May 182011

Hey, everybuddy!  Here’s an update on our drinking fountain!  It’s been a few months since we got this thing and y’know what?  We actually like it!!  Even that she-devil, Zoey, likes to take an occasional sip.  Ernie sticks his big feets in it!  I hope it’s after I’ve had a drink and not before!!

But out of the 3 of us, I like it most of all.  Sometimes I’ll take a drink from where the water comes bubblin’ out on top.  Once the water went up my nose…that wasn’t funny!!

Our mom still  keeps a water bowl upstairs, though, which is a good thing.  When we wake up from napping and our throats are parched, we don’t haft go all the waaaaay downstairs to get some refreshment.  Us Island Cats have got it good!

Okay, you hafta excuse me now.  I’m feeling a little thirsty.

Ah!!  So refreshing!!!

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  1. What a lucky mancat you are to have a drinking fountain! It’s the ultimate in being spoiled. We keep trying to get our mom to get us one but she’s afraid we’ll just make a mess. You never know until you try, right?

  2. After seeing your post about it, we ordered one too! Unfortunately it’s not available in Canada yet, but that doesn’t stop our Mom when she’s shopping, so we’ll have the same one as you soon. She has been wanting to get us off the plastic fountain for awhile.

    I guess that makes us ‘copy-cats’!

  3. It’s wonderful to be spoiled!

  4. We’re delighted your mom leaves you a drink upstairs too – if you want a drink mid nap it’s not right to expect you to go down all those hundreds of steps to use the fountain. That new black water fountain looks great although we don’t think mum will rush out to get us one cos the last one she got us we ignored!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Gotta watch those bubbles…..still don’t think we are going to get one of those any time soon.

  6. ernie sticks his feet in? tee hee.

  7. Fountains are cool. We love our ceramic fountain…especially Figaro.

    Do you ever get bubbles up your nose Wally?

  8. My mommy bought me one when I was extra sick but I wanted nothing to do with it. The small little hum just freaked me out. I gave it away and mom said she wishes she had bought one years ago so I would be used to it.

    Yours looks extra nice and with you there, if you’d let me, I might like to try a sip. I know you’d protect me from my fountain fears. MOL.

  9. hehehe, we had to laugh at the part where Ernie sticks his feet in the water…..before Shelly drinks, she always sticks her paw in the water….and sometimes she just licks the water off her paw without drinking from the bowl, but sometimes she drinks from the bowl also…..and yes, she is right-pawed!!!!!

    We send our love to all of you.

  10. Wally, Now that is some mighty fancy water thing you’ve got there. Jonny doesn’t stick his feet in the water dish but he does put one on the food plate when he eats!

  11. It’s great you all will use your fountain! Though we did laugh re: Ernie sticking his feet in it. 😛

  12. Wally I love mine too!! Sometimes mom finds me with my chin resting on the edge of it as I watch the water flow down the slidey thing.

    Mom cracked up at you calling Zoey the she-devil….sounds like she is a Diva too, Hugs Madi

  13. Wally we are so glad you guys are still enjoying the fountain. My boys have one too but a different kind and they all like to play in it 🙂

  14. We love our fountain too, and Tanner enjoys putting his face under the fountain part of it! I don’t think anyone puts their feet in it…silly Ernie!

  15. Ummm, that looks fun; I wonder if our dog would use it!

  16. You know, I bet that Ichiro would put his big toes in there too and kick all the water out…

  17. We have that same fountain and we all love it too! Oh, Sister Precious hasn’t seen it yet!

  18. Our Woody stands in t e water bowl and plays – he would make a real mess with a fountain!

    Thanks so much for all your concern for Chica. She continues to improve.

  19. I’ll bet your water tastes extra-refreshing from your fancy fountain!

  20. Must be something to do with Black cats. Our Black sticks his feet in our water bowl and then goes over and puts his foots on Mom’s legs. He is just so smart. We don’t have a fountain but that looks like a great one. Sure glad that Mom has a bowl upstairs for you so you don’t have to go allllll the way down to get a drink. Sure glad you don’t have to do that. Hope all of you have a great day.

  21. THat is a cool fountain! We love ours even if Kirby plays in the stream!

  22. that’s pretty cool – except if we had one Billy would be putting his paws in it all the time.

  23. We have a fountain, but we are on-again-off-again about it! Fortunately, there is also a reglar bowl next ta it.

  24. Awesome fountain! bubblin’ out on top must tickle your tongue : )

  25. Nice looking water dish! Wes has a fountain and mommy hates all the gunk that grows, but the Hairy slobbery sisters likes it cuz its BIG!
    Me is going to go whine for one like your now….

  26. Wow that is great that you all like the fountain. Your fountain looks so nice and fancy too – we have one but it is just a plain boring kind. Kirzon likes to stick his feet in our fountain – we just don’t get it!

  27. That’s an awesome fountain. If we got one of those, Moosey would just play in the water and make a mess all day long! 🙂

  28. We need a bowl like that! Hopefully far away from the dog.

  29. I’m so happy you enjoy the water fountain! I imagine it seemed quite strange when you started using it. Mom really has things set up great for you guys!!!

  30. I love the photo with the purple/red hat – are you part of the Red Hat Ladies?

  31. Cool fountain! We just got a new one like yours that bubbles on top but mama hasn’t set it up yet. Mama!

  32. Our fountain got broked and we’re looking at new ones. We need a super duper jumbo one ’cause of the woofies.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  33. That is a cool fountain and great that everyone loves it. I would like a fountain like that, but cannot have it because of something called hard water that my Mom says causes problems with these types of machines. I do not like this hard water it deprives me of fountains.

  34. Your water fountain is very fancy and much prettier than the plastic ones. It’s good that your mom left a water bowl upstairs in case the water in this one starts tasting like Ernie’s feets.

  35. That’s a nice fountain. We stopped using ours, so Mom put it in storage. We cats have our reasons for making changes. We don’t reveal them, but we do have reasons.

  36. Wow! I love this water fountain!! I think this will be our next purchase! Nice to meet you and your lovely cats!!

    Erin at The Wangry Cat- Leo and Duchess

  37. Wally
    That looks like a very good thing!

  38. My Human thinks about getting me a bubbling water bowl but then she thinks I would be afraid of it because I am afraid of just about everything and I think she might be right and it’s so embarrassing to be such a coward and I really don’t know why I am.

  39. I have a different style, but for some reason, my cats will only drink out of the top where the water comes out too..tell Ernie to keep his lil mitts out of the fountain..MOL

  40. I think that would be interesting to see you gets your nose wet in the bubbling water! Mom says I would be scared to try that!

  41. Aren’t fountains great? That’s good of your mom to provide you with water at various points in the house though; she *is* your servant, after all!

  42. I still think I should get one of those.

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