Apr 012011

Hi everybuddy!  I’m so excited because I get to announce the winner of our WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE contest!!  But first…here’s WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE!!

Ernie’s was pretty obvious, don’tcha think??  And yeah…mine was the two-colored one with the curl.  The orange stripey cat had the boring, all white one.  And don’t worry…the lady with the yellow hair didn’t pull these out of us in order to do this contest.  We just lose whiskers every once and awhile and she saves them.  Yeah…she’s weird…I know.

It might be April Fool’s Day…but there was no fooling a lot of you!!  Out of 54 of you that guessed, 40 of you got it right!!  Good going!!  But we can only have one winner so we took all of you that guessed right and gave you a number from 1 – 40 in the order in which you left your guess.  We used True Random Number Generator on random.org to pick the winner.

And that winner is…


Congratulations, Simba!!  We’ll be contacting you so we can send you the fun prize package that you won!!  And thanks to everbuddy who played!!  That sure was a lot of fun!!

  38 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Whisker Winner!”

  1. Congratulations to Simba!

    What a fun guessing game! We had fun and we’re glad we got it right!!

  2. That was fun! ConCatulations to Simba!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Congratulations Simba.

    We enjoyed the game – Ernie’s was easy to guess but we had to scratch your heads to come up the other two.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Congratulations to the winner. It was a fun contest.

  5. that was a great contest…

  6. Concats to Simba! That was a fun game!

  7. Congrats, Simba!!!

  8. Oh, hey, that is really fun to have won your contest! Thanks so much for randomly picking me. Now if Wally loses a black whisker, you can do it again and then it will be really hard!

  9. Concats to Simba! That was fun!

  10. Concatulations to Simba! That was a really fun game and Zoey, you look beautiful as always!

  11. I sure hope your mom did not pluck those whiskers out of you for this contest! hee hee

  12. That was a hoot! Me got them all wrong!!! Concatulations to Simba!!

  13. YAY, we’re happy to see our friend Simba won.

    Have a glorious weekend, darling friends. xxxxxxxx

  14. Congrats to Simba! Mom saves our whiskers too – strange!

  15. Concats to Simba! We thought you game was fun, but we had to help Mommy out. (moms!)

  16. Congratulations to Simba! This was a fun game!

  17. YAY SIMBA!!!!! How fun! That Woman collects our whiskers too, it’s very strange.

  18. Congratulations to Simba! I think we were wrong ’cause Wally had some nice black and white whiskers too and we thought maybe that was to fool us! Well he did!

  19. What a great contest and congrats to Simba!!!
    Happy Friday,

  20. Nice going Simba. WE are glad you won. We got it right too. Whooo Hoooo. That sure was a fun contest.
    Glad to know some other chewers. I have never had a cat before that wanted to chew. She also pulls the outlet out of the wall. She is kind of a little devil. Guess I had better tape that shut or something. I am sure she is just crazed since she spent so much time in a cage. I think your solution is the best. Just take everything away that she chews on or will chew on. Got to remember that it isn’t like she can run around. She can walk around and get up on the bed. Zoey, tell you Mom thanks for the ideas.

  21. Concats to Simba! We are glad you gave us a hint that it was easy, because our mom’s head was about to explode! Since we sometimes grow funky whiskers in a variety of colors, she thought that black whisker could belong to anycat!

  22. Hooray for you Simba! That was a fun contest gang!

  23. Well Concatulationz to Simba!
    Dat waz a fun game ^..^ and we efen got it right,,,, Go figure!! mol…..
    We started double guessing owerselvez cauze we saw Wally haz some black onez in dere…… Purrz~

  24. Concatulations to Simba! Yeah, I thought it was pretty clear which whiskers belonged to who.

  25. YAY Simba!!!! I know I am one of the ones who guessed wrong! Oh well! It wasn’t obvious to “some” of us! lol

  26. Congrats to Simba! And a happy weekend to you all. 🙂

  27. Wow, we got them ALL wrong!

  28. YAHOOO!!! Well done Simba!!

  29. Well, all right. I will pretend to be a good sport and say Concatulations to Simba, but the truth is I am sulking that I didn’t win. The Human thinks it’s very embarrassing that I’m such a bad sport. Ha ha ha! Too bad!

  30. Cool contest congratulations Simba 🙂

  31. Oh no, I go MIA for a few days and I missed this! Fun idea. And clever Simba for getting it right.

  32. Congratulations to simba – what a great contest – I would never have picked right

  33. Way to go Simba! You’d make a great whisker detective!


  34. Dat was fun and I loves Simba so, dat was good.

  35. Oh! You’re a trickster Zooey!

  36. That was fun! Congratulations Simba!

  37. good job Simba!!

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