May 062011

Hi!  Happy Friday!!  I know…it seems like forever since I last got to do a post, hasn’t it?!?  Those boycats are such blog hogs!!  Well, today is MY day!!  No boycats allowed!!


I’m hanging out here in my hammick.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my hammick??  Well, I do!!  Hopefully, the weather will be nice this weekend and I’ll get some window whiffie time!!


What are you gonna do this weekend??

  39 Responses to “Formerly Feral – My Day!”

  1. I’m here with you sweet Zoey!
    For my weekend I will be very busy taking good care of my beauty and it’s mean long naps!

  2. We’ll be napping!

  3. That is a great picture of you. I would just love to get in some window wiffin time in, but M says it’s still too cold here for open windows. Guess I’ll have to be content with the perch & closed window. Darn the luck.

  4. Hi there Zoey. You are looking very pretty today. Our Mom is going to watch the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, so she will be useless, that is for sure. She loves to watch the horse races. She used to ride race horses back in the dark ages. So we will be taking naps and avoid all her cheering and yelling. Hope all of you have a super duper week end. Hope the donkeys behaved themselves. Take care.

  5. YOu look so feminine there in your hammick! I’m going to ask mommy to get ME one too! Zoey, you keep taking your turn blogging. We love you too. xox

  6. i’m glad you are content in your hammick and you never get into petty arguments like who gets to sit on top of a ladder…

  7. It’s nice to have you doing the blog Zoey – those boys are rather naughty about keeping it all to themselves – modern ladycats are quite capable of blogging without their assistance!! PS You are much prettier than they are!!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Purrfect idea Zoey, window whiffies for everyone!!! Y’all have a great weekend!

  9. Sweet Zoey you just look so sweet on your hammick. You keep on enjoying it until you get to enjoy some nice window whiffies. You are so pretty and we really likes your picture. You remind us of our Miss Tiff who crossed Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. We LOVE how your ham-mick brings out the green in your eyes! Have a wonderful weekend full of window whiffies!

  11. Dear Zoe,
    What a cool Hammock and me is so happy to hears from yous! Me hopes it is sunny and warm, me wants to go outside!

  12. Ivy says – you tell those boys to move the heck over!!! Love the hammick….and hope you get some open windows this weekend!

  13. We girls have to make sure we get equal time. It’s so hard having a blog and having boys around… Enjoy your hammock. I am off to demand one.

  14. The hammick matches your eyes nicely. We hope to smell out the window too. Our person has to go to something called a First Communion on Sunday for her god daughter.

  15. Hi, Zoey! We’re hoping to “hang out” in our hammocks in the cat run!

    The Chans

  16. Zoey, it’s good to see you today! Your brother’s have been blog hogs but at least you have today all to yourself! We hope to do some whiffies this weekend too and maybe even lay in sunpuddles if it quits raining.

  17. That hammick sure looks comfy, Zoey. We can see why you love it so much! We are going to try relaxing this weekend, and mom and dad are going to volunteer at the animal shelter. Dad said we should let mom sleep in on Sunday for Mother’s Day, but we have our (FOOD) needs, so we’ll see…

    Have a great weekend, friends!

    Sammy and Moosey (at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life)

  18. This weekend, my human and I are going to put together some more clues for my contest, that we will put up next week!

  19. So glad you have your hammock! It looks like the greatest combo of support and flexibility. I understand about the window whiffie time. Mine love to go in the cat run which helps them be safe while they take in all of the outdoor smells. I hope to get some hiking in this weekend!

  20. We have a hammick just like yours! We think
    Mom may ‘try’ brushing some of us. We’ll just see what we have to say about that!
    Happy Friday!
    ~ Maggie Mae and The Bunch

  21. Your hammock looks super comfy Zoey!!! Enjoy 🙂

  22. Hey Zoey…good to see you and those boy cats are lucky you are such a generous lady cat to let them hog the blog.
    Hugs Madi

  23. Zoey, your hammick matches your eyes purrfectly! It’s about time we got to see you, the boys here were starting to pine.

  24. Miss Zoey, you SHOULD have a day where No Boycats are Allowed! We think boys are dumb! Well, not all boys, just any boys who want to live here. Not Allowed. We’re going to be hanging with our mom all weekend, until she starts up Mr. Dysun, then we’re hiding.

  25. Hey Zoey! Hope you do get some whiffies and some birdie action! I’ll probably just nap all weekend, all the festivities caught up with me…

  26. Zoey, Good to see you !!!! Your Hammick is just right size for you. Fit Purrfect for Comfy !!!

  27. HI Zoey, that hammick looks so comfy. I am going to help mommy refinish some funiture so that I can put all my furrrss on it..then I’ll hang out and listen to some birdy tv..Have a great weekend.


  28. Hiya Zoey! We can tell you love you ham-mick. Green seems to be your color. We hope you enjoy your weekend. We’ll probably do some nappin, watch a little bird tv, nap, maybe even sleep…then nap…did we say nap all ready?

  29. We hopfe you get a lot of window whiffle time this weekend!

  30. We are going to dream of window wiffle time since it looks like we are going to get yet another soggy rainy weekend. Sigh. Maybe some games of THoE?

  31. I hope we both get some window whiffie time this weekend!

  32. Your eyes are beautiful, Miss Zoey!

  33. Hi, Zoey! You look very comfortable and as cute as ever. I guess I’m pretty lucky since I don’t have blog hogs here, but I do have close calls when the humans find out someone’s been messing with their computer!

    Have a good weekend!


  34. That hammock looks like a wonderful place to spend a lazy Caturday!!

  35. We love your hammick, it matches your eyes! We are getting morning whiffing here, but in the afternoon it is too hot. Hope you get some whiffing too!

  36. We are plannin for window whiffies an some outside time this weekend. The weather is sposed ta be purrfect for both! We love the hammick…

  37. Oh Zoey! I will be keeping an eye on my mom making sure she visits my blog friends! Your hammick is most comfy looking! Hope you are getting some window whiffie time that you want to have!

  38. You’re right, Zoey! The boys DO hog your blog! Maybe you need to have a “What’s That Zoey Doing?” day!!! I love my hammick too, but only sometimes. I kind of go through hammick “phases.”

  39. Hello there, beautiful Zoey!

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