Apr 262011

Hi everybuddy…Ernie here!  Me and Zoey are watching a little Bird TV and thinking ’bout our furiend and one of the Cat Blogosphere’s favorite divas, Sweet Praline, who went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  We know she was sick, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to a special furiend like her.  We’re sure gonna miss her sweet tortie face!  We send comforting purrs and headbutts to Praline’s mom Paula, who is missing her so very much.


Godspeed, Sweet Praline!
Until we see you again…

  31 Responses to “Two Thinking on Tuesday”

  1. We sure were all so sad yesterday. Mom spent the day hugging all of us. Yuck. MOL We will miss Sweet Praline and do feel so very much for Paula. We know she is having a rough time right now.
    Love that picture Zoey and Ernie. Good of you to sit together kind of. Take care.

  2. We were so sad all day yesterday. Mom was a mess.

    We will miss Praline and we are surrounding Paula with purrs.

  3. praline was a very pretty kitty.

  4. We are missing that face too and sending purrs to Paula.

    Enjoy your bird TV!

  5. A precious message for mom Paula and our sweet angel Praline. ♥♥♥

  6. Sweet Praline touched all of our hearts. Every time we hear the word sweet we automatically think Sweet Praline. Remember her always we will.

  7. We are terribly sad that Sweet Praline left us, also…..we will miss her greatly.

    We’ve been watching a lotta Bird TV here also.

    We love y’all.

  8. We is purring for Paula too. It is never easy…..

    You two look very content watching your Bird TV!!

  9. THis is a beautiful tribute to our special Diva friend!

  10. You two look very cute looking at bird tv. Very sad about our Sweet Praline. I know she had captured my heart.

  11. We’re going to miss our special friend too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  12. Such nice words for Sweet Praline!

  13. A little bird tv helps with the sadness over the loss of Sweet Praline.

  14. It iS sad, but all the lovely tributes to Sweet Praline make it a little better.

  15. We have been very sad about her too.

  16. You have the purrfect spot for bird TV. I has to sit on the floor. Sigh – I’m so deprived. he he

  17. Thank you for remembering my little diva today. I’m missing her terribly today.

    Mom Paula

  18. It has been very sad around here. Praline will be missed a lot.

  19. We are saddened by the news of Praline too…thank you for thinking of her today.

  20. What sad news about sweet Praline. She sure was loved, and will be greatly missed by many. I hope the Bird TV can cheer you up a little. P.S. We have a guest blogger today, and it’s someone you know!

  21. Zoey what a nice post in honor of Sweet Praline…she was a beautiful tortie faced kitty.

  22. We will miss the sweet little one so much. Run free Praline.. Hugs GJ x

  23. I too am very sad.She was a sweet dear friend and I will miss her….Hugs

  24. Watching Bird TV is a good thing to do when you’re spending quiet time thinking of furiends. We were sad about Praline too and are thinking of her mom.

  25. i’m sad about Praline too… 🙁 but i’m sure the birds on Bird TV will help lift your spirits. birds are good at that. 🙂

  26. Me and mommy are sad too and we didn’t even know Sweet Praline. I wish I could see bird TV, but hearing it is a lot of fun.


  27. We were so sad to hear about Praline. We’re purring for her mum.

  28. We are sending love and purrs to Sweet Praline’s Mommy, who gave her such a great life.

  29. Our Large One was fighting wif our Small One for to love and spends time wif us ever since he read the report that little Sweet Praline went to the Bridge. Dey loved dat little LadyKitty very much. I could be jealous, but I gots too much competition right here to be jealous of such a wonderful little Cyber Friend.

    She will be missed by a lots of peoples all over the world.

    Hey, good picture. I likes your ‘big screen’ bird TV. We gots 7 but dey all small to litty bitty. But we get to watch dem alla time. Allways a different program goin on in each room.

    He happy …..

  30. We think she would eNjoy that younwere thinking of her while watching the birdies.

  31. Goodbye, Sweet Praline….forever watching birdies in the sunshine over the Rainbow Bridge.

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