Easy E Sunday

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Jun 052011

See that nip nanner there??  I want it.  But I’m comfy here in my scratch box and feeling kinda lazy so I don’t wanna get up.  Y’know, I wish I was a magician.  Then I could use magic to make that nip nanner come over here all by itself and I wouldn’t have to move to get it.  Wouldn’t that be great??!?

I hear there’s some peoples coming over to our house today…including some little beans.  Well, I don’t have to be a magician to do one thing…make myself disappear when they get here!! 

I hope you all have a magical Sunday!!

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  1. Your nip naner looks well loved. Mine is still yellow!

  2. Make sure you take your nip nanner with you when you hide from those little beans – you don’t want them getting “nipped out”!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh no, Ernie, not little beans. They are the worst so hurry up and hide your black body and don’t forget to take that nip nanner. We hope you don’t have to disappear for too long. Take care.

  4. Maybe you can get that nip nanner under the bed so you’ll be all ready for company!!!

  5. No, no, NO, NOT little beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re happy you have a good hiding place, Ernie!!!!!!!!!


  6. Maybe, if you sit real still, they won’t notice you.
    (Is that a box?)

  7. Grab that nip nanner and HIDE!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Are your humans that heartless that they will not fetch your nipper for you? Plus subjecting you to the little beans? Time to launch a protest.


  9. Wow – we’ve nevver seen a nip nanner before!

  10. We disappear to when we hear little Beans. Make sur you take your nippy nanner into hiding with you.

  11. Be sure to take your nip nanner with you when you hide from the little Beans! You don’t want their cooties on it!

  12. Our suggestion is that you pick up the nip nanner on the way to disappearing!

  13. Run Ernie, Run!!! Little beans are dangerous. purrr…meow!

  14. Ernie, forget about lazing. Go grab that nip banana and hide. Quick! Good Luck! 🙂

  15. Sometimes if you look longingly at your nip nanner…then look pathetically at your mom…and do that 3 times in a row…the mom will get the magic message and put the nip nanner in bed with you. Trust me, it works!

  16. If you don’t make a move soon, Theo might stop by to steal your banana.

  17. You have a great day too…. Hope that nana walks over to you…

    pawhugs, max

  18. If you concentrate your kitty powers, Ernie, the nip nanner will move towards you…or you can try looking really pathetic and maybe your mom will give it to you 😉 btw, your nanner looks well loved! 😀 Enjoy your easy Sunday in exile!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  19. Good idea Ernie. When the little beans come, bit’s time to hide. They are pretty sneaky tho, so be sure to hide where they can’t find you.

  20. Ernie, make sure you take your nip nanner with you when those wild little beans come over!

  21. Someone really ought to help you get that nip nanner. Then you wouldn’t have to be a magician. Humans are so thoughtless…

  22. Gosh, Ernie, wouldn’t your mom put down that flashy box and get that nanner for you? We hope you are a genius magician when those sticky things get to your house!

  23. Little Beans require a hasty retreat to: UTB!!

  24. Wowsa, Ernie! You sure did muck with that nip nanner! Muck is the key word, here.

    I see it takes a pile of beans to get you to move from your Easy Sunday chair — well, we’ll see you later.

    Or on the LOLSpot — you and Wally are there right now. FURidays LOLs, to be specific.

  25. Eeek, tiny humans! Run!

  26. Ernie I’ve never been around little beans…but I’m pretty sure if they come I’d make myself scarce too. I hear they are loud and have sticky fingers.
    Hugs Madi

  27. Your catnip bananner looks like it is getting a little over-ripe since it is more brown than yellow now!

  28. When the little sticky human kittens come around, run! (But don’t forget your catnip bananner!)

  29. Sticky humans are dangerous, Ernie! One of them PULLED MY TAIL once. I did not enjoy it, let me tell you. Grab your nanner and run!
    xx Salem

  30. And you could use magic to make it grow to 10X it’s size!

  31. When you disappear, don’t forget to take the nip nanner with you!


  32. Well used that nanner ! If I had one it would been like brandnew , cause I don´t like katnip. Yeah I know I´m a bit strange , but I prefere the smell of pistagionuts 🙂

  33. Ernie
    We think you are a magic man cat!


  34. Um, Ernie? I thought nip nanners were yellow. Yours has apparently been, as they say, “well loved” to have changed colors like that.

  35. Ernie we hope you grabbed that nip nanner on the way to disappear. Hugs and nose kisses

  36. Hi Ernie! It’s nice to be lazy on Sunday and that nip nanner looks very tired too.
    I hope you have fun time with little beans 🙂

  37. Ernie you have the stare down for luring the toy your way and if you wait it will come to you by parent magic.
    Sorry that you are being invaided by small humans, but if you wait they should also disappear soon from your home.

  38. OMC ! little beans is coming over ! Ernie, Make sure you are on the highest spot, they can chase you real fast !!! Been prepared, Ernie !

  39. Good luck with the beans. My advice is to dive under the bed!

  40. Oh dem little beans sticky fingers sure do make furs icky. Good luck wif dem coming over.

  41. Ernie, if you look pathetic enough and stare longingly at the nip nanner and then at your mom repeatedly, maybe she’ll get the hint and bring the nip nanner to you.

  42. We never get any little Beans here which is probably a Good Thing. You should get your human to give you your nip nanner so you don’t have to move. That’s what we would do.

  43. Get your human slave onto the job. Double quick time, mom!

  44. If your Humans were **really** doing their job, they’d have sensed your need and come over to bring your Nanner to you. Just sayin’.

  45. We have grand boys here and we are not hiding!

  46. Oh please… if there are children coming to your house — RUN. Run and hide.
    And take your nanner with you!

  47. Wow, Ernie, your nip nanner looks quite well loved. We hope you survived the little beans’ visit.

  48. I hope you ended up having fun day UTB (where you hopefully hid out MOL) That nip nanner looks like it’s really been thru it!

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