It’s Tailsday!

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Apr 192011

Oh hi!  The lady with the yellow hair says
my tail is “crazypants” (to quote the Lounge Kats)!
It never stops moving…even when I’m at rest.

 Here’s a short video to show you what I mean…

My tail’s got a mind of it’s own, I tell ya!!

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  1. Gosh, that’s kind of spooky.


  2. Your tail really goes crazy, Zoey! You’re lucky you don’t have Sweet Pea around – she can’t resist crazy tails!

  3. Your tail does have a mind of its own Zoey – do your brofurs swat it if it slaps them?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Zoey, your tail IS crazypants! Annie used to flick her tail a lot too, even at rest, but not nearly as much as you. Does your flick when you’re walking, with it straight up in the air? Annie’s would!

  5. We love your crazy tail, Zoey……of course we love every inch of you.

    Love to you, your brofurs and your beans.

  6. i think you should come over to our house and you can keep time with your tail as i’m strumming my guitar.

  7. If we had purrty, floofy tails like yours we would keep them in motion too!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. Great tail action. Makes Mom realize that I don’t swish my tail at all. Your tail would make an excellent duster of fine porcelain objects.

  9. You know what? We love your tail it looks so pretty and fluffy moving around like that. When it raises up it is like a beautiful flower unfolding. Be proud of your tail sweet Zoey it’s lovely. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Oh Zoey, you are so darn cute. We didn’t realize how small you are or at least you look small in that picture. You do have one crazy tail but don’t let anyone laugh at you. You look so shy in the video. We now have another favorite cat which is you Zoey. Tell that lady in the yellow hair, that we need to see more of you. Take care.

  11. Lol…Your so cute 🙂

  12. That is such a beautiful tail, when ya got it, flaunt it sweet one!

  13. That’s one hypnotic tail movement …
    We are all under your spell…

  14. That is crazypants! Our Mom has restless leg syndrome. Maybe you have Restless Tail syndrome

  15. MOL ZOEY!!! You have a very well trained tail does it run on a battery?

    We have not been able to comment on Fuzzy Tales for two days. Each time we try we get an ‘abort’ message. Are you able to leave them a comment?
    If so, please tell them we are having problems.
    Madi and Mom

  16. What a beautiful plume of a tail you have!

  17. Oh my! SO elegant.

  18. You have a furry awesome tail!!!

    Mom says Mo’s tail has “catitude”. If he is mad at her it twitches at elebenty million miles per hour….

  19. IT’S ALIVE!!!!!

  20. Zoey, you are absolutely gorgeous. We love looking at your beauteous self. Kissies.

  21. I dunno, Zoey – to me that looks like a tail that wishes the camera were not there!

  22. We like your tail!

    You have a Feliway diffuser and there are only 3 poodins? Wowweeee! We have 7 of those in our house! And we still have hissy fits and snarly snarls!

    Luf, Us

  23. You have a very hypnotic tail Zoey! We’ve never seen one move in all those directions with such ease. You are such a pretty girl too!

  24. Zoey! You have “Restless Tail Syndrome”! It’s actually a sign that you’re VERY smart. Us Cats use our tails to express our thoughts, so you must ALWAYS be thinking.
    We’d like to know just how looooong your tail furs are, we’re guessing six inches!

  25. But what a stunningly beautiful tail it is Zoey!

    The Chans

  26. That is certaily quite a tail, Zoey! What a floofy thing.

  27. My tail moves a little even when I’m resting too. My human bean has seen my tail move even when I’m sleeping!

  28. I have a twitchy tail too! Unless I deliberately curl it up around my feet, it just wont settle down…


  29. Magnificent tail action! Me tried to reach out and pat it!!

  30. It twitches, but it’s beautiful.

    pawhugs, Max

  31. We think you has the cutest tail ever. he he – it is funny to watch. I vet other kitties want to play with it cuz it’s kinda like a birdie wigging around.

  32. Zoey, you and my woofie Grete are a lot alike! Grete swears her tail has a mind of it’s own too…it causes trouble and Grete claims she had nothing to do with it. Tails are crazy that way.

  33. Hee hee! Zoey, you and your crazypants tail are super cute! Our mom wanted to reach into that video and scoop you up 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  34. Zoey
    I wish I had your tail.


  35. What a beautiful floofy tail!

  36. I like the way you move your tail : )
    It’s beautiful move !

  37. I think your tail is floofier than mine!

  38. My tail is crazypants too, Zoey!! It never stops! (I think the loungecats have really improved my vocabulary, MOL).

    Also, you look beautiful and have a very floofy tail.

    Also, Wally and Ernie hog the blog. You need to be pushier!

  39. Teddy’s tail is like that. And mine keeps following me around so I have to attack it sometimes.

  40. Our tails do that too! Your tail is gorgepuss, so fluffy!
    Yes the box was very fun to play in. I hid in it until Smokey came past and I pounced. He wasn’t very happy with me!
    Love & purrs,
    Smokey, Oscar & Beth

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