May 272011

It’s kinda cool and it’s been rainy so I can’t have the window opened today.  Which means I only get to watch the birdies…and not smell them!!  RATS!!  There’s nothing like whiffing outside smells…’specially those birdie smells!!

I hope you get to whiff some birdie smells this weekend!!

Lately, we’ve been having problems commenting on some Blogger blogs.  We don’t know what the problem is or why it’s only some blogs, but is sure is frustrating!  If we haven’t left you a comment in the past few days, it’s probably because we can’t.  We sure hope the problem is fixed soon.

  48 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Birdie Smells”

  1. Hi Zoey, sorry you can’t get any fresh air whiffs but maybe it will stop raining soon. Tell Mom that our Mom got into Blogger by using Internet Explorer. Hope all of you have a super day.

  2. It’s been much the same here – too cold or to rainy to habe windows oipen. It’s no fun! We have also had a problem leaving comments. Hope this one work. MOL.

  3. It has either been hot here or rainy, but it is supposed to be nice today so mom left the windows open. We hope you get some window time soon!!!

  4. We ♥ smellin’ those birdies. Momma has a few birdie teevees set up fur us around da house so’s dere’s no waitin’. Mr. Forrest drools when he watches da birdies an’ no one wants ta sit wif him☺

  5. yeah our windows have been closed way too much too. birdie smells will just have to wait a little longer i guess.

  6. Well, the weather is not so good here today as well.But you can see your birds, you have a fantastic window there!
    Hope you are enjoying your day!
    purrs and lots of love to you all my sweet Island Cats friends!

  7. It is mostly dry here today but yesterday was like yours is today Zoey – wet and windy. We hope you get some more window whiffs soon.
    We don’t know who you blog with but mum has our blog on blogger and had many problems leaving comments beacuse she had to keep entering our email address and blog password over and over again and then would cancel her comment and leave the sight but yesterday was just impossible and she said a lot of naughty words and steam was coming out her ears. In desperation she changed our password with google and after a couple of slight hitches it seems as if it has cured it. Fingers and paws crossed. We hadn’t realised but Simba was complaining they hadn’t got many comments and we hadn’t either but that improved too after the new password. Admiral’s mum has also been having the same problems. We only hope you can understand mum’s ramblings here!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Have fun watching the birdies…maybe soon you will be able to smell them. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. WE are sorry you do not get to smell teh birdies!

  10. Yep, window whiffin is the best Zoey, but it’s been way too hot here to have the windows open. Oh those blogger boogers have been causing everyone commenting problems. We’ve been reading, but haven’t been able to comment either. Y’all have fun this weekend!

  11. You are so gorgeous, Zoey….and we can understand not being able to get window whiffies, but for us it’s cuz it’s much too hot here and the a/c is running all the time so we can’t have windows open…..and we don’t feel like going out on the balcony except in the early mornings.

    Love to y’all.

  12. Window whiffing is the BEST! We hope your weather gets better, so that you guys can enjoy the weekend in all its wonderful-ness. We haven’t been having any problems commenting (knock on wood).

  13. I am hoping for birdy smells and squirrels smells along with bacon smells.

  14. We don’t have the windows open either. We’ve had moments where blogger doesn’t work for us and then we come back later. I am not sure what is up with that?

  15. Well…at least you have a nice perch to watch the Bird TV, right?? Hopefully they will do interesting things to make up for it not being smell-a-vision.

  16. We’ve had the same intermittent problem wiv blogger. We can comment on some blogs and not on others! It’s driving us nuts!

  17. Zoey,

    You are stunning, sitting there like that watching the birdies. Too bad, though, that you can’t have the window open.

    We know what you mean about not being able to comment on some of the Blogger blogs; we’ve run into that problem, too.

  18. When the window opens with the birdie smells it is the best time of year. I like to get a conversation going with the birds with tweeting at them to get closer.
    Blogger seems to have bugs and if it was possible I will go on a bug hunt to get rid of the problem.

  19. Hi Zoey…you are looking fine on this Friday.
    Mom has been having issues with the beasty blogger too. It was suggested that she clean up her cookies and cache…which she did. Things seem to be faster now and she has been able to comment on the few blogs she could not comment on eariler.
    Hugs Madi

  20. It’s rainy and cool here too Zoey so we don’t get to smell the birdies either. We hope we can all have open windows soon!

