May 232011

Well, Wally…wouldn’t you agree there’s lots more room
up here on top of the big cold box than our ladder?

 Yeah, Ernie…we both can be up here without being squished…
and we can see out the side door and keep any eye on
everything going on in the neighborhood!!

For those of you who think we’re pretty lucky ‘cuz we get to hang out on top of the big cold box, this is the cold box in our laundry room.  Yeah, we’ve got two cold boxes.  We’re NOT allowed on top of the cold box in the kitchen…even though we try to get up there!!  Hey, we’re cats…we need to get into places we’re not supposed to!!  But it’s okay for us to be on top here.

Yeah, from here, we can get up on top of those cabinets there.  It’s a great place to nap…our mom even put some cushions up there for us!!  Now, what do we gotta do to get a comfy cushion on top of this cold box??!?

We wanna wish our special friend, ML, a very Happy Birthday!
Thanks for everything you do to make
the Cat Blogosphere such a fun place!!

  42 Responses to “Top of the Cold Box”

  1. Don’t you just love it up there. It’s one of my favorite spots in the house too.

  2. We have only one cold box and it’s got so much stuff on it we couldn’t sit up there even if we tried. Which we do, when the mom’s not around–but we won’t tell her that!

    You certainly do have a great vantage point from there!

    And we’re wishing ML a very happy birthday today too!

  3. We only have one cold box and for some reason, I have ignored it. I may have to check it out now that I see how much you like yours. ML..have a happy birthday. xoxoxo

  4. That is like having an extra kitchen in your laundry room! Maybe you can get your MOm to put food bolws up on the cold box for you.

  5. That is cool that you have TWO cold boxes! We can’t get on top of ours (not for lack of trying, though)!

  6. diego-san is the only one in our house who likes to sit on top the cold box. he has to jump up on the stove to get there though so i’m never to happy when I see him up there…

  7. We never sit on top of our cold box – it’s in the garage and our PTU’s are on the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Too much stuff on top of our box too – and mom says she really doesn’t want us up there. But that is a very COOL place to hang out…..mol

  9. We’re jealous. Our fridge has about a zillion cereal boxes on top. Yours has plenty of room.

  10. You’re lucky that you have one to get up on! We only have one and it’s so full of junk that it’s not even comfy!

  11. There’s no room on top of our cold box in the kitchen so we can’t even get up there. I think the humans did that on purpose to keep us off of it.

  12. We can’t get on our cold box – not enough room. Enjoy yours for us!

  13. That sure looks like a great spot for looking too! Happy Birthday ML!!!

  14. That looks like a super place to watch everything. The top of our cold box is full of stuff so we can’t sit up there. You two look so handsome sitting up there and cushions on top of the cabinet. Can’t get any better than that. Take care.

  15. We joined in, in wishing ML a very happy birthday on our blog!

    What a great place to watch the world go by!

  16. Still, getting up on top of a cold box must be really grand no matter where it is.

  17. Wow, you guys have TWO cold boxes? And you get to go on top of one? LUCKY! We only have one, and we’re not allowed up there. Sure looks like a great spot you’ve got. 🙂

  18. Do you guys have two cold boxes to hold all your ham?

  19. Toy is the only one of us who pushes the envelope and jumps from the floor all the way up on top of tin man (ss fridge). Well we know Mr Tin Man is holding our snack of cooked ground turkey and Toy just tries to get him to give it up when Mom’s not looking…….do you have snacks in your Mr. Metal Pants?=^Y^=

  20. Now that’s what I call a room with a view. FAZ

  21. Before Mom and Dad had our old kitchen demolished I could get on our cold box too. But not now. It is recessed into its own cubby ……rats that was lots of fun too.
    Hugs madi

  22. It looks to me like you have the perfect spot to keep watch, snooze and everything.. Hugs GJ x

  23. We were just wondering why you don’t have a nice folded towel (or three or five) up there! Lucky. We are Not Allowed on our frigermatator.

  24. Lots of room for 3 really up there! Zoe!!!!!

  25. It is good that you found a more comfortable place to rest without gettingin eachother’s space. You even have a view of the outside from the window next to the cold box.

  26. Looks comfortable up there!

  27. We have not tried to get on teh cold box here. It looks very roomy!

  28. I don’t get why you are not allowed on BOTH boxes! Feh.

  29. You guys are too cute on the look out like that! What a couple of studs.

  30. That looks like a great place to hang out! It’s nice to see you sharing a spot.

  31. Um…both of you sitting on top of the cold box means no one is guarding the ladder…Zoey may may be staking her claim to the ladder this very minute!

  32. I know why they are really up there. It was so friggin hot in Michigan, too early in the year for that!

  33. I think your mom should go buy the nicest, softest blankie she can find and then buy it for you and then fold it JUST SO so it fits perfectly on the top of the cold box there and that’s what I think.

  34. So…is there any cheese in that cold box?

  35. Wow! Me did not know that you could get on top of the cold box! Me will have to try…

  36. That looks like such a great place to keep an eye on things! When I was a kid, my grandparents’ cat would sit on top of the fridge in their kitchen and glare at everyone who went by. If people tried to get things out of the freezer, she’d swipe at their heads!

  37. Ya are lucky! Our cold box top is all cluttered with stuff. It sure looks like a great watchin spot ya have there…

  38. I have never tried to get up on the fridge. Is the view worth it?

  39. You should just go ahead and get on top of whatever cold box suits you. You are cats, after all, and not to be denied.


  40. You boys, always find cool places to play there! You are fabulous climbers!

  41. What a great place to snoopervise from!

  42. Fae loves being on top of the cold box in our kitchen. up there she can snoopervise my cooking and everything! she goes onto of the cabinets too.

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