Mar 222011

Let’s have a show of tails!! 


 The tails have it!!


  46 Responses to “It’s Tailsday!”

  1. Oh and such fine fluffy tails they are too.
    Cute post!!!
    Hugs Madi

  2. And lovely tails they are too.

  3. Love seeing everyone’s tails. Great pictures. Hope all of you have a fun day. Keep those tails safe.

  4. You all have such adorable tails!

  5. So many cute tails here today! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  6. Yes, the tails definitely have it. What a pawsome bunch of tails.

  7. one, two, three… all present and accounted for…

  8. Three very different tails – all of them are furry special.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Tail, tail, the gangs all here!

  10. What gorgeous tails!!! Your beans must be furry jealous that they have none!

  11. MOL! Ernie’s tail cracked us up!

  12. Hurrah for tails! We love them all!

  13. We like tails!

  14. Do we get heads tomorrow!!!?

  15. Awesome ~ every single floofy one of ’em!

  16. Mom my LOVES tails..goodness knows she is always stroking MINE! She’d love to be there to pay proper attention to yours!!

  17. Those are great tails! Especially that last one!

  18. Cool Tails and me bets there is a tale behind every one!

  19. Great tails from everyone!

  20. Bonjour dear friends!
    Cool set of tails pictures!
    I love them all!

  21. Yay for tails! You gots wonderfur tails my furriends. Purrrrrrrrrs

  22. I must say, each of your tails is beautiful in it’s own way! Just like the cats they are attached to!

  23. the last one is my fave!

  24. Tails are so unique – we kitties could set up a tail ID system!

  25. I like the middle one made me wonder how it can be ? Tail under the door !

  26. This is fun! The Cbosphere should do a cat tail day! All cb’rs should post only photos of the tails.

    That would rock

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  27. What a fine group of tails! We like the orange one best. -)

  28. What gorgeous tails they are too. Hugs G xx

  29. Very fine tails!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  30. All very attractive tails!

  31. What were you voting on?

  32. Dey is fine floofy tails indeeds. I likes da picktures very much.

  33. That last tail has some really nice floof. It would be hard to say which is the best one, though.

    And somebody here is giving Mikey some ideas.

  34. We loves your tails!

  35. Great theme for Tuesday – we will have to try this. Thanks for coming to Darby’s party! We had to rest up after.

  36. ha ha ha! We loved all three tails…one of them looked a tiny bit naughty…

  37. Hee, I love the tail poking out of the closet!

  38. Anyone for cat tail soup? purrr….meow!

  39. Great tails! We wanna know what the rest of Ernie was doing in the closet 😀

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  40. What a fabulous trio!

  41. That was a cool tail………….how does it end…LOL=^Y^=

  42. Isnt it amazin how tails seem to love to sneak out unner doors like that?

  43. Oh theese tails are most excellent! We love theese pics!

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