Oct 272008

Uh oh!  One of us mancats is in trouble!!

Hey, Wally, it wasn’t me!

What are you talking about, Ernie?  It sure wasn’t me!!

Click HERE to see who’s guilty!!!

  28 Responses to “ManCat in Trouble!”

  1. haha My Momma says she wishes I would play fun games like that! I says I do! I knock things off of shelves.. Momma says she would prefer non destructive things…
    I can understand what is a little loo paper between families… but also should that not be the same for breakable items on shelves.. I mean she should not forget to put them away!
    PES: I do love how you are both up there sticking together :)) I would just get sunken cheeks from Mushka…


  2. Aw Ernie, it’s just a little paper – besides with those big, beautiful paws, how could you not???

  3. I’m gonna let you two into a little secret. Humans LOVE it when you pulls stunts like this. This is why they take pictures of the event, so they can chuckle about it afterwards.

    Keep up the good work you two!

  4. Aw, Ernie! You got caught! Be more careful next time, buddy!

  5. BUSTED! We don’t blame you Ernie. It’s lots of fun. And big manly paws like that must be put to use.

  6. Bwhahahahahaha! Dat’s so funny! Well it musta been easy to grab ahold of dat tp wif dose awesome mancat double paws yoo has.

  7. Wally and Ernie, that is why our Momma keeps the bathroom door shut because all three of us have done that one time or another … hee hee! We do agree that you definitely have the ultimate mancat paws to do that, Ernie, and are glad you had fun!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  8. Looks like you had fun!!

  9. Ernie
    My sisfur GraCIE does this to any paper…she will shred the paper towels in
    the kitchen too…and she makes a BIG mess…


  10. Toilet paper can be VERY tempting for a mancat . . .

  11. I find it hard to believe of either of you!

  12. Completely understandable! We like paper towels, have you tried them?
    ~ The Bunch

  13. What!?!?!?!
    Ya means the beans don’t put that stuff there for our amusement?

    I’s Shocked, I’s tellya!

  14. Hee Hee!!!!


    I would love to do that but the PM keeps the paper in a little basket.


  15. Ernie, it is important to exercise and keep your big paws in shape! So, I think you are in the Right.

  16. Well at least it was fun! Hope it was worth it.

  17. That is right up Maggie’s alley … but she shreds it, too.

  18. Oh that is nothing compared to Toy’s antics to get attention. Mom said she should take photo’s of his artwork before she repairs it for the Holidays. Mom has learned to turn the toilet paper around so he can’t unravel it, but if you even slip up once…he will know…he WILL KNOW!!!=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz

  19. Uh-oh! Oh blame it on Jake, he used to do that all the time – maybe he was visiting this weekend?!

  20. There is nothing funner than unrolling the TP!

  21. Ernie, we thought for sure you would lay the blame directly on Zoey!

  22. I think a gravity tunnel swept thru your house and sucked your toilet paper onto the floor. Yeah, that is what happened.

  23. Let the good times roll!!! We would never do that! hahaha!

  24. Mom, doze extra toesies just gotsta haff somepin’ ta do all da time! ;o)

  25. I don’t see any evidence! The jury is still out on the verdict!

  26. Oh yea dats the best, tear up the human litter box paper but make sure they dont has any more left and yoo use up all da roll! hehe

  27. I eat paper sometimes, but I haven’t played with it like that yet. I should try it!

  28. Oah Man~! Well done.
    I think that’s why Michico always close the bathroom door….

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