May 022011

Ernie!  Get down!!  I don’t want you up here!! 

Wally…move!!  I want the top of the ladder now!!

 Sheesh…there’s not enough room up here for both of us!!
I’m outta here!!

 Awright!!  I’ve got the top now!!
Phew, Wally!  You left some of your stink here!!

I’ll show you, Ernie…
Hey, look!!  I’m eating ALL the rest of your foods!!

And napping on your cushion…
your COMFY green cushion!!

And playing with your NIP guitar!
So there!!

I don’t care, Wally!
I still got the top of the ladder!!

He can be such pain sometimes!!

  50 Responses to “Mancats – The Pain”

  1. You boys are so cute with your brotherly spats! For a second there, I was almost happy that I only have girlcats to live with…but they’re just as bad!


  2. Hehehe. I think the funnest part of having a brother is driving him crazy!!!!

  3. We laughed and laughed at you both today until mum said we sound just like you two do when we try to have the best spot!! We hadn’t seen that nip guitar before – it looks just right for a sing song round the fire.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Awww you two are brothers…no need to fight. Although, we do have to laugh at your escapades.

  5. he he – fight nice pals.

  6. Brothers…so silly and so much fun!

  7. lol brotherly love. <3

  8. Well, sometimes you just have to do what bugs them!

  9. i don’t know wally… from the look on his face i think ernie does care about you eating his food, playing his guitar and using his cushion…

  10. Ernie’s look indeed says he cares! You are getting the EYE there, Ernie! Look out!

  11. Brothers sure can be a pain sometimes. Derry stole the top spot on our cat tree yesterday, disturbed my nap and pushed me out. Not that I really wanted to keep snoozing there, of course.


  12. So funny. Those looks on your faces speak volumes.

  13. Brofurs are such a pain ~ I couldn’t agree more!

    Milo xx

  14. We don’t know Ernie – that look on your face from the top of the ladder says to us that you might be a little worried about that Wally guy eating your food and playing with your toy!! But you look awfully comfortable up there!!

  15. Hehehehe that was great!!! 🙂

  16. Yous guys is funny!

  17. I know you boys love each other even though you pretend otherwise!

  18. Brothers can be a pain, but what would we do without them?

  19. I know how you feel. Ichiro does that too. Darned other cats…

  20. You boys are a hoot! Both look very content to us after the ladder spat. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. What a silly boy fight!

  22. We don’t have any boys here besides Daddy so it’s fun seeing how silly, we mean, how cute boys are!

  23. MOL,
    Brothers….you can’t live with them and you can’t live w/o them.
    Hugs madi

  24. ha ha ha! Sometimes better ain’t good enough…

  25. Now boys! See what you started Ernie!

  26. Sometimes living with siblings is hard!

  27. We iz so glad to see you ups to your usual antix!! Tank you fur remembrin’ my birfday. I sure missez bloggin’ but da CB nevfur lets us down.
    Much love,
    Dr Tweety

  28. Ok…so…which one of you is the pain? 😀

  29. Foiled again! King of the cat tree!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  30. Oh dear Wally..well next time you keep the top spot.


  31. Ernie’s look says that he DOES care! Ah, brofurs!

  32. MOL..oh you guys! This is why I’m glad I’m an only child ;D

  33. Sometimes it’s not fun being top cat….esp when your food gets eaten and comfy places got taken. Believe me. purrr….meow!

  34. You boys are so funny!

  35. Waaly, Surely, SURELY you are not going to let him get away with this!

  36. Take my advice! Play nice!!

  37. MOL! We love that nip guitar!

  38. Oh Wally!I know how you feel. Oscar can be such a pain, he will not leave me alone when I want to sleep.
    I do love your guitar though, you look like a rock god!

  39. MOL. Oh Wally, Oh Ernie… your sibling rivalry is hilarious!

  40. Well you tried to show him!

  41. LOL ~ siblings ~ there is just nothing you can do with them ~ except love them! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  42. Well, Wally, you really made the rounds there after leaving the top of that ladder thing. You’d have thought Ernie would have jumped down to see what you were doing. Although since he remained up top there, he had a pretty good eye advantage.

  43. Thank goodness, I’m an only cat. (But it can be boring.)

  44. Brothers can be so annoying!

  45. Wally, you are right!!!!
    Sometimes siblings can be a pain!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  46. harharharhar! it’s fun to tease each ofur, innit? an’ yes, the noodlers an’ chick-hen bowl nitro stalked was delicious–but read tomorrow’s post an’ see how it turned out!

  47. Bast! Thats some fierce competition there!

  48. Ha! Ha! You two are something else! You did give it a really good go, though, Wally!

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