  21. Yes, we’ve had trouble commenting as well so I feel like when I finally get to leave a comment, i have struck gold…don’t want to jinx it by saying anything too soon!
    Have a blessed weekend…

  22. Oh yes, me has tons and tons of rain here too!. Blogger is a brat (worse than Kozmo). Me has my blog on Blogger and on WordPress. On some blogger blogs, me has to log in with WordPress or me can’t comment. And some times me even has to log in using name/url.
    Me hopes they fixes it soon!

  23. Scratch and Sniff birdie TV?! What a lucky kitty you are. Hopefully you can watch that yummy-smelling channel again soon.

  24. We’re going to ask Mummy to open our window tomorrow so that we can have a good whiff of birdie and squirral smells.

    I hope you can get your problem fixed soon.

    Nishiko xxx

  25. Zoey, our whiffing season is about over…the HOTS are on their way now!

  26. We hope your BIRD TV channel offers smellevision soon so you can enjoy the window whiffies with your programs.

  27. My tropical climate-loving human thinks it’s STILL a little too chilly here in southern California to keep the windows open here except for midday. Any other human would be thrilled with this nice weather. Feh.

  28. We can see the hint of a smile on your face, Zoey 🙂 We hope the weekend brings you some whiffing opportunities!

    We’re having problems commenting on booger…er..Blogger, too, and even had some problems doing our posts 🙁

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  29. watching birdies is better then no birdies.

  30. I love birdie smells! Window whiffies are the best. I hope it isn’t too hot to haf them this weekend. Blogger is acting just terrible! I hope they fix it soon!

  31. Yeah, blogger is being a real booger this week. If we can’t comment normally, we comment with our URL. Birdie smells are pawsome!

  32. Hope your Blogger problems are gone. From what I am reading if you use IE everyone with IE is experiencing problems. I use Google Chrome and I have not been having the problems you have mentioned. Others mentioned that they use Google Chrome as well and they are fine. Hope all is resolved for you soon!!

  33. Darn Blogger!

    Thanks for being our friend.

  34. Would love to whiff but those birdies are too quick and high for me. I have been naughty and am been kept indoors 🙁

  35. We hope the winders get opened fer you this weekend!

  36. Blogger has been weird! It disappeared my followers, and then it wouldn’t let me log in, and sometimes I can’t get to some blogs at all.

    Maybe we need to put the bitey on somebody?

    I say to the Human, “Hey! You’re paying good money for th– Oh, wait–what? Never mind.”

  37. We have hot weather and many more squirrels jumping in the trees than birds. I think they feel safe above our yard because we cannot get to them. Staff is really happy about that.
    I have trouble commenting last week, too. Another lesson in how not to take internet foibles personally. But, it is annoying. Hope this goes through!

  38. it’ll be summer there soon, right? then i bet the windows will be open lots! hang in there!

  39. No fresh air seats? Yup we gots our closed acuz they put the cold air blower on. We has yet to come across blogs we can’t comment on – yet. Paws crossed its all fixed!

  40. Thanks so much for your blogoversary wishes! You have been and are one of our oldest friends! We love coming here, even if we don’t always comment.

  41. It’s been raining everyday here. Not many birdies come out to play in the rain. It’s OK, I end up playing sniff butts with Brad. I do agree about Blogger being weird. We use Firefox, not too bad. purrr…meow!

  42. We’ve been having lots of rain too so we couldn’t enjoy the outside air with all the windows closed. Now it’s sunny outside and all the windows are open but it’s too hot. We can’t win!

  43. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  44. Hope the weather warms so you can sniff the fresh air soon!

    We’ve been without a secretary mid-week and when we can get mom to assist, Blogger won’t let us comment. HISSSSSSS!

    We actually got sunbeams today. I almost didn’t know what it was!

    xoxo Cory

  45. Hi Zoey! We love smelling birdie smells too from our window. The funniest thing about being in Malaysia is that sometimes we get monkey channel on our bird tv!!!
    Purrrrs, KQ

  46. We love it when the windows are open! We wish the birdies would come to our house more often.

    Blogger has been a pain here too!!

  47. Lots of people have been saying bad things about blogger lately, but I haven’t been having any problems. I hope the bird TV was worth watching!

  48. We’ve had more than our share of rain here, too. Hope you get to see enough birdies without their smells, and maybe throw in a squirrel or two!


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