Apr 182011

Me and Wally just got done with a great wrasslin’ match
and then a rousing game of THoE!!

Hehehe…I think I won this time!
Check out my toesies!!

I wants my furs back, Ernie…
You fur stealer!!

  40 Responses to “Mancats – Fur Stealer”

  1. Teddy does that to me All. The. Time.

  2. Fancy Ernie stealing your furs Ernie – is he going to sell them on the “black” market??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Lol! Poor Wally. Your face looks so dejected.

  4. Oh Wally, you do look so sad. You need to scadaddle over there and take some of Ernie’s furs too. Ernie as much as we like you, that was not a nice thing to do. Wally if you need our help, we will be glad to teleport over there. Hope all of you have a super week.

  5. Oh…oh… sounds like things are getting a bit serious over there. Have a great day, but don’t injure each other…

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Yep, that toesie picture is clear proof!

  7. We love to steal each others fur! Go ahead Wally, take some of Ernies!

  8. Those furs of Wally’s are an excellent contrast to yours MOL.

    Purrssss. xox

  9. Wally, you don’t look happy. Maybe Ernie is saving up your furs to make himself a little red hair piece?

  10. Hmmm….so fur does fly on the island? purrr…meow!

  11. Oops! I have a feeling payback time is coming!!!

  12. yowza… that must have been some wrasslin session.

  13. Wow, that must have been quite the wrasslin’ match, what with the flying fur! 😛

  14. We knew those extra claws would be an advantage! Sweet Pea steals our furs with her extra toes too!

  15. Busted Ernie!!! At my house the cat with the fur in his toes is the naughty boy and get the finger shake admonishing – LOL

  16. ooo, I’d love a sibling to wrestle with. I bet it is so fun.

  17. Poor Wally…maybe next time you can steal his furs first!

  18. It’s not fair that Ernie has extra toes to steal your furs either Wally. We bet you had a great time wrasslin him though!

  19. Poor Wally. We have that problem here too sometimes – though mom is never sure whose furs get stucked in Tim’s toes…

  20. Wally we think sometimes one cat wins and sometimes the other wins, so we are sure you will get some of his furs next time to make up for him taking yours this time!

  21. Ah ha! Ernie got caught! Can’t hide that orange fur against that black fur!

  22. Great catch Ernie! You’ll never get that clump of fur back, Wally — don’t you know that pussession if 9/10th of the paw?

  23. Wally, go groom Ernie a bald spot! That’ll teach him.

  24. I do have to say, Ernie has an unfair advantage with all those toes!

  25. MOL I’ve heard of drawing blood during a tussle but never drawing fur!!
    That must take special talent.
    Hugs Madi

  26. Awww, Earnie, please give Wally back his fur…he looks rather pitiful!

  27. Uh oh! You be nice, boys.

  28. hee hee, that made us laugh. You two look like Gaa and CB at our house.

  29. It looks like somebuddy got caught red-pawed!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. Oh, Wally you may just have to tackle Ernie and get your furrs back…that was not nice of him to pull out your furrs. Hugs and nose kisses

  31. At least you can tell who lost fur. Herr we are all the same color so Mom never knows!

  32. Ernie, that was kinda rough! Wally’s face is priceless!

  33. Miki and da Tegar usta done dat alllada time, but sence dey done got growed up and all ManCat like, dey don does it no mores. Now it all nasty mouff and postulatin. Aktually I tink dat a lot safer, donyou?

    Jus sayin ……

  34. Wow! Fur pulling!

  35. Aw, Wally, don’t get mad–Get EVEN! Ha ha ha!

  36. Wally, can you look more pathetic? mol! Smoochies from us – we hope you got your furs back 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  37. Ernie & Wally
    We do that a lot around here too.


  38. Poor Wallie! How mean of Ernie! We’re purring that you two wrestle without the fur pulling.

  39. Ernie that looks like a lot of fur! Poor Wally…

    Xanthe xxx

  40. Oh so sorry dear Wallie!
    Hey Ernie…Wallie is your friend! 🙂

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