Mar 302011

Go ahead…enjoy my handsome face!!

So…didja enter our WHOSE WHISKER IS WHOSE contest yet??  Click HERE or scroll down to check out our whiskers and make your best guess as to Whose Whisker is Whose!!   Is this close-up of me giving you any clues??  Wanna change your guess??  You can if you want…just let us know in the comments.  But don’t over-think it!!  We’ll announce the winner on Friday, April 1!!

  40 Responses to “What’s That Wally Doing?”

  1. I THINK I see a few black ones in there? I have a couple black whiskers too. It’s strange, when a black one falls out, it often grows back white. And sometimes when a white one falls out, it grows back black.

  2. We haven’t entered yet…we’ll try to get the mom to go back and let us scrutinize the whiskers!

  3. We are a little worried now! We thought we had it right, but it looks like you’ve got some wavy black-ended whiskers…along with some white straight ones. We’ll leave our guess the way it was.

    Thanks for your adorable face, Wally!

  4. Hello Wally! We entered and we think we made pretty good guesses. Hope your weather is getting more Springy on the Island. Our Grandmother in NW Indiana is ready for some warmer temps.

  5. Wally we were too busy gazing into your beautiful eyes to even see your whiskers!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  6. I think that the whiskers on your face are yours… Am I right?

    pawhugs, Max

  7. I never realized what awesome EYES you have Wally!!!

  8. You are handsome my friend – very handsome.

  9. Mama put a kiss on your pink nose–did you feel it?

  10. You are almost too handsome for words, Wally!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  11. You are just confusing us Wally!!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. Gosh Wally, your nose is killer cute!!!

  13. Wally, we love this close up of you. Those eyes are just out the best. Is you mother trying to drive us all nuts with a close up of your whiskers and telling us to change our guesses?? MOL I do think we have our guess wrong. But we will stick with what we guessed. Hope all of you have a fantastic day.

  14. Oh no, we might have messed up a couple of the whiskers…

  15. That’s a bright, sunny picture, Wally! Lookin’ good!

  16. Our mom wants to put lots of kisses on the top of your orange head.

  17. Yes, we entered the contest! You have such pretty eyes, Wally!

  18. Always love looking at you Wally!

  19. Eek! After seeing that picture of you, we think we have you and Zoey the wrong way round.

  20. We are wondering if this is a trick to get us to change our guess!

  21. Wally, I think you have long, straitish whiskers. They are cute!

  22. You’re as handsome as they come!!!!

  23. I am still wondering how your human got whiskers from all three of you – we are very reluctant to give ours up!

  24. What a handsome dude you are, Wally! Your eyes are stunning!

  25. I guess I’m okay with I guess, I guess!

  26. We’re hypnotized by that ManCatly face!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. Wally! Yous has the most deliscious Eyes! Me could stare at them for hours!

  28. Handsome as ever and your whiskers are gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  29. Announcing the winner April 1st? Do we detect a trick about this?

  30. Oh I’d love to participae! I am guessing…

    1- Zoey
    2- Ernie
    3- Wally

  31. Hai handsome! Momma mentioned your new fountain to me today, hopes you guys love it. Dat is pawsome contest, would any of our shop stuff be in da package MOL hehe It looks really fun to guess whose whisker it is!

  32. mol! We were kinda having second thoughts on our whisker answers but we’ll stick with what we put. 🙂

  33. We’re now re-thinking our choices but will keep our first answers. We just got a little disoriented after seeing such a close up of your handsome face Wally! *swoon*

  34. 1. Ernie
    2. Wally
    3. Zoey

    Me me me! I wanna win!

    Mom gave you a nosetap, Wally.

  35. Okay, I’m little confused about the whiskers, but I’m SURE you are so beautiful, love your picture!

  36. wow NOW that’s a creative competition! I completely new to this blog. So um…the first whisker goes to um….cat A
    and 2nd one to cat C and the third one to ummmmm…..Cat B!
    my cat recently posted on my group blog, and none of my friends get it, probably because the language is LOL cat, anyways I’m trying to get constructive feedback from fellow cat lovers on whether it was an “umm unique” post cuz sometimes other people just don’t get cats the way we do.

  37. Wally….mom is having trouble getting to the computer because all of us girl kitties are blocking her because we are admiring your handsome face!!!

  38. Wow! You certainly haz LONNNGGGG Whiskerz! And BIG green eyez! ^..^
    We thoughtz we had it Right, but now we not so sure,, we see’z some black tipped whiskaz in dere ?????

    We havin a Pawty so we want you guyz to Come on ofur !!! We haz lotz of fuddz and toyz…. ^..^

  39. It’s Friday here… who won???

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