Apr 202011



I think it’s time for a new nip tomato!!

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  1. Is your tomato going bad? Has it had too much (drool) love?

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. New ones will be on the vine really, really soon we think… for now, just make up some tomato stew.
    Wally: you can always make us giggle. Thank You!

  3. Bleh! Better bunny kick that tomater on outta there.

  4. It might not taste good but it still looks good.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Those darn fruits just don’t last long do they?? Our nip nanner is totally gutted. Just it’s skin is left and it has been well drooled on too. Maybe we ought to stick with the nip cigars. At least that isn’t a fruit.

  6. Wow, what a long tongue you have Wally! I was wondering what that big red thing was. Sorry you took a huge slurp only to realize it was out of nip.

  7. It must be pretty bad if the kitties don’t even want it!

  8. Wally, ask mom for a nip apple. It’s yummy….. purrr….meow!

  9. Um…might be.

  10. Wow! What a big tongue you have, Wally! I can’t see how long it is, but it certainly is very wide! No wonder you ruined that tomato in no time flat!

  11. We think that tomato has seen better days! Our nip lemon looks similar but we still can’t stop playing with it!

  12. That nippy tomato looks as though it has been well loved – perhaps it ought to go on a very long holiday.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Springtime… The new tomatoes will be ripe in no time…

  14. We didn’t know those nip tomatoes could go bad…maybe your mom just needs to renew the nip!!

  15. We love the fruits and the nanner, our are almost destroyed, we ripped them open!

  16. Your nip tomato looks pretty wet to me…maybe it needs to dry out a bit!

  17. Ew, it looks a little soggy! When Scarlett’s toys get to that point, she shreds them, then I find pieces of toy and catnip all over the house. Sigh… πŸ™‚

  18. It’s always time for a new nip tomato…or nip nanner…or nip anything!!!

  19. I think you’ve got the right idea…once it dries go at it again!

  20. Tomatoes always seem to go bad very quickly. Same thing with bananers. Maybe they should make a catnip potato. Those stay good for ages!

  21. Wally your tongue is huge!!!

  22. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you a new nip tomato!

  23. We’ll take your old one–our people haven’t bought us one yet, LOL!

  24. I didn’t know nip tomatoes went bad!

  25. MOL! Yep, Wally. It looks like your nip tomato is a little over ripe!

  26. MOL Wally I thought you had a red snow cone.
    Hugs Madi

  27. Dat nip tomato looks like it’s fun. I bet it taste good too.

  28. Must be very tasty tomato : )
    Have Fun Wally

  29. I think you will get a lot more play out of that yet MOl HUgs GJ x

  30. Oh no, a rotten tomato. I think you should go get a nip radish..tasty.


  31. LOL Wally! You may need a fresh tomato πŸ™‚ Many of my kids’ toys smell so interesting after being slurped a lot. I think they taste very interesting, too!

  32. Sometimes all the nippity goodness just fades away and a boy needs a new ‘mater. Snap, snap, Mom! PetSmart awaits you!

  33. Dude–when you get the new toy tomato, I’m there! I like me some new toys and playmates. One can never have too many tomatoes!


    Are they a fruit or veggie? Humans are SO concerned!

  34. It’s the purrfect size for whapping. Will you get a new one do you think?

  35. I don’t know, Wally. That tomato still looks pretty good to us! πŸ™‚

  36. When tomatoes get over ripe the tend to be squishy!

  37. That tomato looks yummy! One of your 5 a day! Ha ha! The more tomatoes the more fun!
    Love & purrs,
    Smokey, Oscar & Beth

  38. We’ll keep our paws crossed for yoo, in hope yoo can have a noo one.

  39. Hmmm looks delicious this new tomato nip! πŸ™‚
    And you are adorable posing for these pictures!
    Happy Easter dear friends,
    purrs and love

  40. Or maybe a new BAG full of catnip tomatoes! Hehe

  41. Whoa!!! You haz a Really long Tongue…
    Do you eatz Spaghetti ??? Gabriel doez….
    Happy Easter ~ Purrz & Kissez

  42. Wow! You have a really long tongue! That tomato looks like it’s seen better days. I think you need a new one!

  43. Your pink toe beans are killing me, Wally…and yes, your nip tomater is looking a little..shall we say..moist?

  44. Now I wants a nip tomato!

  45. I bet it still has some time left in it, but new toys from the Easter Bunny would be very nice too, Wally.

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