May 112011

The weather’s getting nicer and I get some window whiffie time!
Just smell that fresh air!  It smells dee-lish!!

I’m happy to see the bird bath and the bird feeder are still there!
And there’s one more thing I’m happy to see…

Our nip plant is coming back!
Oh yeah!!  Fresh nip, baby!!  That’s what I’m talking about!!

  47 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. Can we place an order?

  2. Wowser, look at that catnip. We will be right there. Mom planted some for us and it is actually coming up. We just hope she doesn’t kill it or that anyone sits their behind in it. Looks like the bird TV will be back soon. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  3. Yes. I’d like to order 1kg of catnip purrrlease. purrr…meow!

  4. You have super-fast growing catnip! We think we should come help you guys with that!

  5. I have a fresh nip plant too! You can’t beat the real stuff, can you? It’s MUCH better fresh.

  6. Ahhh – noithing like wiffin fresh air. We finally get to have a wondow open too for a bit anyway.

  7. Wow… are you lucky? You have your own nip plant. Who could want anything more than that.

    pawhu8gs, Max

  8. Your nip looks so delicious Wally we are getting quite jealous.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Wow, Wally. With all that nip, “The Boys” will be over soon. What a great time they’d all have.

    Love your collar. It’s so colorful!

  10. Yippee!! Wally we are so happy for you. Looks like things are lookin’ up around your place with windows open, sunshine and all that fresh nip…oh, my!!! Enjoy your day. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. A little whiff n’ nip is a great thing!!!

  12. We are going to try to get mom to plant us some nip this year too!! The sun is shiny here and we just have to get mom to get the new screen so she can open the other front window – one is just not enough. Enjoy!!!

  13. *sighs* ….our window whiffie times are well behind us……and it is so warm here we don’t even ask to go out on the balcony very often. We all lay at the balcony door and watch birdie tv though!!!!!!!!

    We have a small pot of nip that mama needs to get planted in a bigger container. We are all three loving it….especially Sammy, who usually doesn’t pay any attention to nip!!!!!!!! We hope to have pictures up next week!!!!

    Love to all you darlings.

  14. You love the fresh air? We love your fat bum! Hehehe!

  15. Wow, your nip plant is HUGE compared to ours!!

  16. Wow, that looks like quite the robust catnip plant!!! You are all very lucky 🙂

  17. Wow Wally you are lucky that you get to do window wiffin! We had cold then it got really hot so we haven’t gotten to do very much of that. And fresh nip – that is so awesome! We bet it will get big and you will have a lot of nip to enjoy!

  18. The lawn is awfully green for it just now being nice weather for you all! We’re glad you got window whiffies!

  19. Hey Wallie…glad you are getting Window Whiffies today. Your yard is very purrty to look at.

  20. Oh man–look how nice it looks there. I am SO jealous!

  21. Wally we are so happy you are finally getting some window whiffies! Your catnip looks amazing too…are you having a nip fest this weekend?

  22. Wow! Yous gots lots of things to look at and WOW Look at that Nip!!!!

  23. Take it easy on the fresh nip! You have to build up to it after a winter’s absence!! 🙂
    the critters in The Cottage

  24. it went to shivering winter weather to sweltering summer weather in one day here in minnesota.

  25. Well, your windows are now open, and ours are closed with the a/c on already! Doesn’t that figure? Enjoy your open windows!!!

    Luf, Us

  26. Yea for catnip and open windows!

  27. May you have a bountiful catnip crop this season!

  28. It looks like you have LOTS of nip there!

  29. Oh man…

    You get fresh catnip?!

    I, too, am enjoying the spring weather. We watch the birds every morning and we also wake the humans up at 5 when the sun comes up!

  30. I LOVE that kitty butt of yours!
    Admiral’s Mom

  31. Fresh air and fresh catnip — it doesn’t get much better than that!

  32. Wally life is good over at your house!!
    Hugs Madi

  33. Whiffies, birdies and catnip? You hit the jackpot Wally!

  34. What a great stash of fresh nip you have! I hope your folks don’t make you just whiff it through the screen. I hope they snip some and bring in inside for you — sometime real soon.

  35. It is growing just where you can see it.. Thats great.. Hugs GJ x

  36. We are still waiting for the screens..nice nip plant!

  37. Nothing is better than nip plant 🙂
    It was so hot here today that we closed window and turned on air conditioner. I hope it cools down a little bit. It’s too early for summer.

  38. It look good out there donit? And yeah, dat nip plant look good enough to take inside and guard (and sample) right now.

    We gots 90°F temps the last couple three days, and the grass done turned into weeds. Large One’s mowers are kaput and the grass done gone to hay. Bunnies and raccoons, and yes, even the opossums done come visitin and we has to bring our outside girls’ crunchy dinner bowls in after dark. Not nice to go without a snack during the night, but the girls seem to not mind all that much.

    Y’all come see us when you can.

    I gone (jus lak da Large one says) ……

  39. WINDOW WHIFFIES!!!!! Hot dog, that is one heck of a catnip crop! Enjoy! 🙂

  40. Huh. That Nip looks waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine. Does your Human buy you some special kind?

  41. Wow! That nip plant is a lot bigger than mine is. AND window whiffies, AND birdy TV — what a great day!

  42. Perfect! Everything a mancat could want!

  43. woohoo!!! Fresh catnip!!!

  44. We’re feeling a little bit jealous, Wally. Make that a lot!

  45. That nip plant looks pawesome! That’s what we need in our backyard.

  46. Your nip plant is amazing! Ours is only about half that size. Enjoy your window whiffing Wally!

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