May 202011

I’m one big pile of floof!!
With all this floof, can you even tell which end is which???

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  1. of course i can! while all ends are pretty, none are as pretty as your less floofy face. 😉

    bet you could trick a dog lying like that, though!

  2. Flooftastic!

  3. We see a nose….mom wants to snorgle you. We only have only floofy cat here and he doesn’t like to snuggle with mom….

  4. Alert! Major floof explosion! Too cute!

  5. Wow, such incredible floof! The mom definitely wants to bury her face in all that glorious fur–she misses having a floofy cat!

  6. Floofalicious!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Wow Zoey, that is a lot of floof. And just where is your head part?? Oh we found it. Great picture and here is hoping all of you have a super week end.

  8. All we know is that is a gorgeous pile of floof!

  9. Zoey, ma chérie
    Tu es très jolie!
    J’aime bien cette photo!
    Enjoy your weekend my sweet friend Zoey, you and all Island cats!
    Love you all

  10. Zoey you look furry floofilicious – we can see a small amount of your pretty face so we know that’s the end for mum to kiss!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. It is hard, but I think I see the head. You sure are a gorgeous floofpile!

  12. That is so adorable sweet Zoey! Y’all have a great weekend!!!

  13. Whoa, that is some serious floof action! I am impressed!

  14. Yous is a sweet pile of floof!
    Happy Weekend!

  15. My gosh, come and see! You look like ME! (oh..I’m a poet!)

  16. Only because we are used to have to wonder with Gemini–so we guessed!!!

  17. That is a lot of floof, but we see you smiling!
    Happy Friday!
    ~ The Bunch

  18. Zoey
    You are beautiful at both ends so it doesn’t matter which end is which.
    Hugs Madi

  19. Zoey, of course we can…your head is the end with the sweet kitty lips!

  20. I love your floofy self! In that pose, it does sort of look like a double-headed cat though!

    If you get a chance, please come read the guest post by my naughty kitty Rocky.

  21. You have beautiful Floofy fur Zoey…. Love the picture.

    Pawhugs, Max

  22. You are one impressive pile of fur, Zoey!

  23. Hi Zoey! Wow you do have a lot of floof – but we can tell which end is your head because we can see your cute little nose!

  24. You are very floofy but we can see your sweet little nose!

  25. Ah hah, we see yoor cute little nose! If our mom comes by she will want to rub her face in yoor tummy, let her, dat way she might stop trying to do it to us.

  26. Wow.We think you would have won the OK Cats Tummy Floof contest with that shot.That is some sweet tummy fluff 🙂
    the critters in The Cottage
    P.S. We can see your sweet face in all the floof!

  27. WE can see your pretty face on one end!

  28. Zoey, You have so much fluff, My mom wanna do smoochy kiss to your tummy : )

  29. I couldn’t for a second…then I saw your head at the top!! That is some great floof!

  30. That is some fantastic floof! I can see your pretty little head at one end!

  31. I see the white of your “chinny-chin chin” so your head has to be in near the edge of the bed. Do you want your chin scratched Zoey.

  32. If I didn’t know the sight of the under-side of a chin (due to rubbing them on demand so often), I wouldn’t have guessed which end was which!

    And thank you for the welcome to the blogosphere. I’ve liked tuning in to see what that Wally has been doing for some time now.

  33. I figured it out..but it took me a minute!!

  34. Well, we see TEEF at one end, so we’re pretty sure we know which is which!

  35. The top is the front, right? It’s hard to tell under all that floof 🙂

  36. Mommy just wants to rub that belly! 🙂

  37. Um, we think we spy a nosie up near the top…

  38. Meow! Long time long see! How are you cats doing?


  39. Oh, oh you are sooooo fluffy!! I can tell which end is which, but it sure is difficult.

  40. Mom Squeals AND DIVES FOR BELLY!!

  41. Hello gorgeous floofy girl!

    Thanks so much for entering our giveaway! Best of luck!

  42. That is a whole lot of floofiness!

  43. A very nice pile of floof I might add:)

  44. Looking very floofy there!

  45. Yoo are one big bundle of gorjuss floof!

  46. I can still tell one end from the other – but only just – due to presence of a mouth at far end.

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