May 242011

Hi everybuddy!  Wally here!  Yesterday we had some bad storms that knocked out our power all night!  And y’know what that means!!  No power…no computer…no innernets…no blogging!!  RATS!!  Fortunately, the power was back on this morning.

Last night after the storm, we looked outside to see if there was any damage (even though having no innernets is damage enough!)

See any damage, Ernie??

Nope…everything looks okay, Wally.
But do you see what I see up there???

A beautiful rainbow!!

Y’know…they say every storm has a silver lining!!

Think there’s a pot of nip at the end of that rainbow, Wally??

 I dunno, Ernie…but I sure would like to get out there and find out!!

  35 Responses to “Two on Tuesday – No Power!”

  1. We are so pleased to see you. Have you dug up that pot of gold yet?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We’re glad you’re safe and that your power’s back up! What a gorgeous rainbow! We hope you do find your pot of nip! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful rainbow! We’re glad you got your power back and you’re all okay!

  4. Oh, noes! No power? That happened where my human sister lives too. Bad storms.

    Love your rainbow. We hope it is a sign that all the bad weathers will now go away for everybody, especially those in Joplin.

  5. Beautiful rainbow boys! It’s been raining everyday here…especially at night. And Angelina is still out there somewhere. meowww….Nikki

    p.s. I get to blog until Angelina’s return.

  6. We are happy your innernets back up…….we miss y’all when you’re not here.

    Great snaps!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I’m glad the storms didn’t do any damage except to the innernets! Yep, let’s all go on a NipHunt!!!

  8. Wally we agree two high fives for the rainbow!! We are glad you all are safe w/ no damage.
    Hugs Madi

  9. We are glad you are safe and hope you find some nip at the end of your rainbow (if you can get your mom to let you out of the house).

  10. We are glad you have power and there was no damage–but did you get to follow that rainbow to the end and find that pot of nip?

  11. Sure glad there wasn’t any damage there. What a gorgeous rainbow. Glad you got the electric back so we got to see you today Ernie and Wally. We needed an Ernie and Wally fix. Hope all of you have a super day.

  12. Glad to hear there was no damage to your house in that storm last night! Is there a pot of gold at each end?

  13. We’re glad you didn’t have any damage except for losing your innernets. We hope you get out and find that pot of nip Wally!

  14. Oh yes! Go see if there is a pot o’ nip! That would be totally ixciting!!!!

    Luf, Us

  15. We gladz you haz your internet, and no damage ,, thinz haz been really BAD dis Spring,,,,, soooo Bad.
    Glad you ok and dat you efen gotz a rainbow wif Nip ^..^,,,
    mom had to put owrz in da greenhouse so it don’t Rot!! too much Rain!!
    Have a GRRRREAT Day ~ Purrrz ~

  16. That’s a beautiful rainbow! We gots some bad storms last night too. The crashabooms really scared us but the Mommy helped keep us safe. Glad to hear that you’re OK.

  17. We are so glad you are safe and you saw a pretty rainbow. We had storms too and there was not much sleeping going on. Glad you have power now and you can blog. Hugs and nose kisses

  18. Yous gots a rainbow! Does that mean the rain stopped there? Me wishes we had a rainbow here, that would mean its stopped raining!

  19. Being without the internets is hard I am glad you found a way to keep entertained. This rainbow seems to show all of the colors good job in getting this picture.
    I am a poly cat, but noting like you Ernie you have massive poly paws.

  20. We’re glad you guys are all ok. Great rainbow pic-sher! Wally, good luck finding that pot-o’ nip 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie,and Hollie

  21. We sure are glad to know that youngotbyour innernets back and thatbthere was no damage from the storms!


  22. We are having storms tonight, but still have power!

  23. I’m glad you got your power back! And that rainbow is so pretty.

  24. Ooh, I hope you found your pot of nip!

  25. What a ‘citin adventure lookin fer nip at the end of dat rainbow! If ya need help we certainly can lend a nose!

  26. Wally!!! That Beautiful Belleh!!! My Human is in a puddle on the floor now.

  27. Hey guys! My human flew over your house (in a jet, not by herself) at a little after 8 PM your time this evening – did you see her wave?

  28. You’re back, we’re back, and there’s a rainbow too. Fantastic! Hope the storm didn’t mess you up too much. it sounds scary.

  29. Fank goodness the innernets are back up ~ overwise we wouldn’t know they’d gone down! MOL!

  30. sucks about the storm and the lack of power, but wow! what a beautiful rainbow. :))

  31. We’re glad that your innernets are back and you got to see a rainbow, but did you have to send the rain over here?!

  32. We lost our power last night, too. Dad uses it for his breathing machine. They were dashing around in the dark looking for a flashlight.

  33. Wow. Glad everything’s ok and there’s no damage. Those are great pictures of you two and the rainbow! I think you might need to borrow the car because the end of the rainbow is always further away than it looks! Let me know how it goes…

  34. That was a pretty rainbow…but it does not make up for no internet!

  35. Aargh! Will those storms ever end? We’re in Missouri so we’re getting more than our share. Remember a few months ago when all we could see was snow and ice? Remember how that felt? Neither do I.

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