Easy E Sunday

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May 152011

Oh hi!  I’m just checking out our Cat Blogosphere calendar.  I love this calendar ‘cuz I can see our furiends every day.  Look at who I can see this month!  There’s Bennette and Sister Dolly and those cuties, Hannah and Lucy, and Samantha and Herman and Sukki and Ichiro and Neytiri and even that nice woofie, Grete, just to name a few!!

Only problem is…they’re all upside down!!  Hey!!  I think somebuddy goofed when they made this!!

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  1. Good morning, Ernie! Snookums likes where you are hangin’ out this morning, that is one of hers favorite places to sleep. We sees you are lookin’ at all our friends though and not napping. Sorry they are all upside down, jump down on the floor and look up and you can sees them better. Have a restful Sunday. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Great calendar and you look super hanging on it… Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Oh Ernie, you are so right. That darn thing is upside down. You need Mom to put that super ladder there so you can see all your friends right side up. We enjoy our calendar too. But we get to look at ours right side up. MOL Hope all of you have a super Sunday.

  4. Wow….look at that paw. It’s fun on top of the fridge, isn’t it? What a delightful calendar.

  5. hehehehe, cute post, Ernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Sunday and love to all at your house.

  6. Well you sure look like you’re having fun just hanging around! Y’all have a great Sunday!

  7. Great way to sneak a peek at the calendar, Ernie, but you are right, to you it looks upside down. I must make MOm get one of those calendars next year. They look great.

  8. Do we look prettier upside down Ernie??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. What a beautiful calendar!
    it’s so nice to have lovely friends around blogworld!

  10. I asked Mommy to get that for us and she didn’t remember till a month ago. She dsaid she’ll wait till next years calender comes out.

    You are looking especially handsome today, Ernie.

  11. Turn it over crazy cat.


  12. We loves that calendar. We sits on Mommy’s bed and admire ours, but ours is hanging right side up. Maybe you are in the wrong spot to look at it as we thinks it needs to be above you and not below you to see it righ side up.

  13. OMC Ernie! You are so right about the calendar being upside down! We love ours too!

  14. MOL you are so cute. I love looking at the calender too and seeing all our friends.. HUgs GJ xx

  15. Hahaha! You are funny, Ernie. Love your big paw!

  16. Hi, Ernie,

    It’s hard to see things when they’re upside down. It’s even harder if they’re not there at all, hehehe! We forgot to get ours. Julie slipped up again!


  17. That’s ok Ernie, I look at Bennette and Grete upside down all the time…well sometimes when I’m on my back and stuff…

    Enjoy your Sunday my handsome furriend.

    xoxo Cory

  18. Hey Ernie! You’re in one of our favorite spots, on top the fridge!

  19. We love our CB calendar! It’s fun to see all of our pals!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  20. Ernie, that is an awesome “take it easy” spot! We hope you all have a great Sunday. 🙂

  21. Sorry your calendar is defective.

  22. They didn’t goof – your human is hanging it the wrong way!

  23. First thank you for visiting my blog I am enjoying this new experience. Ernie it is good that you have such a good grip on the refrigator, so you don’t fall when looking at your friends.

  24. Hi Ernie…you are looking very comfy up on the fridge. I used to like it up there too until the peeps remodeled the kitchen….now my fridge fits into its own space I can’t get on top of it any more.
    Hugs madi

  25. Ernieeee…I love this picture. Maybe you can teach me how to get up there. It will be our secret. It’s nice that you get to see all your friends every morning.


  26. Ernie, That’s cool ! Stay there, Not just calendar..But you might get extra yummy food as well.
    Have a lovely day, Buddy

  27. Ernie, you are lucky you get to lay on top of the frigermatator. We are Not Allowed for some insane reason…knocking stuff off the pot shelf blah blah blah.

    Use that big old paw and pull the calendar up to you! It’ll be the right way, then.

  28. Yes, your calendar is definitely upside down!

  29. Oh Ernie
    You are such a joy!
    We love you!


  30. That’s too bad that they made your calendar upside down Ernie. It’s good you got up on the fridge so you could find out the mistake! Enjoy your Sunday!

  31. That is a very cool calendar! Maybe if you turned your head upside down the pictures would look better to you?? =^..^=

  32. That’s a great place to hang out, you can see lots of stuff from up there! But it’s too bad your calendar is upside down, you need to get your parents to flip it over!

  33. Nice woofie = Oxymoron

    Ernie, You should know better!

  34. Its jus hunged upside down. Ya should put it on the floor so ya can walk around it til its the right way!

  35. Ernie,
    Yous Makes me laugh and Yous Rocks!

  36. It’s O.K. Ernie, you are the one that’s upside down. Sure is a colorful calendar. Mom was suppose to get one too, but she procrastinated to much.


  37. Hmmm! Maybe it is suppose to be upsidedown! I think that is a cool calendar!

  38. We love looking at the pics on the calendar too. Mom has it on the kitchen wall.

  39. OK Ernie, here’s what you have to do. Twist your neck around ’til your head is upside down. Then all our friends pictures will look fine!

  40. you silly kitty! YOU’RE upside down!! MOL!

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