May 012011

I’m glad this thing is called a Scratch LOUNGE
‘cuz today I wanna do more lounging than scratching…

This is Remembrance Weekend
where we remember all our furiends
who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

We’ve lost so many recently…

We ‘specially want to remember
our Island Cats that have left us… 


Bogart and Scooter.

 Those that have left us may be gone,
but they are not forgotten.
They live on in our hearts and are forever loved.

  38 Responses to “Easy E Remembrance Sunday”

  1. sending love and pats to Bogart and Scooter at the Rainbow Bridge…

    they both look lovely in those photos. i’m sorry that i never knew them. 🙁

  2. Such wonderful memories warm the heart.

  3. Remembering Fur Angels is a way to keep them alive in our hearts!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. I love Remembrance Sunday and reading about all the furbabies that have crossed that famous bridge.

  5. Bogart and Scooter were beautiful cats and we’re sure your mom and dad miss them. They must have gone to the bridge before we found the CB but feel sure we would have enjoyed their company.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Such a beautiful post. Thanks.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Scratching is exhausting work! Bogart and Scooter are so cute. It’s so nice of you to remember them today.

  8. Ernie, we’re glad you have extra toes cuz you have big pawprints to fill after handsome Bogart and Scooter. {{hugs!}}

  9. Beautiful homage, it’s very important to remember about our beloved.
    purrs, love and a happy week ahead!

  10. Sending purrs to Bogart and Scooter. I’m sure all of our angels are hanging out together at The Bridge.

    I love your paws Ernie!

  11. Great pictures and what handsome guys they were, that is for sure. It is sad, all these memories but it is also good to keep them in our thoughts. Take care and have a super Sunday

  12. Hooray for all the island cats past and present.

  13. That is a good lounge place to remember your friends that have gone before!

  14. Bogart and Scooter look like wonderful kitties. I bet your Mom and Dad have lovely memories of them.

  15. Bogart and Scooter were amazingly adorable ((((hugs))))

  16. Bogart and Scooter – what cute angels!! Yes, they will live forever in our hearts.

  17. Remembering all our friends that have left us. I have my candle lit too. Hugs GJ x

  18. Wow a bed with two functions? Now that is something special!

    It’s great to see so many kitizens joining in to remember those who have passed before us.

    Xanthe xxx

  19. Remembering Bogart and Scooter with you.

  20. We hope you have enjoyed your lounging today. We are remembering a lot of sweeties this weekend too. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Sending purrs and hugs as we remember Bogart and Scooter with you.


  22. Bogart and Scooter look like they were wonderful cats! Also we love your Scratch Lounge!
    Oliver and Ruby

  23. Hi Ernie that is a very nice piece of feline furniture….you can lounge and exercise at the same time.
    Hugs madi

  24. How true. They live on in our hearts.

  25. Ernie, looks like you’z doing some excellent lounging on theese fine Sunday. Happy May to you all! Thanks for sharing your Angels with us, they looks like they was some pretty special folks.

  26. Oh Ernie, you do look so comfy 🙂
    We want to be lazy today too 😉
    Purrs in remembrance of your kitties that went
    to the Bridge. They are in a good place.
    Bet Mickey has already met them 😉
    Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. Bogart and Scooter will never be furgotten ♥

    Ernie!! I love your kitten mittens!! You look a lot like Charlie, and he wanted me to stop by to thank you for wishing him a happy birthday!!

  28. Bogart and Scooter were handsome guys. I know you will always remember.

    By the way, those scratchy things are PAWSOME…xoxo


  29. Ernie, you are cute as can be! We love your big ol’ paws!

    Bogart and Scooter were very beautiful and we know they’ll forever be in your hearts! Lovely tribute to them!

  30. It’s always nice to have a piece of cat furniture that gives you a choice of use!

  31. Ernie! You haz teh Giant Paws! MOL! It’s good to remember all our kitteh friends who came before. The Human has many happy memories of all the kittehs she has loved before me.

  32. I loved seeing and learning about Bogart and Scooter. We should do this more often. The babies who came before us right now are always in our hearts, just as you said.

  33. Yous looks comfy today! Me spent all day working on the Licorice Memorial Cat Garden and remembering all those who have gone before over the rainbow bridge!

  34. Two in One !!! I guess I can do paw up for that !
    Cool ! enjoy Ernie !!!

  35. Ernie, your Scratch Lounge is perfect for multi-tasking. Bogart and Scooter are very handsome.

  36. A lovely tribute to the ones that came before. Purrs.

  37. We love your big mitten hanging over the edge! And it’s always good to remember the ones who came before!

  38. I wish I had a lounger like that! I suppose I should think nice things about poo-face Salvador, even though he was mean to me.

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