Mar 282011

So our mom finally got us a drinking fountain. We finally moved into the new millenium!

After reading all the comments we got from those of you who have fountains, she decided on the SmartCat Pioneer Pet ceramic one because I sometimes get acne on my chin which is usually caused by eating and drinking out of plastic bowls.  So we opted for the ceramic one.

So far, we like it!!  I’ve been drinking from it the most.  Sometimes I like to stick my paw in there to test the water temperature.  Gotta make sure it’s cold!!

I like watching the bubbles!  Very entertaining!  I’ll drink from it, but I still like my plain ol’ water bowl, too.  We haven’t seen Zoey drink from it yet.  She’s probably scared of it!   Silly girlcat!!

We have one question, though, for those of you that have fountains.  How often do you change the water in your fountain?  Mom’s been changing it every day mostly…not cleaning it out totally or changing the filter thingey…but she dumps the old water out and fills it up with fresh water almost every day.  We told her we really like having fresh water, but she wonders if it’s really necessary.  Sheesh!  She never listens to us!!

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  1. The boys don’t have a fountain dish. Let us know in a couple of weeks if you still like it. I might recommend to HH that she get them one.

    Have fun splashing in it.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. We don’t have a water fountain either. That sure looks like fun though. Black would have so much fun with that. Bet it is nice boys to have fresh water all the time. Hope all of you have a fantastic week.

  3. Oh, that is so cool! Our Mom has been looking for a ceramic or stainless steel fountain for awhile! Unfortunately those aren’t in Canada yet (that she has seen). We want ceramic for the same reasons your Mom chose one, and she also worries about chemicals in plastics too.

    Our Mom usually changes water once every 3 days. She adds new water daily. We think she should change it every day like yours does!

  4. I have the Drinkwell 360 and I LOVE it. Marmie cleans it a bit more often than weekly. That’s when she changes the water. But now that you mention it, she wonders if she should be changing it more often

  5. Wally and Ernie what a great fountain!!! Ummmm I think I need an upgrade. MOL

    Mom empties the water out of my fountain every night putting fresh in it each morning….the reason is so that it can dry out completely. Early on she emptied int about every other day then she started noticing specks floating in it. She took it apart and to say it was disgusting is an understatement. Water left in too long starts to grow things….she was glad my fountain was white so she could see the floaters. I thought they were fun to play with. MOL Madi

  6. I am not going to drink out of my Drinkwell no matter what she says! Mom has set it up several times and the hum of the motor even though it’s quiet, makes me nervous. Mom said that it’s better to give your babies fresh water every day than err on the OTHER side and forget to change it. But she imagines that every few days is sufficient. She’s not sure.

  7. We had a water fountain when we first came here to be but neither of us would use it so mum sent it to a charity and we use ordinary waterbowls which we like better!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    p.s. mum says she has never seen one like yours.

  8. We don’t have a fountain…but certain sloppy eaters around here drop bits of food in our water bowls…or stick their paws in the water…which makes water yucky so I think changing it every day makes sense.

  9. i may have to get one of those…

  10. Dat looks like a really nice water fountain. M is thinking bout getting one, but wants to wait until we move to make sure there is room for one in the new place.

  11. My staff woman thinks they are awesome, but one out of three of us would just play in it, so now the subject is closed. She hasn’t mentioned it since Scooter came to live with us.

  12. We have a ceramic one too and we all love it, we wouldn’t use the plastic ones at all. Our water gets changed out every 4-5 days and it gets a thorough cleaning once per week and fresh filtered water is added everyday to replace what we”ve drank. The ceramic ones don’t get nearly as dirty as the plastic one seemed to. We also replace the filter at the beginning of each month. The ceramic one sure keeps the water nice and cool!

  13. We’ve never seen that kind of fountain, it looks terrific! We’re glad you boys like it, at any rate!

  14. Because we eat raw food, we barely drink any water at all! The raw meat has a lot of moisture in it, and our Moms add a little warm water to it when they feed us to warm it up, so we get water that way too.

    We had a drinkwell fountain for about a month. Our water has a lot of minerals in it because we are so close to the ocean. Needless to say, it didn’t work our for us. Your ceramic fountain is very cool looking! We think your Mom putting fresh water in it every day is a great idea.

  15. That looks cool! When I had the big Drinkwell fountain, I had the huge reservoir with it. I was deathly afraid of letting it run dry and ruining the motor, so I kept it topped off most of the time. I didn’t change the water a lot, but that was mostly because I was almost sure they weren’t using it.

  16. Very modern fountain guys! It does look very mancatly. Maybe that’s why Zoey won’t use it.

  17. That looks like a great fountain boys…enjoy the fresh water!!!

  18. How much water does it take? The way we go through water, the three of us might drink it all faster than the three days other people have talked about! Enjoy.

  19. Wow, that’s a um, neeto water fountain you go there! Mom tried one, but our kitties were scared of it!

    Thanks for the well wishes for Simon! Kitties are pretty cool…I guess! 🙂

  20. We have one of the Drinkwell fountains with an extra resevoir, so mom doesn’t give us fresh every day. Auntie disassembles and cleans it every other week, or when it looks gross…whichever comes first. Tanner likes to put his head under the fountain part, and therefore gets dirt in the water.

