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the report, gorgeous Zoey. We wish you and your brofurs a happy and relaxed weekend. xxxxxxxx

  10. Looks like all had a great time. Good to have the weekend to relaaaaax!
    If you feel up to it, come and chase lizards and voles with us at Socks’s. The party/picnic is on the whole weekend.

  11. wally will soon learn that the older you get, the more you party, the more you pay the next day…

  12. Hi there Zoey. You are looking good. But that Orange stripey cat sure looks rough today. BUT he did have a good time yesterday. A little too much nip I guess. Take care Wally and get lots of rest. Love that picture of you.

  13. OMC – that picture of the hung over Wally is too funny!! Hey Zoey – this might be your chance to steal the ladder…..

  14. We’ll be quiet and let everyone recuperate. Glad you had a bang-up birthday!

  15. ha ha – yup- orange boy is really hung over! He must have had a good time then.

  16. Must have been quite the party. I hope you all recover soon.

  17. xoxo from mommy and me. Pawhugs too.

  18. Hey, it only happens once a year!!!

  19. It is good to nip out once in a while!

  20. That after birthday nip over is pretty tough sometimes.

  21. Gosh, Wally is so nipped out he can’t even make it up to the top of his ladder to sleep it off! You done good, Miss Zoey – enjoy your nap!

  22. too many b/day parties on blogosphere that we missed because we were sleeping. happy birthday and the photos on the previous post a collage is really nice. hope our mama would do something like that for us.

  23. Wally does look like he enjoyed his birthday a little too much but that’s okay! Hope you have a lovely Friday Zoey! You look mighty comfy!

  24. That must have been some pawty!

  25. LOL Zoey…boys will be boys. No matter how much we try we cannot tell them the key to a good party is MODERATION.
    Hugs Madi

  26. We had a super time at the party and are napping today too!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Wally, I had a sneaking suspicion you would overdo it! You boycats never know when to quit!

  28. Nip is whack! (but we sure like it.)

    Happy Friday, guys … hope that recuperating goes well. 🙂

  29. There is nothing worse than a Nip hangover.

  30. Birthday Nipovers happen. Zoey that was very sisfurly of you to take over for your nipped out “orange-stripey cat” brother to do the thank yous.

  31. Wally, I have been there my friend!!!

  32. Yous very nice to post today for the stripy orange cat! Me would do the same for Kozmo (not)

  33. Nip heads unite! We are all nipped out too.That was some party! Wally, just sleep it off for a few days. Zoey , plot, plot, plot.
    the critters in The Cottage

  34. Ha ha ha! That’s funny, but I think it’s kind of mean of you Zoey to post that hunged-eover picture of poor Wally-cat but that’s why I like you–I like my women feisty 😉

  35. Fabulous photos! Hope everyone recovers soon!

  36. Seems like every year these wild birthday parties are getting harder and harder to bounce back from. MOL!

  37. We missed the birthday pawty! Happy Birthday Wally!!! We like your collage! Zoey! Did you haves too much nip too?

  38. MOL! He is very hung over! Naps will probably be in order this weekend. I know it’s on my agenda! Purrs

  39. Boo hoo we missed it! The only cure for too much nip is some more at our birthday party June 18th!

  40. This post made us giggle…that nip really did a number didn’t it? You all have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  41. Well Wallie, it looks like you did to much celebrating on your special day yesterday. At least you had a great time. Happy Belated Birthday. Doggone guess I missed one heck of a party.


  42. We has days like dat here at Five Oaks. Da younger brofurs are big nippers, but I has to admit I gots some what of a bad addiction like to dat stuff. It cools my teethies, curls my hair, and makes me feels good everwheres. GOOD stuff for sure.

    Good Pix today. I likes dem.

  43. MOL! His hangover is evident just by looking at how limp his tail is hanging down…..

  44. i hope you guys partied safely. 😛 overloading on nip can be dangerous, you know!

  45. Zoey! What did you do to Wally? purrr…meow!

  46. Hi, beautiful Zoey, always so nice to see you, sweetie!…Wally, you might need more nip=something called “hair of the dog” to make you feel better 🙂 hehe…We had a wonderful time at your fun party…Hope you guys have a happy, restful weekend, precious friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  47. *MOL*
    Sorry for laughing , but the picture on Hangover Willy lookes so funny 🙂
    I hope you have recovered by now !!!

  48. Oh no, you’ve got too much hungover! You may be thinking no more nip… I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  49. too much nip gets me effury time, but I nefur seem to learn my lesson!

  50. Happy recuperating!

  51. Oh rats, I missed Wally’s birthday! I still want to say happy belated birthday to Wally. I can tell it was a good one!

  52. Our yard is soooo shady that the nip doesn’t do well there, but Teri grows it at the cat hospital where she works and she is bringing us home ‘buds’….MeWowZa!

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