May 102011

Today, I’m showing my toesies!! 

Don’t my toesies look massive?!?
Almost as big as Ernie’s…I think!!

Well…I don’t know ’bout that, Zoey.
You need to grow a few extra ones!!

  41 Responses to “It’s Toesday Again!”

  1. Those toesies just make me SWOON!
    xox(both sets)

  2. You have very handsome toesies.

  3. Zoey, your sleepy face is priceless!!

  4. Zoey your toes are beautifully floofy and we’re sure they are equally as big as Ernie’s toesies but prettier of course!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Your toesies are beautiful Zoey! You’re not supposed to have ManCatly toesies like Ernie!

  6. Those are great toes! We love the floof between your toes Zoey!

  7. Both of you have some very nice toesies we likes them. Hugs and nose kisses.

  8. all toesies pictured look like fine whapping weapons.

  9. What beautiful fluffy toes you have Zoey – but we think Ernie has you an quantity…

  10. Those are great toes!

  11. You are both well-endowed in the toe category: what Zoey lacks in numbers she makes up for in floof!

  12. The Island Cats have the most impressive group of kitty toes, paws down!

  13. Terrific toesies ~ all of ’em!

  14. What perfect tosies you have!

  15. WOW! You’s both gots HUGE feets! Me thoughts Kozmo’s feets was big, but yous guys is much bigger! Me has tiny little feets.

  16. You have beautiful tosies, I love the close ups!

  17. Zoey and Ernie you two have the most precious toesies I’ve ever seen!!
    I’m sending them little licks.

  18. Zoey, we think your Toesies are just as good as Ernie’s toes. We are just glad that that lady with the yellow hair let you on the blog. We think you are terrific. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  19. Zoey I love your floofy toes and Ernie your thumbs are just so smoochable!!!

  20. Zoey, you do have pretty, floofy toes and we think they do look massive even next to Ernie’s! Ernie just has an unfair advantage with an extra toesie!

  21. You two both have big toesies – just for different reasons!

  22. Zoey, your toe floofs ARE extra toes…that’s our story and we’re stickin’ to it.

  23. Toesie overload over on the Island today! Squee!

  24. Yes, Zoey, those are some very imPURRessive toesies, indeed! They look quite a bit like Maine Coon toes with the size and tufting.

    Ernie’s toes are very interesting, too, of course because he has more than the usual number — and they really do look like all-season mittens.

  25. You have furry bootiful toes!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  26. We think ya have BIG toesies, Zoey! Even if ya dont have extras…

  27. You have more toe hawks!

  28. Your toe floof is cute, Zoey!

  29. You both have wonderful toesies!

  30. wow!! you both have some wonderful toesies!!

  31. Woooooo; polydactyl toes! Way to go! Zoey your feets are lovely too!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  32. Oh! You do haves some big toesies there! And you look so very very sleepy! Ernie’s toesies are scary big!

  33. Oh Ernie, we just love your mitts!!! Zoey, you and Ginger have the same fuzzy paws! So kissable.

  34. Zoey, you have adorable floofy toes! You look like you can give Ernie a run for his money in a big-paw contest! Stay on Ernie’s good side and maybe he’ll put his mitts to use for you…like opening the cat food 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  35. Love the pera.. para.. extra toe kitties. The big furry ones are cute also. Paws up to both of you.

  36. Zoey, Ernie’s might be BIG and UNUSUAL (and possibly even a little frightening), but you have nice floofy toe-hawks!

  37. Miss Zoey, that toe floof sure helps make up for not having extra toes!

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  39. Let’s have a toast. hic! For the toesis, I mean. purrrr….meow!

  40. Your toes are lovely, Zoey. Ernie just has more.

  41. Such darling toes!!

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