Mar 182011

RATS!  I forgot to put up my Do Not Disturb sign!!
Now there will be no rest from that flashy box!!

  44 Responses to “Formerly Feral – No Rest”

  1. Oh well. Too bad you thought about the sign too late. But lucky for us!

  2. That just means we get to see more of you!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. We think it should be understood by humans automatically! The cube is a sacred place where no cameras should be allowed!

  4. Sad to say, Zoey, but even with a sign you probably wouldn’t get any privacy and rest from the flashy beast! Humans are rude that way!

  5. Zoey when you are as cute as you are you will never escape the flash monster.
    Happy Friday,

  6. On no Zoey you’ve been spotted – how do they know where we are when he move so stealthily – have they got us bugged?
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. darn the luck.

  8. Oh Zoey, we have the same problem. We need to start a club. No more flashes. But then our fans would be so disappointed Zoey. We have to keep them happy. But it is a huge pain in the you know where. Take care.

  9. Don’t humans understand that cats do not want to have their picture taken when they are napping? Obviously not!

  10. But you look so beautiful Zoey!!!

  11. Zoey, you can’t hide from the flashy box.

  12. hehehe, those paparazzi don’t leave us alone!
    Hey Zoey, you have found a cool place for a nap, may I join you there?

  13. I think you’ll just have to ignore it pretty Zoey! I hope y’all have a peaceful and flash-free weekend!

  14. You could always turn your back on them, Zoey…

  15. Sweet Zoey, but what a gorgeous picture of you!!!!!!!!

  16. Zoey, when yous lives with peoples, the flasy thing is ALWAYS around. Kisses

  17. We have a feeling the sign wouldn’t even keep the flashy box away Zoey! It’s the price of being so beautiful!

  18. You have a sign! Does it work? We want one!

  19. If it is anything like here, the pawpurrazzi never take any notice of do not disturb signs anyway.

  20. Aww, we hope you get in some rest despite the flashy box bugging you.

  21. I hate it when I do that!

  22. Dang, Miss Zoey, we’re sorry! We didn’t mean to disturb you – around here, cubes are for playing, not resting!

  23. You definitely look displeased to be bothered. I hope the weekend is better.

  24. Zoey, the pawpawrazzi at my home has gotten hold of super camera that can take pix without flash. You’ll never know when they’re lurking around! I don’t envy you, mate. purrr….meow!

  25. But you are so pretty, I can see why they can’t resist snapping photos of you even when you want to rest.

  26. Bless your little heart. We can see you squinting your eyes.

    Luf, Us

  27. I know just how you feel. But you are a lovely subject for the camera.. Hugs GJ xx

  28. Don’t you just hate dat my furriend? Needs to hide those flashy beasts.


  29. Happy Birthday sweet Zoey.

  30. There’s nowhere to hide from it, is there?

  31. Those flashy beasts are SO annoying Zoey!

  32. Miss Zoey, c’mon over! You can hide under the bed with us.

  33. It’s the Cute Curse, Zoey! You has it 🙂

    Pip, Smidgen, MInnie, and HOllie

  34. Heh. Your “Do Not Disturb” face should be enough!

  35. Da pawpawrazzi don cares about no sign. After all, “signs is for decoratin, not for readin.” Or din’t you know that.

    Just turn your backside on dem flashy box peoples and go right back to sleeps. Soon enoughs they goes away.

    Maybe …..

  36. And that is such a good hidey hole too!!!

  37. Humans! How could they!

    But you do look real good!

  38. We know how that is! We try to become very boring when we are sick of the flashy box.

  39. Face back to the door and that should help. It works for me. Then, there’s just a photo of my backside, hehehe!

    Have a good weekend!


  40. Awww but you look so cute.

  41. Hi Sweetie! Don’t you just LOVE your little tent? I really love mine but I wish it had a door or something because the Human just cannot RESIST sticking her stupid hand in there and scritching me. If I were in the mood to be scritched, I’d come OUT of the tent, right?

  42. Poor Zoey! You need a curtain on that cube!

  43. Us kitties can’t get a minute to ourselves! You do look very beautiful there though!

  44. You need a bodyguard, Zoey. I can send you Teddy if you like.

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