Mar 252011

This is my hidey hole!
I like it in here because there’s only room for one…


  50 Responses to “Formerly Feral – Hidey Hole”

  1. You know what?? I have a hidey hole just like that! I love it. No one else is here, no, but I can go into it and hide where mommy can’t find me! It always freaks her out cause she runs all over the house looking for me. I just lay there all toasty and warm, listening to her call.

  2. Zoey what a purrfect spot. No one can sneak up on your from behind and you can see everything around you!!
    Hugs and Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Every kitty needs their own cave, Zoey! 🙂

    Happy weekend to all!

  4. Oh Zoey, what a nice Mommy you have to get you a nice hidey hole like that. We know just how you feel about having somewhere safe that is your very own. We are glad there isn’t room for anyone else in there. Stay safe Zoey.

  5. Zoey, you look so cute in your hidey hole. I bet you’re hidden from your siblings quite well in there. Sometimes, a girl just needs her alone time!

  6. We think your hidey-hole is perfect for you, Zoey! Your eyes look so big and cute!

  7. that wouldn’t stop theo from trying to join you.

  8. That is just the right spot to get away from your brothers and have a snooze and relax Zoey. Have you got a few treats in there in case you fancy a snack?
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Purrfect spot for a purrfect gal sweet Zoey!

  10. That is a nice hidey hole!

  11. It looks very comfortable!

  12. Hidey holes are the best!!!

  13. Its nice to have a special place to call your own.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  14. Everyone–even humans–needs a good hidey-hole.

  15. I like your hidey hole! YEAH.

  16. Darn it Zoey, it it was a bit bigger I’d teleport there to join you!
    Kissies from Simon

  17. Whoops, IF it, not it it … duh me!

  18. Perfect spot, Zoey.

  19. We have one of those, but not too many of us fit in there… look pretty comfy though!

  20. What a wonderful Hidey Hole. Me has 2 (and a spot behind the TV) where me goes to get away from the brat Kozmo!
    Kisses – Nellie

  21. You are sooooooooooo adorable, Zoey!!!!

    Andy says he also knows the importance of hidey holes…and is king of them in our household!!!!!!!!!!!

    We send our love to all of you.

  22. Gosh, it’s really too bad there’s no room for your green mousie!

  23. Hai Zoey! I is sure you likes to have da hidey hole all to yourself, I knows I would too. *nosetap*

  24. Bonjour Zoey!
    I’m with you, I also love to hide inside the cage of my cat tree! It’s also a good place for a peaceful nap!
    Happy Weekend,

  25. What a special spot Zoey!

  26. That seems like a perfect hiding place for you. Enjoy it.

    pawhugs, Max

  27. That is a very nice hidey hole, Zoey!

  28. That spot is totally perfect!

  29. And it looks easily defendable, too!

    ::swat swat::

  30. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little alone time now and again, right Zoey?

  31. That’s a great spot to hide out, Zoey! That way you are protected from sneak attacks by the boys, but you can still see what’s going on out there.

  32. Thats the perfect hidey hole and I love it.. Hugs GJ xx

  33. Oh, I need a special spot like that!

  34. That is the perfect hidey hole for you. Just the right size.

  35. Hai Zoey, I has a hidey hole too! Its way deep in the stray kitty mom’s closet behind all the big guys stuff. I tend to only come out at night which makes da other kittehs wonder if I’s a vampire! MOL

  36. We haz one of thoze too,,, but for some unknown reason no-one goez der??? but it certainly iz a Perfect place for you to go so no-one will bother you, and Cuddly Warm too ^..^

  37. That’s a nice spot for a ladycat to get away from brofurs! It fits you purrfectly!

  38. Looks like a great hidey hole!

  39. Lucky Zoey! I wish I could convince the Unnecessary Kitten that hidey-holes with room for only one can only hold one!

  40. I like my “hidey hole” too! Love, Cody

  41. everyone needs some alone time!

  42. Sometimes, you just gotta keep those Bad Boys away from you, sweetie.

  43. I wish I could be alone too Zoey.

  44. That looks comfy – though Ruby and I would probably manage to squeeze in togeffur!

  45. What a great hidey hole! It’s even better because it is green mousey adjacent.

  46. Its important ta have a hidey-hole!

  47. Zoey, that is a purrfect reason to like your hidey hole 🙂
    You look lovely in there too!!

    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  48. That is a GREAT spot!!!!

  49. Wat a purrfect sized spot for you! Efen that green mousie couldn’t squeeze its way in!

  50. Zoey, You look super super cutie in the little little hidey hole < <<< That's my mom made a squeaky noise, Please excuse her !

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