  21. Well, Maw cleans our fountains every two weeks with bleach and soap. And puts in a fresh filter every month. She purchases distilled water to keep the fountain from getting gross from chemicals in tap water.

    Luf, Us

  22. “The Boys” still have plastic bowls for their water dishes.

    We may have to check into maybe getting one of these dishes. I think Bowie, especially, will like it as he’ll sit for hours (no kidding) watching the water in the water bowl.

  23. Ooh, that looks great! The ceramic one looks so nice. I got Scarlett a fountain years ago but she was completely uninterested (sigh). So now I just let the bathtub drip for the kitties.

  24. We’ll have to check that one out. We keep talking about getting one. We just need to go ahead and do it.

  25. The ceramic fountain is way prettier than the Drinkwell we have. My human does not change the water often enough, judging from some of the other replies here!

  26. Mom never changes the water between cleanings because between us and the woofies she is always refilling it. She wants to get us a ceramic one because she thinks it’s better for us, but it might not be big enough. We have the biggest Petmate fountain right now. Enjoy yours!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  27. They make a ceramic fountain for cats? I never bought one because I thought they were all made of plastic, which Tucker reacts to with kitty acne. What do you know?

  28. Wally and Ernie, that is a pawsome drinking fountain you have, and we hope that Zoey will come to enjoy it as much as you two dudes do! Our angel brofur Max got the feline acne too, so Momma started using glass food and water dishes instead of plastic and it went away.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  29. Your Mommy is so nice !!! and Your Fountain look so smart !!!
    Enjoy Fresh Water

  30. We has a fountain!! This is our second one cuz the first one, the pump wore out!!
    Daddy puts in fresh water everyday and rinses it really good. Then once a week he really cleans it good!! That’s cuz the bottom gets kind of slimy and yucky. And he rinces the filter really well. About once a month he puts in a new filter and takes the whole machine apart.
    We really likes ours, me is sure you will like yours!

  31. TBT has been lookin fer a non-plastic water fountain. While we havent got that chin acne from our plastic one, LC did and that bothered him.

    TBT doesnt completely change the water every few days (cuz he figures its aerated and that keeps the fishies in the quarium happy) but he pours a large glass of fresh water in evry morning and most of the current waters gets pushed out (its inna shower stall and drains away). He cleans it and changes the filter the 1st of each month.

    He could do better about all that…

  32. I don’t have a water fountain but SS changes my water twice a day. Not that I drink it anyway. She collects and bottles rainwater for me whenever possible because she thinks I don’t like the chemcials/additives in the tap water.

  33. I’m so glad you guys like your fountain. Mama suspects we would like one, but she thinks about getting one from time to time. It will be interesting to hear what you decide as far as how often you think you should replace the water and how it works out for in the long run. You guys look like you’re having fun with it!

  34. Ours has a large tank but Dad cleans it every time the tank runs out!

  35. We have the stainless steel one like that but it scared us when mom turned it on so she just has it as a water bowl. She keeps ours on the table cause the dog water bowl on the floor gets a lot of umm…fur in it, mol! (not to mention doggy backwash, ewww!). Our mom would just add to the water to keep the level up for the filter and then change the water every couple of days to keep junk from messing up the filter and to clean the bowl. Enjoy yours!

    Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and Hollie

  36. That’s a really cool looking fountain boys! We don’t have one so we’re really behind the times. Heck, we just finally got a cat tree. Our mommy needs to get with it and keep us up to date on all the goodies.

  37. your fountain looks wonderful!!! Enjoy!!!!! I should look into one of those for Cody, maybe it would make him stop drinking out of Dakota’s bowl!

  38. My Human keeps looking at drinking fountains and thinking about buying me one, but I am SUCH a scaredy cat, she thinks I would not use it. And you know what? I think she might be right. I like my dishes to be q-u-i-e-t, ha ha ha!

  39. I have the same kind in the stainless! I LOVE it. Mom changes the water every couple of days.

  40. We just have a plain bowl…Mom we want one of those fountains likevWally has!


  41. Well, that looks pretty modern! I am glad at least a couple of you like it. I just have a plain ordinary water bowl.

  42. I wonder if there’s any in the market that’s large enough for us to swim in and drink at the same time. purrr….meow!

  43. We doesn’t has a fountain ….. well we does, two infakt. but we allas has to get one of da Beans to turn it on. One in da kitchen place and one in da bathy place. Maybes we misses da good tings of life. We talks to da Big One sees iffin he gets one for my Birfday.

  44. Wat a gorgeous fountain! Sadly, we are still living in the water-bowl age. Our bowls are not plastic or metal, but ceramic and not because we have acne or anything. Mommy just finds ceramic easier to clean.

  45. We have got a fountain exactly like that! We won it in a competition from Angus Mhor. We love it and like to play with the water too. Mum tops it up with filtered water every day and changes it and washes it twice a week. She has to turn it off at night though because I, Eric, like to scrape all the water out and flood the kitchen floor. She is afraid the motor will burn out if I take too much water out.

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  47. Your fountain is very stylish, we have a plain plastic Drink Well model. Mom empties it every other day and rinses it with a bit of bleach and hot soapy water. She adds ice during the day as needed. We love the ice!

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