Apr 252011

We like sleeping in the laundry basket…
But never together!

Yeah…this is what you call
a one-cat-at-a-time basket!

  42 Responses to “Mancats – One at a Time”

  1. You both look great and comfy in that basket. Don’t get thrown in the washing machine, though!

  2. Looks to us that maybe two laundry baskets are in order. One for each of the boys and then Zoey needs one too. What is the matter with that woman with the yellow hair. She just needs to get busy and get some more laundry baskets. Take care and have a great week. You boys both look terrific in that great bed.

  3. That looks a furry comfy basket and the blankie shows your beautiful furs off Wally. We don’t think it’s made for sharing!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. It looks like it would be a very tight squeeze if you added one more Mancat, but what a comfortable looking nap place!

  5. theo is kinda like you guys. he loves jumping in and out of the laundry basket. of course theo never sleeps.

  6. Silly boys…you need us girls to teleport over and snuggle with you!

  7. Sometimes being a basket case is a good thing!

  8. Looks like it’s time to get your Mom to buy a second basket!

  9. There’s a lot to be said for mancat snuggling, though. You guys look great in your basket!

  10. Puss in Baskets! To market to market! purrr….meow!

  11. Bugsy likes the basket; Knuckles not so much… he likes boxes.

    pawhugs, Max

  12. Happy Mancat Monday, dear friends…..fantastic pics of you in the laundry basket, Wally and Ernie. We love laundry baskets, too!!!!


  13. You have just given M an idea. You both look so comfy.

  14. Ditto for us too! Mom says she wants to crawl in there with you too!

  15. So do you guys have a schedule or is it first come first serve?

  16. We know what you mean …

    The Purr Gang ^,,^

  17. Nice baskets. They are the best I think.

  18. Looks comfy and there is room to stretch if just one of you are in there. Hugs GJ x

  19. It does indeed look very comfortable. We appreciate how you share that comfy spot.

  20. That’s a nice laundry basket but what if somekitty hogs it a little too long? You might need another basket so there’s no rushing you out!

  21. We do that too, and I don’t want AnyCat touching me in my basket either!

  22. Laundry baskets are great especially if the clothes inside are warm!

  23. Ernie and Wally you two are so funny!! I don’t think there is a laundry basket large enough for to handsome mancats to use at one time.
    Hugs Madi

  24. As in…. “basket cases”….?!

  25. What a great basket that is! We can see why you would each want to enjoy it by yourself!

  26. Me, I only like to sleep on CLEAN clothes, MOL!

  27. I just learn ” Prim Spot ” one-cat-at-a-time!
    You guys must well organize : )

  28. Great basket shots! Do yous chase each other out of it?

  29. Yeah, I can see why it is one cat at a time – that’s the only way you could have room to stretch out.

  30. Oh, you both look so comfy! You guys need a second basket 🙂

  31. We love the laundry baskets too!


  32. Awwww you both look so handsome and snuggly in that laundry basket.

  33. Big, strong ManCats always need their own basket!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  34. Now that is one mighty fine looking basket. It looks like you two have the sharing thing down pretty good, too. Happy Easter late.

  35. you look so comfortable! great nap spot!

  36. that’s better than being a “basket case!!” MOL!

  37. How do you decide who gets to sleep in it first??

  38. Our baskets only hole one cat at a time!

  39. Well, it’s clearly not big enough for 2 BIG MANCATS!!!

  40. Oh you two look SO good in there. I don’t know how you get to sleep in there without your mom constantly reaching in to pet and love on you. You look so snugglie!

  41. Yes, that basket does look a bit tight for 2 big guys like you!

  42. Laundry baskets are sometimes better sleeping spots than cat beds! I love them, too.

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