Apr 112011

Our furiend Alfie (from Milo & Alfie of The Cat’s Meow) has declared today Shabby Chic Day!! A day for us to show off our best home decorating skills!

We love to add our decorating touches around the house.  Here’s just a few… 

Carpet Decorating

Despite mom’s efforts of putting these scratchers all around the house, we still like to do a little carpet shredding. Well, not me…I ALWAYS use the scratchers! But one cat around here (Ernie!) loves to add his decorative touches.  Check out his work on the stair!

Furniture Decorating

We also are very good at “decorating” the sides of the furniture.  I think this is the start of some of Zoey’s fine work on the side of the couch!!  But did y’know our mom tries to stop our creativeness by putting sticky tape on the sides of the furniture?!?!  Sheesh!

We’re very good at decorating all the furniture with our beautiful furs!  We don’t understand why our mom spends so much time cleaning up our furs and then covers the furniture with blankets!!  But this blanket IS pretty cozy so we don’t complain!!  Right, Ernie??

Oh yeah, Wally!!  We enjoy decorating so much, we’re gonna try out for HGTV’s “Next Design Star!”  Do you think we gotta chance??

  40 Responses to “Mancats – Shabby Chic Day!”

  1. We think you’re all pros! Our mom has tried sticky tape, too, but the stuff she recently got didn’t stick to the couch. Ha!

  2. WOW! Wot PURRfect design skills yoo all have! We are very impressed!

  3. We have to agree that you are all fabulous fiber artists! Impressive!

  4. Yep… you are the best decoration possible… Feng Shui to you.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. You have done a great job of decorating. I like the idea of decorating the sides of furniture – it looks much better with a few kitty personal touches.

  6. The more Mom reads these posts, the more she appreciates that I do not shred furniture or carpets! I do a PRETEND clawing at the big chair, but since my first owners did away with my front claws, it doesn’t show any effects of my decorating.

  7. Well, I’m sure I’m doing my best here about furniture decoration as well!MOL
    Wonderful decoration there, concats!

  8. Nice paw work there! We also have blankets all over our purrfectly good furniture.

    You are definitely the best decoration.

  9. Oh my, Wally, what a good job on those stairs. We like that extra fringe. We could do a number on that carpet. Ernie, if you think that is bad, you should see our furniture. There isn’t much left to sit on. And we don’t even have covers on our furniture any more, just our cat furs.
    MOL, we definitely think you should try out for the HGTV for the next design Star.

  10. We all are doing a great job decorating. Our mom tried the sticky tape too, when we had a bunch of fosters that needed a bit of scratch training, but it was just pulled off!

  11. i blame my poor decorating skills on the boyz… i’ve decided i don’t want fancy furniture since they’d rip it up anyway.

  12. Wow, great shabby chic desiging!

  13. WE could learn a lot from you!

  14. Ernie you earn (pun here) a star in creativity! Sorry Wally!

  15. Excellent job guys!

  16. MOL everything looks better with a little raveling string dangling from it!!
    You two mancats have excellent eyes for decorating.
    Hugs Madi

  17. Oh goodness! A bit of tattering on the sofa side. Uh oh. We tear up on the carpet. Especially on the stairs. Our furniture is covered with bedspreads so we can’t tear into it.

    Luf, Us

  18. I totally think you guys should try out for that HGTV show! I love your work. It’s very tasteful.

  19. I think that is mighty fine work kits! We are envious of your talents!

  20. I think you are doing a great job of decorating. MUm puts sticky tape on the furniture too. Must be a mum thing. Hugs GJ x

  21. Hey, y’all are already design stars, just look at all you’ve accomplished!!!

  22. Well, with the size of Ernie’s paws, and your PURRsistence, Wally, the two of you have done a darned good job!

    I’m sure Zoey must add a few of her clumps of her own to your fur piles, too!

    By the way, both Wally and Ernie are on the LOLSpot today.

  23. Well, Wally and Ernie. You’ve certainly been busy at this Shabby Chick thing, haven’t you?

    We especially like that blanket you’re on in the last photo!

  24. Superb !!! Very Details !!! And I think it’s really in trend fur style : ) Good Jobs Guys

  25. Just to say thanks for your message about Archie – so sad and I’m not coping well but it helps to know people care. Archie would have been no good at Shabby Chic events, apart from perhaps a little gentle carpet-surface rearranging he was very un-creative! xx

  26. Bravo! Our mom did NOT let us show off our decorating – we have both been carpet shredders at some point in our lives (Zoe still continues this practice). We’re not too much on the furniture scratching, but our brothers at the Bridge were experts! Good job, Island Cats!

  27. Ok, theese ones are excellent tips! I see stardom in the future for you all…Uh, do you needs a manager? If so, lets me know…

  28. Oh, you boys are serious decorating PROS!

  29. Excellent decorating!
    We applaud your efforts.


  30. You guys are very creative!! I bet your Mom appreciates the decorating help.

  31. Lovely work!! Lovely!

  32. fur decorating is my strong suit too!

  33. Excellent work kitties!!! We have scratchers around the house too but the boys choose to ignore them.

  34. Oh yes, you have a very good chance of getting on that show. Great work, you three!
    We want to thank you for standing by us during Tristan’s horrible scare. We love you more than you can know.

  35. I KNOW! My Human has resorted to putting comforters over the living room furniture except when we have company! As if my furs do not improve everything it touches!! And she has that same old Stoopid Stikky Tape! Sigh.

  36. You guys certainly deserve to be the Next Design Stars! Our mommy has tried that sticky tape too but it didn’t stop us!

  37. We think you would be shoe ins on Design Star. Great work!

  38. You’ve made excellent progress with your deocrating!

  39. I bet yours is the most successful ID shop on the island. Move aside Martha! purrr….meow!

  40. Thats very good Shabby Chic werk!

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